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Topa has Full Range of Hydraulic Fittings

Topa is the one-stop for hydraulic fittings manufacturers and hydraulic hose manufacturers that meet the requirements of full applications as well as the most advanced safety and quality needs. Our fittings are specifically tested and designed to suit the appropriate hydraulic hoses type for superior service life and leak-free operation.

Topa also could customzied your hydraulic fittings, if you could not find hydraulic fitting you need, please contact us freely, we make speical for you.

Hydraulic Hose Fitting

Variety of thread standards, Metric, JIC, BSP and BSPP, NPT, ORFS, SAE and so on.

Crimped Hose Fitting

Compatible Parker Hydraulic Fitting,43, 71 77 HY series connect with standard hydraulic hose

Live Swivel Fitting

We can custom all types of hydraulic live swivel adapters.

Hydraulic Hose

Size from 3/16-3″. High pressure hydraulic hose. We can custom all types of hydraulic hoses.

Hydraulic Adapter

Topa has the widest range of hydraulic adapter. DIN, JIC, BSPT and BSPP, NPT, ORFS, SAE.

One of The Leading Hydraulic Fittings Supplier to Rocket Your Business

Topa is a professional  Hydraulic hoses, hydraulic fittings manufacturer, and other related products. With over 15 years of experience, Topa has provided customers with high-quality, customized, packaged, and cost-effective hydraulic components.

Our years of experience and technical expertise go a long way in helping you select the right fitting for your application. This includes working with your design engineers to develop special fittings and changing standards to meet specific requirements.

which we ensure to keep our products competitive and yet maintain the best quality possible. Our strict guidelines for testing products and improving on our workers skills ensures that our customers receive unparalleled quality of products and services.

Warmly welcome to get free sample and contact us.

Our products

Our products meet International Standards, such as ISO, SAE and DIN and so on. We offer the broadest range of hydraulic fittings in the hydraulic fluid. We have more than 3000 different hydraulic fittings, the material could be Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel, carbon steel, aluminium, Thread could be JIC,Metric, BSP, NPT, NPTF, ORFS, flange and customized, size from 1/16″ to 3″. Topa has exactly hydraulic hose and hydraulic fittings what you need.

Our hydraulic fittings are compatibility with Parker hydraulic hose, Manuli, Eaton, Gates and other brand standard hydraulic hose.


Hydraulic fitting quality is though our each process products, it include each of the services offered and in the processes of our management.

Advanced technology and highly advanced equipment, which make product in a strict  quality control system. From material to first fitting produce test, processing test,  random check, thread full test,galvanization and before package and shipping test. With Topa’s quality control system for hydraulic fittings, we can ensure that every hydraulic fittings delivered to our you will meet your most stringent requirements.

Service and support

Topa can provide our customers with not more than products, but also more knowledge and solutions about hydraulic hose and hydraulic fittings.

Our technical expertise with more than 20 years of experience, helps you select the right hydraulic fitting for your application. Topa can help you extend the life of your equipment and machinery. Our sales team will be 24*7 online to provide service.

We continue to expand our value-added services to support our customers.

Your Professional Hydraulic Fittings Manufacturer in China

⚫   One stop supply, save your time and money

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⚫   Strict quality control systems

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⚫   +15 years of experience, help you to be more successful

For more than 15 years, Topa has been providing our clients with the highest quality products and services possible. To fulfill this commitment, we are regularly certified and approved as a hydraulic fittings manufacturer and supplier of products and services with special requirements.

We have pass CE, ISO, TUV certificates and approvals, we also have detailed hydraulic fitting test report. If you can’t find the certificates you need, please contact us freely.

topa hydraulic fitting factory in china supplier company
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Hydraulic Fittings Strict Quality Control

As one of the top hydraulic fittings Manufacturers, Quality is not only in our products but also in every service and management process we provide. Our hydraulic fittings are present in each step of the manufacturing process.

