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– Made of aluminum
– Long service life
– Easy to install
– Reusable

Compatible An Fitting manufacturer in China

An fittings is reusable and their black anodized finish provides a fresher, more discreet look than traditional red and blue fittings.

Some customers tend to overtighten the an fittings on the adapter, which can break the an fittings and cause leaks. Adding some oil to the threads or seat surface during the tightening process will make it easier to tighten the an fittings.

Product List

Topa offers a wide range of easy-to-connect an fittings. Our hydraulic fittings are widely used for permanent installations. We have hose ends, male hydraulic adapter an fitting, Tee fitting, and so on. If you can not find what you need, please contact us freely.

Hose ends

The hose ends are chrome plated or black anodized. They are made of aluminum.

An banjo fitting

An banjo fitting, straight/30°/45°/90° brake line fitting.

An push lock

An push lock fitting, straight/30°/45°/90°/120°/150°/180° elbows.

An bulkhead

An bulkhead adapter, straight/30°/45°/90° brake line fitting.

ORB An fitting

An SAE o-ring boss fitting, leak-free and corrosion-resistance.

An tee

The tees connects three flow segments into a T-crossing.

Sensor adapter fitting

Sensor adapter fitting, male to female NPT sensor port.

An adapter

These are hydraulic adapter fittings and they meet or exceed all SAE standards.

Flare An union

An flare union fitting, male 6An/8An/4An thread end.

NPT to An fitting

Male NPT to An adapter, with straight/30°/45°/90°elbows.

An o-ring fitting

An o-ring fitting, with o-ring seal, strong and leak-free.

An reducer

An reducer fitting, can connect with differen sizes fittings.

An cap fitting

An cap fittings, are used to protect fuel line ends.

An fitting radiator

An fitting radiator, with straight/30°/45°/90°elbows.

An hard line fitting

An hard line fitting, use to connect hard line systems.

An Y fitting

"Y" shape an fitting, with male and female An threads.

Barb to an fitting

AN barbed fittings, with An thread end and hose barb end.

An brake line fitting

An brake line fitting, for use with automotive brake lines.

AN fitting fuel line

For use with automotive fuel lines, made of aluminum.

An quick disconnect

An quick disconnect, An quick coupler, An quick connector.

Weld on An adapter

Weld on an adapter, can make a strong connection.

An aluminum hydraulic fitting

An fittings are made of high-quality aluminum.

An hydraulic hose

An hose, for use with An hose fittings.

An fitting power steering

An fitting power steering, Topa offer all sizes and colors.

An fitting wrench

An fitting wrench, for use with An adapters and fittings.

An Fitting video

We could provide a full set of Compatible An Fitting, we have large in stock for standard types. For each category and type, we have detailed videos, if it can not find the videos you need, please contact us freely.

Topa-manufacturer hydraulic fittings

Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

Your Reliable An Fitting Manufacturer

An Fitting and hose ends are fragile and hose ends feature a one-piece design, stainless steel lock wire, and J- threads for strength and leak-free performance. 

Male O-ring boss fitting with O-ring, male AN / JIC flared 37-degree thread 

  • Capable of reuse
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Lightweight black anodized aluminum construction
  • Excellent design for long service life
  • Good work performance for increased efficiency

Why choose us

Topa is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with high-precision fabrication machines, punch presses, CNC lathes, 3-axis CNC machines, and 5-axis CNC machines. This supports our strong capabilities for any hose end fitting project. We can handle them easily.

Professional Team

With our knowledgeable engineering and manufacturing team, we are sure we can provide you with the right solution to meet your needs. To learn more about our hose fitting program, please contact us.

Quality Assurance

Topa strives for high-quality products and is ISO9001 certified. We can guarantee quality and service for any individual project for our customers.

Production Quantity

We can handle OEM and ODM projects. Also, we can handle any number of jobs, including prototyping, low volume, and high volume production orders.

Production tools

We have over 50 cold forged tools available for many typical AN hose fitting projects. As a result, we can offer many fabrication options for assembly projects.

