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Compatible Parker Hydraulic Fitting manufacturer in China

Topa as per the Compatible Parker Hydraulic Fittings manufacturer could provide quality or reliability one union hydraulic fittings with a more cost-effective solution. It could match most the brands of hydraulic hose, such as Parker, Manuli, Gates, and so on. Compatible Parker Hydraulic Fittings are equivalent to most major brands. It also could use a common hose crimping machine

Product List

Topa offers a wide range of easy-to-connect Parker hydraulic fittings. Our hydraulic fittings are widely used for permanent installations. OWe have Metric, JIC, NPTF, ORFS, and flange, we also have TP-43 series TP-71 series TP-77 series TP-91 series TP-HY series. If you can not find what you need, please contact us freely.

JIC Parker Hydraulic Fittings

37°Flared hydraulic fittings are available in a many sizes, it is most popular thread.

BSP Parker Hydraulic Fittings

The BSP fitting represents British Standard Pipe with a 55° thread angle. This standard includes BSPT and BSPP.

Metric Parker Hydraulic Fittings

DIN Metric Light Parker hydraulic Fittings is available in mining,industrial, and machine-tool application

Male Parker Hydraulic Fittings

Male Parker hydraulic Fittings thread is out side, could match female thread.

Flange Parker Hydraulic Fittings

Available in SAE Code 61, SAE Code 62 DIN, ISO and Caterpillar. Flanges come in an array of configurations and sizes

ORFS Parker Hydraulic Fittings

Flat and O-rings create the best seal for leak-free hydraulic applications

NPTF Parker Hydraulic Fittings

The male and female threads are joined and form a seal when the two are mated together. This is referred to as a dry seal thread.

R7 Parker hydraulic fitting factory in china

R7 Parker Hydraulic Fittings

It is suitable for J517100R7 hose, In addition to crimp fittings, field attachable fittings can be used.

Parker hydraulic Fittings video

We could provide a full set of Compatible Parker Hydraulic Fittings, we have large in stock for standard types. For each category and type, we have detailed videos, if it can not find the videos you need, please contact us freely.

Topa-manufacturer hydraulic fittings

Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

Your reliable one-piece hydraulic fittings manufacturer

Parker hydraulic fitting factory process

As a newcomer to the hydraulic industry or if you want a foolproof option, compatible Parker hydraulic couplings are a perfect choice because they are easy to use and easy to replace. Compatible Parker hydraulic couplings come with a horse collar. Prevents the hydraulic ferrule from slipping off. Compatible Parker couplings are widely used and easy to assemble.
Topa Parker Hydraulic Fittings manufacturer has the following advantage:

  • Easy to assembly
  • Reduces complexity and leakage
  • No-Skive technology
  • Efficient convenience
  • More stable
  • Reasonable  price
  • Large inventory
  • Small MOQ


Why choose us

Topa-hydraulic fitting manufacturer & supplier, we could supply all the hydraulic hose and fittings. Please contact us, you could find what you need.

  • 1997 Founded, ISO, TVU BV approved
  • One stop for hydraulic fittings
  • Huge stock, delivery fast
  • 100% test before shipping
  • Less MOQ
  • Free sample
  • Customized
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Hydraulic hose and hydraulic fittings are widely used in different hydraulic industries.

Hydraulic fitting connects to hydraulic cylinders, tubes, or different hydraulic hoses in a hydraulic system.

Wholesale hydraulic fitting from china Refuse and Waste

Refuse and Waste

Topa provide superior quality and reliability in hydraulic hoses for the waste collection and disposal market. Garbage truck, dumpster collection truck, Sewer Cleaning Vacuum Trucks, Toilet service trucks, Scrap yard machines and presses,road sweepers and water trucks.

Wholesale hydraulic fitting in china Transportation


Hydraulic hose and fitting are widely used in Transportation. Medium and heavy duty applications for trucks, buses, engines and chassis.

hydraulic fitting factory used in Production and Manufacturing applications

Manufacturing applications

With hydraulic hose solutions from Topa, your manufacturer will improve facility reliability and reduce operating costs. The factory use hydraulic include: Hydraulic power units, robots, paper mills, presses, assembly lines, process equipment.

Related Products

Hydraulic hose

Variety of thread standards Metric, JIC, BSP and BSPP, NPT ORFS SAE and so on

Hydraulic hose fitting

Variety of thread standards Metric, JIC, BSP and BSPP, NPT ORFS SAE and so on

Hydraulic adapter

Topa has the widest range of hydraulic adapter DIN JIC, BSP and BSPP, NPT,ORFS, SAE,compression

Barb fitting

The Barb fittings are based on the shape of the end of the pipe similar to a barb. It is mainly used in water and oil pipeline equipment connection.

Metric hydraulic fitting

One of the most commonly used types of hydraulic fittings in European Industrial Standard. This has a large number of compatible hose fittings.

Hydraulic hose ferrule

The ferrules are assembled on a crimping machine to achieve a permanent connection or by tightening in the case of reusable ferrules.

Crimped hydraulic fitting quality control​


Can a Topa crimped Paker hydraulic fitting be used on parker hose?

Yes, It can be used almost brand and non-brand stand hydraulic hose

Can Topa union hydraulic fitting interchangeable Parker hydraulic fitting?

Yes, it can interchangeable.

Do you have stocks of one piece Paker hydraulic fitting?

We have most types of stock, please contact us freely to check detailed types.

How are Parker hydraulic fittings measured?

Use calipers and Thread pitch gauge, measuring the Outer Diameter Parker hydraulic fittings of and the Inner Diameter of the thread,check thread is parallel or tapered.

How do you stop a hydraulic fitting from leaking?

First Choose the right qualified hydraulic hose, Then Install the hydraulic component correctly, such as the elastomeric seal, and third choose the correct thread Parker hydraulic fittings as your request.

How to loosen Paker hydraulic hose fittings?

Try and use an assembly/flare wrench, if it is o-ring fitting, Heat with a small propane torch, Give it a few heat cycles to loosen any rust or previous thread sealant.

What is delivery time of Parker hydraulic fitting?

It depends on which hydraulic fitting type and quantity, if we have it in stock, we could delivery same day. If have not stock usually 3-20 days.

How to remove broken hydraulic fitting?

Relieve the Pressure on the Hydraulic system, Remove components in the hydraulic hose, such as hose clamp, and hose sleeve, then remove the Parker hydraulic fittings, Clean hydraulic fitting, and make sure no debris or dirt enters your machine.

What is MOQ of Parker hydraulic fittings?

If the stock size of Parker hydraulic fittings could be 50 units.

Can I take some samples of Parker hydraulic fitting?

Yes, we can provide free samples for stock parker hydraulic fitting types.

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