  1. Check material surface, visual, hardness, and size
  2. First hydraulic fittings check through drawing, thread(ed) gauge, CMM & 3D Precision Measurement to make sure it is Precision
  3. Mass hydraulic fittings check, inspect the threads/10 pieces, drawing sizes/15 pieces. If disqualified is found, the entire lot will be rejected and immediately returned to the non-conforming department.
  4. Final inspection, 15-20% random check Critical dimensions and angles with calipers and Angle instrument. Use a thread gauge to check the thread.
  5. Package and label:  (1)Male and female hydraulic fittings have plastic caps and plugs.   (2) A foam film separates each layer of hydraulic fittings to prevent bumping.  (3) Make labels on each plastic bag and carton as per your requirements.
  1. All inspection equipment is calibrated regularly to ensure the accuracy and consistency of measurements.
  2. Additional Services and After Sales Service

We can laser your trademarks, part numbers, and traceability numbers on hydraulic fittings as promised.

We guarantee 100% free replacement hydraulic fittings or return your money if you can provide evidence of inferior parts. Quality hydraulic fittings help improve equipment reliability and avoid production delays.

Hydraulic Fitting Workshop

Topa was founded in 1997 as a hydraulic fittings manufacturer specializing in the production of construction machinery fittings and hydraulic pipe connections, with standardization and quality control in all our manufacturing facilities. We are ISO TUV BV certified.

We have extensive knowledge of every hydraulic fittings, material, type, application, etc, we are able to answer questions and solve tough application. We can provide them with the products they need quickly and economically, no matter when the order is received.

Our products are reliable, and we work hard to get them ready to ship - reducing overall downtime for your customers. We have a team of dedicated experts who can support, advise and ensure that the parts you order are the best parts for the job.

Topa has unique ability to customize, we will tailor our approach to your needs. In addition to our standard products, we regularly design and manufacture custom hydraulic fittings with unique dimensions and configurations.

Please contact us to get more information and free sample of hydraulic fittings.

hydraulic connector workshop

Huge inventory of hydraulic fittings, Sizes are interchangeable with Parker, Aeroquip, Weatherhead, Gates, Tompkins, and other manufacturers

hydraulic fittings Workshop

Topa has more than 70 sets advance CNC machine and Automated manipulator, make sure your hydraulic fitting delivery fast.

Hydraulic fitting manufacturer in china advanced equipment
Cutomated robotic

Use automated robotic platform, Save time, reduce costs and reduce process variability, and improve effection.

Hydraulic fitting factory CNC maching
Workers experience

More than 20 years of workers’ and engineers’ experience, reduced the risk of production errors.

Hydraulic Fittings Application

Hydraulic hoses and hydraulic fittings are widely used in different hydraulic industries. Hydraulic fitting connects hydraulic hoses to parts such as pumps, pipes, and hydraulic cylinders in a hydraulic system.

Different hydraulic fittings allow fluid to flow, change direction, steer or mix. These hydraulic fittings create a tight seal and prevent leakage in the application. These hose fittings are used in a wide range of hydraulic power applications, including piping, robotics, assembly lines and heavy equipment

agriculture hydraulic fitting application
Agricultural equipment

Combines, harvesters, sprayers, Fertilizers, manure spreaders, tractors, mowers, and trucks, Topa could provide unmatched tightest overall bend radius hydraulic hose and it is Weather resistance, ozone resistance and abrasion resistance

hydraulic fitting Factory application
Oil and gas

Cranes Drilling rigs, fluid transfer Testing equipment. Pipeline Maintenance. Topa hydraulic hose and fitting could bear high temperatures and pressures, it could meet safety and service life demanding in offshore and onshore upstream oil and gas application

hydraulic fitting used in Oil and gas
Construction equipment

Excavators, Backhoe excavators, Dump trucks, loaders Bulldozers, graders Skid steer loaders, scrapers, pavers Forklifts, steam rollers, sweepers and other heavy equipment and construction vehicles all rely on the efficient transport of fluids

hydraulic fitting application Mining

Excavators, shovels, longwall miners, bucket shovels, drill rigs, anchor rigs, continuous miners,, rock crushers, shuttles, trucks. Topa’s complete hydraulic hose and fittings meet your mining requirement. We could help you reduce inventory costs, get hose and fittings faster and improve safety.

