Hydraulic Hose Manufacture in China

Hydraulic Hose Manufacturer in China

Topa each hydraulic hose consists of three parts, the inner layer is used for fastening, the reinforcement layer has the effect of resistance to compression and torsion, and the cover is designed to isolate the reinforcement from the environment.

Product List

Topa offers a range of hydraulic hoses that are easy to connect. Our hydraulic hoses are used in a wide range of applications. We have a wide range of hydraulic hoses from R1-R17 and more. Please click on the images below to find out more. We support customization.


1-steel wire braid hydraulic hose, used with crimp or attachable fittings


2-steel wire braid hydraulic hose, used with crimp or attachable fittings


2-textile wire braid hydraulic hose, used with crimp or attachable fittings


Multiple layers of fiber braid and one heilcal wire hydraulic hose, used with crimp or attachable fittings


one high tensile steel wire braid hydraulic hose, used with crimp or attachable fittings


hydraulic hoses used for water-based hydraulic fluids in the temperature range of -40°C to +100°C.


One textile thread braid, also available for double-row tubes.


Two-textile wire braid hydraulic hose wrapped in weather-resistant thermoplastic material


4-steel Wire Spiral - For very high pressure 4000psi heavy-duty equipment.


4-steel wire spiral no-skive hydraulic hose, Impulse cycle is 400,000.


4/6-steel wire spiral hydraulic hose, maximum working pressure 350 bar


Stainless steel braided Teflon hose has Smooth bore and convoluted, mainly used in: automotive, pharmaceutical, power generation, chemical transfer, cosmetics and so on.


Maximum working pressure up to 420 bar, six layers of steel wire-wound hydraulic hose


2-steel wire braid hydraulic hose with half bend radius (compared to 100R2)


3,000 PSI 1-steel wire braid hydraulic hose with half bend radius (compared to 100R1)


Maximum working pressure up to 420 bar, four layers of steel wire-wound hydraulic hose


Four high tensile steel wire spiral layers hydraulic hose with high quality

Steam Hydraulic hose

Steam hoses can withstand high temperatures and climate changes.

Brake hydraulic hose

The brake hose is made of PTFE, which is crack resistant, corrosion-resistant, and will not expand.

A/C hydraulic hose

Air conditioning ducts are used in the temperature range of -40°C ~ +135°C.

Fuel hydraulic hose

The precision-engineered fuel hose is capable of safely handling a wide range of petroleum-based fuels.

Hydraulic Hose Video

Topa offers the widest range of hydraulic hoses in the industry. Our comprehensive hose includes low-pressure, medium-pressure, and high-pressure hydraulic hoses. Capable of handling high pressures in a wide range of fluid applications, hydraulic hoses are manufactured to fit all SAE specification products. For a more visual understanding of hydraulic hoses, please watch the video below.

Topa-manufacturer hydraulic fittings

This video show how hydraulic hose fitting manufacture produce hydraulic hose fittings. Each step has strict quality control to keep your hydraulic hose fitting meet your requirement. If you want to know more information,please contact us freely.

Hydraulic hose fittings manufacturer Workshop china
Hydraulic hose fittings factory process

Your Reliable Hydraulic Hose Manufacturer

Hydraulic hose fittings are used to connect hydraulic hoses to other components. Hydraulic couplings are widely used in variety of machines and equipment in all major industries.  Hydraulic hose fittings is very important in hydraulic system. Hydraulic hose fittings has following advantage:

  • Bear high pressure
  • Reduce warranty cost
  • Easy to assembly and disassembly
  • Typical Application engineering
  • High Temperature Performance
  • Compatibility with hydraulic hose

Why choose us

Professional support

More than 20 years of hydraulic engineers with comprehensive knowledge and real-world experience

Product selection advice

Provide you with the right hydraulic hoses, products, and solutions to suit your requirements.

Large stock

Standard hydraulic hose types have a huge stock

Strict quality control

From hydraulic hose material, produce, package, shipping and after-sales service, quality control

through all process

Excellent after-sale service

24-hour service, warranty service, training, and market analysis

Hydraulic hoses manufacturer Workshop
Hydraulic hoses supplier Workshop


Topa’s wide range of hydraulic hoses and the quality of our hoses meet and exceed all industry standards for very high-pressure applications, meeting all challenges and meeting all your requirements for hoses. Hose applications include:

  1. Agriculture and manufacturing to a variety of heavy equipment operations
  2. Hydraulic hoses for high-pressure fluid power applications on mobile and stationary machinery
  3. Industrial, mining and manufacturing equipment on
  4. Braided, spiral, textile, and plastic hoses (thermoplastics)
  5. Transportation, food, and other markets in various fields
hydraulic hoses mannfacture application