Material Guarantee

Topa can supply fittings in different materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and PTFE. We can supply fittings at very competitive prices.


Topa AN fittings are primarily used for instrument adapter fittings and are suitable for use with thermometers and related applications.

Topa offers a full line of AN series products which include brake lines, racing hoses, adapters, hose bottoms, couplings, and more for tubing needs.

These AN fittings are used in power steering systems as reverse flare fittings or cam fittings.

An fitting factory application

Oil Transportation

An fitting is a special type of coupling that connects hoses and metal tubes, mostly used in fuels, oils, coolants, and hydraulic fluids.

An fitting supplier application


An fitting has good sealing properties, which makes it often used for oil pipeline transportation, but also leak-free bulkhead channels, such as racing hoses

An fitting manufacturer application


An fitting is offered in a variety of styles for easy connection and can be used not only for tubing transfer but also for instrument adapters, such as thermometers

Related products

Parker Hydraulic Fitting

Compatible Parker Hydraulic Fitting 43, 71 77 HY series connect with standard hydraulic hose

Hydraulic Hose

Size from 3/16-3" High pressure hydraulic hose

Hydraulic Hose Fitting

Variety of thread standards Metric, JIC, BSP and BSPP, NPT ORFS SAE and so on

Hydraulic Adapter

Topa has the widest range of hydraulic adapter DIN JIC, BSP and BSPP, NPT,ORFS, SAE,compression

Barb Fitting

The Barb fittings are based on the shape of the end of the pipe similar to a barb. It is mainly used in water and oil pipeline equipment connection.

BSP Hydraulic Fitting

BSP hydraulic hose fittings conforms to the BSP standard. These fittings are primarily used for interconnecting pipes and sealing

An Fitting Quality Control

Our an fittings and accessories may look simple, but Topa takes the production of the fittings very seriously and we have a team of professionals who research, inspect, test, and perfect them to guarantee the production of the best quality an fitting and accessories.

An fitting china wholsale check one by one
An fitting china wholsale check one by one
An fitting China manufacturer package check
An fitting China manufacturer package check
An fitting China supplier process Pulse test
An fitting China supplier process Pulse test
An fitting China supplier process Three Coordinate Measuring
An fitting China supplier process Three Coordinate Measuring


What is AN fitting?

AN fittings are a special type of coupling for connecting hydraulic hoses and liquid-carrying metal tubes together. 


What is -8 AN fitting?

-8 AN connectors are converted to 8/16 inch or 1/2 inch. You can convert any AN fitting to its nominal inch size by dividing the AN number by 16

What thread is AN fitting?

Each AN fitting has a different thread size. AN fittings are sealed by a 37° flare tube that connects metal to metal.


What are AN fittings used for?

AN fittings can be found in the transport and connection of fuel-based liquids, using AN fittings to connect transport hoses to metal pipes, such as trucks and other heavy machinery.

What is the difference between An and JIC fittings?

Most customers choose it AN fittings standards are more stringent than JIC fittings, both can be used in agriculture, construction, refuse, and other industries

Do AN fittings need O-rings?

Normal AN fittings is sealed metal-to-metal and when the interface is tightened as specified, the PSI at both joints is very high and therefore no O-ring is required.

Why does AN fittings leak?

When improper installation methods are taken, the pipe is corroded or the torque on the pipe is too heavy, there is damage or forced pressure is applied, there is a chance of leakage

Are AN fittings reusable?

Yes. But you need to check the threads for damage before reusing them, because repeated assembly and disassembly can deform the threads and the collar is not reusable.

What tools and equipment does I need for AN fitting ?

Mounting accessories are made of aluminum and usually consist of wrenches, pliers, special tape, and cutters. Some wrenches are made of anodized aluminum to minimize damage to the joint surface.

What is the difference between An fittings and An adapters?

AN fitting consists of a thread corresponding to the port of the part and a thread corresponding to the threaded form of the end of the hose. An adapter is an interconnection of two or more threaded forms or sizes for connection.

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