Why Topa is Trusted by Global Leading Brand -Over 500 Clients

15 hydraulic fitting factory in china
15 Years hydraulic fitting Manufacturing Experience

Topa has over 15 years experience in the hydraulic hose and fitting manufacturing, we can supply you any types of hydraulic fittings for your projects.

Hydraulic fitting One stop solutions in china
One-stop solutions for hydraulic hose and hydraulic fittings

Topa manufacture hydraulic fitting more than 8000 types, we also could customized any hydraulic fittings.We could provide one stop solutions.

hydraulic fitting service in chian
Excellent Pre-sale and after sale service

Topa has full set system for Pre-sale and after sale service from inquiry, provide solutions, value information, order, produce, ship to order feedback

hydraulic fitting Certification in china
ISO CE Certification

All your hydraulic fitting can meet the CE and ISO certifications, and all our hydraulic fittings have passed the ISO CE certification. Our hydraulic fitting also passed TUV and BV test.

MOQ hydraulic fitting manufacture in china
MOQ 100 pieces for standard hydraulic fittings

We have inventory of hydraulic fittings, MOQ could be 100 pieces for standard hydraulic fittings.

hydraulic fitting sample in china
Free sample for standard hydraulic fittings

We could provide free samples for standard hydraulic fittings for free, to check quality and size.


Use the right hydraulic fittings type and thread for the equipment

  • Reduce the number of hydraulic fittingsused in hydraulic systems
  • Tighten hydraulic adapters and hydraulic hose fittings correctly
  • Reducevibration
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance

As per your experience to determine the thread is tapered or parallel, then use the tools ID/OD calipers and Thread pitch gauge to check Specific threads and dimensions.

It’s not advisable. Hydraulic fittings are mechanically sealed by an o-ring,metal on metal seal or bonded washer, no need teflon tape. It can enter the system and clog or cause tight tolerance problems when use teflon tape not properly.

Use Topa hose crimping machine, it is easier to crimp hose assembly, Measure hydraulic hose and choose right hydraulic fitting, adjust the Crimper Setting,select The Die size, then start machine, you can crimp

There are two ways to determine the thread size

  • For pipe threads, measurethe actual outside diameter minus ¼” and rounding up
  • For non-pipe threads, measurethe outside diameter (major diameter) with calipers

Hydraulic fittings are mechanically sealed by O-rings, metal-to-metal seals or adhesive gaskets

Use two wrenches and force. When you need to tighten a hydraulic hose fitting, the movable jaws of the wrench are pushed against the body of the wrench; do not hold your wrench in the wrong way. And always turn the movable wrench to the movable hawthorn.

Then tighten the hydraulic hose fitting as much as you can until you feel it is hard to turn the wrench. The hydraulic hose will be well seized by the hydraulic hose coupling.

It is much softer than steel and brass has a much lower melting point. For this reason, brass fittings are mainly used in cool, low-pressure systems. However, brass does not spark. For this reason, brass fittings are widely used in automotive applications and fuel lines.

  1. Determine if the hydraulic fittings thread type, is tapered or parallel
  2. Identifyfitting ends and port hydraulic fittings
  3. Identifythe sealing method
  4. Determine the pitch and size

We need tools Wrench, Hose cutter,Lubricant and Bench vise, first cut hose, a straight clean cut is important. Screw the hydraulic ferrule onto the hose, rotate it until the inside of the hose bottoms out. Secure the ferrule in a vise, lubricate the stem and the inside of the hydraulic hose with some hydraulic fluid, and then start turning the stem. Push and turn until the threads engage.

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