The wide application of hydraulic hoses in a variety of agricultural machinery has significantly improved the degree of automation of agricultural machinery and made agricultural mechanized production more convenient.

hydraulic hoses factory application


In the industrial construction industry, metric hydraulic fittings are widely used,it can meet the needs of the construction industry for a variety of purposes and can adapt to a variety of complex environments.

hydraulic hoses supplier application


Hydraulic hoses play an important role in mining. During the working process, some machines are often used in harsh conditions. Hydraulic hoses are durable and reliable, which can improve operating efficiency, reduce wear and tear and reduce costs.

Related Products

Topa is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic hose fitting. We provide a one-stop service. A variety of hydraulic products for you to choose. Click the picture below for more hydraulic products.

Compatible Parker Hydraulic Fitting
43, 71 77 HY series connect with standard hydraulic hose

Size from 3/16-3″
High pressure hydraulic hose

Topa has the widest range of hydraulic adapter
DIN JIC, BSP and BSPP, NPT,ORFS, SAE,compression

The Barb fittings are based on the shape of the end of the pipe similar to a barb. It is mainly used in water and oil pipeline equipment connection.

This assembly provides very good pressure, sealing reliability, reusability and vibration resistance.

The metric DIN 24° bite type is ideal for use with metric-sized piping and is a good choice when reusability is key.

Hydraulic Hose Quality Control

-Quality control process

Quality is not only limited to our products, it is present in each of our services offered and in the process of our management.

Raw material control

100% inspection before entering the factory guards the first pass strictly.

-Raw rubber testing

The rigidity of raw rubber is tested fully compliant with our standard to ensure that the tensile strength of the hydraulic hose is not less than 12 MPa.

-Steel wire testing

The tensile pressure of the steel wire inside the hydraulic hose is within the tolerance range to ensure working safety and bursting force.

-Rubber bonding test

We vulcanize the inner tube rubber and the outer tube rubber with steel wire to make sure there is enough adhesive between them and to finally ensure the bond.

-Final quality testing

As a professional manufacturer of hydraulic hose, we understand our responsibility to provide our customers with high-quality hydraulic hose, and we consider qualified products as the lifeline of our company and our reputation in the industry.

Hydraulic Hose before package check
Hydraulic Hose before package check
hydraulic fittings Workshop in china
hydraulic fittings Workshop in china
hose end connectorS workshop
hose end connectorS workshop
Hydraulic Hose process Pulse test
Hydraulic Hose process Pulse test


How do I determine the right hydraulic hose for my application?

Our systems allow for custom solutions, whether the requirements are met or exceeded.

Hydraulic hoses can be used in those places?

Hydraulic hoses are used to transport hydraulic fluid to hydraulic components and other hydraulic tools. Our hydraulic hoses meet strict standards to ensure personal safety

Can you use brass hydraulic fittings on hydraulics?

It is much softer than steel and brass has a much lower melting point. For this reason, brass fittings are mainly used in cool, low-pressure systems. However, brass does not spark. For this reason, brass fittings are widely used in automotive applications and fuel lines.

How do I replace a hydraulic hose?

First, let the pressure in the system disappear, use a wrench to unscrew the joint at both ends of the cleaned hydraulic hose, then choose a hydraulic hose that matches the old model, connect it and test it under low pressure.

What are the parts of the hydraulic hose?

The hose consists of three parts, an inner layer to facilitate the transport of liquids, a reinforcement layer, and a cover to prevent environmental contamination.

What is the difference between a braided hose and a spiral hose?

Braided steel wire hose consists of interwoven steel wire, which is more flexible and resistant to explosion.

A spiral hose is made of high-strength steel wire wrapped in a spiral manner, which is more resistant to pressure.


How can I extend the service life of hydraulic hoses?

Selecting fittings of matching dimensions; installing the hydraulic hose correctly; inspecting regularly and adjusting the conditions that damage the hydraulic hose.

What does the SAE specification look like?

SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers and is based on the technology and materials for the construction of hydraulic hoses. , a generally accepted standard in the North American fluid transfer market.

What are the advantages of flexible hydraulic hoses?

Flexible has built wiring that can withstand vibration and thermal expansion or contraction.

What are the features of your High-Pressure hydraulic hose offering?

These hydraulic hoses can carry extremely high pressures and they are available in sizes from 3/16″ in diameter up to 1½”, different type has different size.

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