ORFS hydraulic adapters supplier in China

ORFS Hydraulic Fittings

ORFS Hydraulic Fitting

ORFS hydraulic adapters are parallel hydraulic fittings. O-ring face seal fittings have grooves on the male threads for the installation of an O-ring. The ORFS adapter has a groove on the male threads for the installation of an O-ring. These types of fittings can provide excellent leakage protection at high-pressure applications.

ORFS hydraulic fittings have different types, like union, elbow, tee, cross, bulkhead, and swivel fittings. And they can play an excellent role in the industry, construction, agriculture, marine, oil and gas applications.

FS2403 ORFS hydraulic fitting Topa


ORFS Union

FS2404 ORFS hydraulic fitting Topa


M ORFS to M Pipe

FS2405 ORFS hydraulic fitting Topa


M ORFS to Female Pipe



FS2501 ORFS hydraulic fitting Topa


90° M ORFS to M Pipe

FS2700 ORFS hydraulic fitting Topa


ORFS Bulkhead

FS6400 ORFS hydraulic fitting Topa


ORFS to O-ring


45° ORFS to O-ring

FS0304 ORFS hydraulic fitting Topa



ORFS Hydraulic Fitting Video

Topa is an excellent Chinese hydraulic adapters supplier, we provide the best-quality o-ring face seal hydraulic fittings. 

Topa offers all types and sizes of hydraulic adapters, and we also supply custom hydraulic adapters.

Our hydraulic adapters will undergo strict quality control, to ensure the quality of all hydraulic products.

If you have any problems with hydraulic ORFS fittings, please contact us!

JIC hydraulic adapters manufacturer catalog Topa

Topa Hydraulic Adapters Catalog

The catalog book of hydraulic fitting adapters includes all kinds of hydraulic adapters, as well as their detailed parameters. If you need more information about hydraulic adapters, please contact us!

As a professional hydraulic adapters manufacturer and supplier, Topa can offer the widest range of hydraulic adapters and our adapters can meet all your needs!


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hydraulic adapters manufacturer Topa in China

Hydraulic Adapters Manufacturer

Hydraulic Adapters Manufacturer

  • High-quality
  • Strength
  • Long-lasting 
  • Durable

Best Hydraulic Adapters Manufacturer in China

Hydraulic adapters are one of the most important hydraulic fittings in a hydraulic system. Unlike hose fittings, hydraulic adapters can connect different sizes of hydraulic components or hydraulic pipes at the same time. 

As a professional hydraulic adapters manufacturer, Topa is committed to providing you with the highest quality adapters, welcome to contact us!

Product Lists

Hydraulic adapters are a big classification in hydraulic fittings, it also includes various small classifications. Such as bulkhead fittings, tees, crosses, plugs, caps, and so on. These classified fittings also have various types of threads including JIC, BSPP, BSPT, NPT, Metric, DIN, ORB, JIS, and ORFS threads. You can click on the image below for more details or contact us directly!

BSP hydraulic adapters supplier in China

BSP hydraulic adapters

BSP 60° cone flare hydraulic adapters, BSPP and BSPT thread adapters.

hydraulic bulkhead adapters supplier

Hydraulic bulkhead

JIC, BSP, Metric thread hydraulic bulkhead adapters.

hydraulic plug adapters supplier in China

Hydraulic plug

Male hydraulic plugs and female hydraulic caps, for use with fluid systems.

Metric hydraulic adapters supplier in China

Metric hydraulic adapters

Metric hydraulic adapters, DIN standard adapters.

hydraulic tee adapters supplier in China

Hydraulic tee adapters

All threads hydraulic tee adapters, three-way hydraulic fittings.

JIS hydraulic adapter supplier in China

JIS hydraulic adapter

JIS standard hydraulic adapters, Japanese standard adapter fittings.

hydraulic test adapter supplier in China

Hydraulic test adapter

Hydraulic test point adapter, for use with hydraulic fluid test point.

Hydraulic Adapters Features

Hydraulic adapters are the most commonly used accessories in hydraulic systems. They allow the connection of fittings or pipes of different sizes to form a closed fluid circuit in a hydraulic system.

Topa’s hydraulic adapters are available in different materials and sizes. Common materials include brass, stainless steel, and carbon steel. The advantages of different materials vary, so you can choose the fitting material according to your needs.

The material of the hydraulic adapter determines the safety and performance of the hydraulic system. As a professional hydraulic adapter manufacturer, Topa provides high-quality, rigorously tested, and certified hydraulic adapters to ensure that the risk of leakage and malfunction can be minimized during use.

Advantages of Topa hydraulic adapters:

  1. Complete range
  2. Affordable prices
  3. High quality
  4. Durable                                                                                                
Topa Hydraulic Adapters Manufacturer in China


Hydraulic adapters play a vital role in various industrial sectors. Whether in the industrial, agricultural, automotive, construction or chemical, petroleum, or food processing industries, hydraulic adapters play an indispensable role in ensuring the stable operation of hydraulic systems.

