Hydraulic JIS Fittings Manufacturer

❖ 30° and 60° tapered connections
❖ BSPP and BSPT ports available
❖ Made of brass, carbon and stainless steel
❖ Tight connection. No O-ring required

Compatible JIS hydraulic fitting manufacturer in China

JIS hydraulic fitting dimensions define the size and wall thickness of these fittings according to Japanese standards. We offer various types of JIS fittings with tapered and parallel threads. 

JIS fittings are commonly used as hose fittings on Japan and Korea equipment. Such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Kubota and Kagome. Topa JIS adapters has 30° flare and 60° tapered fitting with BSP and BSPT two types of hose ends.

JIS hydraulic fittings size ranging from 1/8″ to 2″, material are available in steel, brass, stainless steel, Steel hydraulic fitting have higher fatigue resistance and impact resistance. JIS fittings can be reused multiple times.

Product List

Topa offers a wide range of JIS hydraulic fitting which can be tightly connected to a wide range of hose systems, the list of JIS hydraulic fittings are as follows

BSP JIS Male x JIS Male hydraulic fitting

Male JIS x JIS hydraulic fitting BSPP Threads 30°Cone

METRIC JIS Male x JIS Male hydraulic fitting

JIS Male x JIS Male hydraulic fitting Metric Threads 30°Cone

BSPP JIC Male 37° Cone x JIS Male 30° Cone

BSPP JIC Male 37° Cone x JIS Male 30° Cone

JIC Male 37°Cone x JIS Female Extended 60°

JIC Male 37°Cone x JIS Female Extended 60°

Bsp JIS Female Cap-BSPP Threads

JIS Female Cap-BSPP Threads Blanking Cap

metric JIS Female Cap Threads

JIS Female Cap-Metric Threads Blanking Cap

BSP JIS hydraulic Plug thread

JIS hydraulic Plug BSP thread 30° Cone

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JIS Fittings video

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Topa-manufacturer hydraulic fittings

Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

Your reliable JIS Hydraulic Fitting manufacturer

JIS hydraulic fitting factory process

In contrast to the JIC, the JIS hydraulic fitting has a 30° flare and the fitting is sealed with a 30° cone in contact with the seat. JIS hydraulic fittings also offer the following benefits.

  • Good insulation
  • Very flexible in use for dynamic applications.
  • High corrosion resistance for extended service life
  • Can be easily installed in tight spaces
  • Ability to seal hydraulic fluids tightly

Why choose us

Topa is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with high-precision manufacturing machines, punching machines, CNC lathes, 3-axis CNC machines, and 5-axis CNC machines. The production process for each product includes approval of technical drawings – inspection of materials – tracking, and documentation of the production inspection process for each product – and finally a pre-delivery inspection.

-Quality is our purpose

Stainless steel is audited and certified to ISO 9001 production standards, including design, manufacturing, inspection, customer service, and distribution functions.

-Professional support

More than 20 years of hydraulic engineers with comprehensive knowledge and real-world experience

-Product advantages

Air compressor fittings can meet the customized requirements of customers with 4 inventions and 20 patents.

Short delivery time for joints, sufficient inventory, and professional and patient after-sales service

-Large stock

Standard hydraulic fitting types have a huge stock

-Excellent after-sale service


JIS hydraulic fitting Workshop china
JIS hydraulic fitting factory process


JIS hydraulic fittings are available in BSPP and BSPT designs with both 30 and 60 degree hose ends. JIS hydraulic fittings are used for hydraulic fluid handling connections. They are commonly used as hose couplings on equipment designed and/or manufactured in Japan and Korea.

BSP hydraulic fittingmanufacturer application

Oil & Gas

JIS hydraulic fittings plays an important role in the extraction and transportation of oil and gas, however, the environment is complex and changing, and machines are often used in harsh natural conditions. JIS hydraulic fittings can adapt to the requirements of different environments, improve machine life .

Jis hydraulic fittings suppiler application


JIS hydraulic fittings is widely used in transportation, such as vans, trucks, and other large transport vehicles, it can make the vehicle has a large load capacity and hydraulic lifting function, can be completed lifting without equipment loading and unloading of goods.

Jis hydraulic fittings factory application


JIS hydraulic fitting is versatile and able to operate continuously and offer high torque within different situations.Therefore, it is widely used in garbage recycling, such as garbage trucks, trash compactors, street sweepers, etc.

Hydraulic JIS fittings quality control

We will provide high-quality products according to customers’ needs and conduct 100% inspection before shipment. With many professional and reliable employees, advanced production equipment, and professional R&D staff, we can guarantee sufficient stock and provide the fastest delivery time.


What is JIS Hydraulic Fittings?

JIS fittings are commonly used as hose fittings on equipment designed and/or manufactured in Japan and Korea.

What is the difference between JIS and JIC hydraulic fitting?

The standards are different, JIS hydraulic fitting uses the Japanese Industrial Standard and JIC hydraulic fitting uses the Joint Industry Council Standard. Sealing is different, JIS hydraulic fitting uses a Komatsu type fitting installation, while JIC hydraulic fitting uses a 37-degree cone installation.

What does JIS stand for in fittings?

JIS stands for Japanese Industrial Standards. It is the most important and authoritative national standard in Japan and is now widely used in the hydraulic industry worldwide.

How is the JIS hydraulic fitting connected?

JIS hydraulic fitting is mostly used for heavy equipment hose connection, using 30 degrees flare or 60 degrees cone for metal to metal link, also can use o-ring for sealing on this basis.

What are the advantages of JIS hydraulic fitting?

JIS hydraulic fitting is compact and flexible, size and material can be selected, the applicable scenario is flexible, easy to install, not easy to corrosion, and can be used for hydraulic fluid.

What are JIS hydraulic fitting used for?

JIS hydraulic fitting is available for high-pressure connections in the hydraulic field. Widely apply to industry, ship, and mining.

Can BSP hydraulic adapters and JIS hydraulic fitting be used interchangeably?

No, because JIS hydraulic fitting and BSP hydraulic adapters have got different application standards, varying cone diameters, and lengths of threads.

What are the fitting connections under JIS standard?

First,JIS Tapered Pipe Thread
Second, JIS 30° flare (female tapered seat)
Third, Komatsu 30° flare (female tapered seat)
Fourth, Komatsu Style Flange Fitting

What are JIS fitting hydraulic couplings made of?

There can be a variety of materials used to manufacture jis fitting hydraulic, such as steel, stainless steel, brass, etc. You can choose according to the scenario of use.

Is JIS hydraulic fitting reusable?

Yes, but you need to make sure there is no damage and the interface is suitable before reuse.

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