Topa hydraulic adapters China manufacturer agriculture


Hydraulic adapters are used in agriculture, whether for large-scale machinery, transportation, or irrigation. The adapters connect the hydraulic systems and ensure the proper functioning of agricultural production.

Topa hydraulic adapters China manufacturer oil and gas

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas require high-quality adapters to ensure a safe working environment, Topa's leak-free, high-temperature, and high-pressure resistant hydraulic adapters increase the safety of hydraulic systems.

Topa hydraulic adapters China manufacturer air plane


Aerospace hydraulic systems are very demanding. Ordinary quality hydraulic adapters are not sufficient for their use, but Topa has a more specialized product line to provide you with the highest quality adapters.

Why Choose Us


We can provide you with customized fitting services, Topa is a professional hydraulic adapters manufacturer who can design the material, appearance, thread, logo, and other details for you. You can put forward detailed requirements and we will try our best to fulfill them.  


Every Topa employee is committed to a high level of professionalism. Our staff responds to your questions, arranges orders quickly, and manufactures each product rigorously.



Topa’s factory has a large number of CNC machining machines, which can produce hydraulic products of various specifications. We have professional production technicians and inspection staff who will strictly control the quality of each product to ensure that you receive the best product.


We have professional shipping partners who can provide you with a variety of shipping methods. topa will arrange transportation as quickly as possible so that the goods reach you as soon as possible.

Quality control​


What are hydraulic adapters?

Hydraulic adapters are metal products, made of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and other materials. They have two or more threaded ends and can be connected to hydraulic components.

What threads do hydraulic adapters have?


All threads are included. Examples include JIC, NPT, BSP, JIS, Metric, and ORFS. These threads can be used in a variety of applications.

What types of adapters are available?

Thread adapters, flange adapters, and push-in fittings.

What is the difference between a hose fitting and an adapter?

One end of a hose fitting is used to connect a hose and the other end is used to connect a hydraulic component. The adapter is used to connect hydraulic lines and components of different sizes.

In what applications can hydraulic adapters be used?

Machine building, agriculture, construction, food processing, chemical, aerospace, marine, oil and gas industries.

How do I choose the right hydraulic adapter?


Choose according to your hydraulic system and the environment in which it will be used. If you are not sure how to choose, please contact us and our professional staff will help you choose.

Is Topa a professional hydraulic adapters manufacturer?

Topa is one of the most professional hydraulic adapters manufacturer in China, we will provide you with the best hydraulic fittings.

How long can the adapter last?

It depends on your usage environment. Factors such as acid, alkali, vibration, dust will affect the life of the hydraulic adapter.

Why use hydraulic adapters?

Hydraulic adapters can connect different hydraulic lines to ensure the proper functioning of the hydraulic system. And they can also adapt to different environments to ensure the safety of the hydraulic system.

Are there discounts on Topa products?

The larger the order, the better the price.

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Hydraulic Caps

Hydraulic Caps

Hydraulic caps are another type of fitting used in hydraulic systems. They are used to cover the end of a hydraulic line or fitting, protecting it from contamination and preventing leaks.

Topa can provide large sizes and materials of hydraulic line caps. Please contact us if you need more information on hydraulic caps

Hydraulic Caps Video

This video shows the details of the hydraulic cap adapter.

Hydraulic caps are commonly used to protect hydraulic lines and fittings during transportation and storage. They can be used in a variety of hydraulic systems, such as mobile, construction equipment, and manufacturing equipment.

If you have any questions about hydraulic hose caps and plugs or other products, please contact us.

Hydraulic Plugs and Caps Catalog

Topa offers various types of hydraulic plug and tee fittings, and this catalog includes all of them.

Please contact us if you need more information on plug and tee fittings or would like some free samples.

Topa hydraulic plug catalog
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BSP compression hydraulic fitting

BSP compression hydraulic fitting

BSP compression hydraulic fittings have straight/45-degree/90-degree elbow types, they can suit a wide variety of industrial applications. Topa can provide BSP compression hydraulic fittings of different shapes and sizes.

Please contact us for further details if you require bsp hydraulic compression fitting.

Topa BSP compression hydraulic fitting video

This video is about Topa BSP compression hydraulic fitting, it includes different types of Topa BSP compression hydraulic fittings.

They have several applications, sizes, and dimensions, and can also play an important part in various hydraulic systems.

Topa can provide different sizes for our customs. So if you have any questions about bsp tube fittings or want some free samples, please contact us.

BSP hydraulic fitting catalog

Topa offers different types of BSP hydraulic fitting, this catalog includes all kinds of BSP hydraulic fittings.

If you need more information on british parallel pipe fittings or bsp male fitting, please contact us.

bsp hydraulic fitting catalog
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