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ORFS hydraulic fittings are also called o-ring face seal fittings or o-ring flat seal fittings. Due to its durability, it is the most popular and reliable choice in international hydraulic fittings. There is nothing like an O-ring face seal fitting or (ORFS) when connecting various hydraulic hoses.

Its elastic sealing characteristics make it the best choice for 100% leak-free connections.

The design of this fitting is such that when the connection is tightened, this O-ring face seal compresses onto the face sleeve brazed to the end of the tube. This is what makes the seal perfect. The metal-to-metal seal eliminates the possibility of twisting by providing firm support during installation.

Product List

ORFS hydraulic fittings have a male and female thread. Male ORFS is straight thread and has a machined groove in the face, put an o-ring into the groove. 

Topa offers a wide selection of adapter orfs, orfs hydraulic fitting, orfs to jic adapters, orfs female, orfs cap, metric orfs,orfs male, orfs swivel fittings,komatsu flat face fittings, parker flat face hydraulic fittings, elbow orfs flange fittings, ORFS tee, ORFS bulkhead hydraulic fitting, Banjo ORFS fittings.

The material could be available brass orfs fitting, carbon steel orfs fitting, and stainless steel orfs adapters.

Topa O-ring boss fittings are compatible with most manufacturers’ ORFS adapters, including Parker, Eaton, Gates, and Goodyear orfs fitting.

ORFS hydraulic hose fitting

ORFS hydraulic hose fitting is used to connect with hose. Available in stainless steel or steel,carbon steel.

Male ORFS hydraulic fitting

ORFS Straight male hydraulic fittings for hydraulic hose, they are very useful to connect various conductors.

Metric ORFS hydraulic fitting

Metric ORFS hydraulic fitting suits for hydraulic system, made of stainless or carbon steel.

ORFS female hydraulic fitting

ORFS female hydraulic fitting with o-ring seal in female thread ,consist a tight seal.

ORFS bulkhead hydraulic fitting

ORFS bulkhead hydraulic fitting can be used to connect pipes and tanks together.

ORFS flat hose fitting

The O-ring in the face of the straight thread male end seals against the flat face female seat and is mechanically held in place by a swivel nut.

ORFS hydraulic adapter

O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) adapter, this connection is designed for leak-free.

ORFS to NPT hydraulic fitting

ORFS to NPT hydraulic fitting has the straight/45-degree/90-degree elbow.

ORFS hydraulic cap

Hydraulic hose caps are accessories that protect the open ends of hydraulic hoses from damage when not in use, such as during storage or transport.

ORFS hydraulic plug

ORFS hydraulic plugs connect to hydraulic hose fittings, creating a tight seal to keep out dust and dirt and prevent damage to threads.

ORB hydraulic fitting

ORB hydraulic fittings are used for leak-proofing medium and high pressure hydraulic systems.

JIC to ORFS hydraulic fitting

JIC to ORFS hydraulic fitting is designed for leak-free use to 6000 PSI,available on carbon or stainless steel.

ORFS Parker hydraulic fitting

ORFS Parker hydraulic fitting supplier can be compatible with Parker standards.

ORFS hydraulic fittings video

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Topa-manufacturer hydraulic fittings

Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

Why choose ORFS hydraulic fittings

Topa ORFS hydraulic fittings could be material of carbon steel, nickel-plated carbon & Stainless steel. They have in different sizes, and product variations such as tees, elbows, flappers, and rotary joints.

◇ORFS hydraulic fittings help Prevent hydraulic fitting Failure. It could eliminate hydraulic leaks when used correctly because elastomeric seals provide a 100% leak-free, replacement for JIC hydraulic fittings.

◇ORFS hydraulic fittings can withstand high pressures and vibrations, due to the mechanical seal provided by the O-ring which provides unparalleled sealing throughout the assembly unit. These are used where hydraulic pressure up to 6000 PSI can be safely handled.

◇They are easy to assemble and disassemble, it is said to be valuable orfs hydraulic hose fittings. The best thing about these ORFS hydraulic fittings is that they are easy to install due to zero tolerance of the installation. The unit does not need to be bent or cut during installation.

Female ORFS hydraulic fittings are a straight thread with UNF swivel nuts and a flat face.

Male ORFS hydraulic fittings have a groove in the flat face with an o-ring.

They are compatible with ORFS hydraulic adapters such as Parker, Gates, and Goodyear, Eaton Aeroquip, Brennan Hydraulics.

ORFS hydraulic fittings china factory process

Your reliable Topa ORFS hydraulic Fittings manufacturer

ORFS hydraulic fittings manufacturer automatic

Topa can supply high quality ORFS hydraulic fittings, and our hydraulic fittings are of top quality in terms of both quality and material. Our company has abundant experience in the production of hydraulic fittings, as well as foreign trade, and can provide you with comfortable service.

Topa has many advantages to bring to each customer:

1. Sincere service
Every Topa employee is committed to providing a good feeling to customers and serving every customer with enthusiasm.

2.Excellent quality of fittings
Our parts are subject to strict quality control and inspection.

3. Quick delivery
After the customer places an order, we will arrange the delivery as soon as possible, so that the customer can receive the goods quickly.

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ORFS hydraulic fittings are mainly used where frequent vibration systems, such as tractors, combines, and other heavy equipment are used in construction. It also can be used in chemical plants, off-road construction and agricultural equipment, wellheads in the gas and oil industry, wind turbines, or auxiliary systems in liquid fuel control, ORFS hydraulic fittings will find their use.

They are also can be used in mining, gas, and high-performance industrial markets.

ORFS hydraulic fittings application

Oil & Gas

ORFS hydraulic fittings can adapt to the requirements of different environments, improve machine life and reduce costs by increasing operational efficiency.

ORFS hydraulic fittings application mining


ORFS hydraulic fittings are widely used in mining. The mining industry often has complex and changeable environments and requires many machines.

ORFS hydraulic fittings application construction


In the industrial construction industry, ORFS hydraulic fittings are widely used, and they are important for productivity improvement while increasing efficiency.

Hydraulic ORFS fitting quality control​


What is ORFS fitting?

ORFS uses an O-ring compression mechanism for sealing.

Female Orf’s fitting has a flat surface and a straight thread UNF swivel nut. 

Male Orf’s fitting is a straight thread

What are the Precautions for installing ORFS hydraulic fittings?

Step 1. Check for possible contamination or damage during shipping or handling. Verify that the face seal O-ring is properly installed.

Step 2: Lubricate threads and O-rings with your system hydraulic fluid or light lubricant.

Lubricate the system with hydraulic fluid or light lubricant.

Step 3: Align the matching face seal with the O-ring and tighten the face seal.

Tighten the end seal nut.

Step 4: Tighten the packing nut to the value shown in the table on the left side of this manual.

What is a disadvantage of ORFS hydraulic fittings?

As with ORB fittings, they are limited in performance when subjected to temperature ranges. O-rings can melt or corrode if the temperature is too high or the media is incompatible. One phenomenon to be aware of is O-ring dislodgement, especially when it occurs during assembly. The O-ring may fall out of its groove, resulting in improper sealing, O-ring entrapment outside of the intended surface, and thread damage due to over-tightening. In such cases, the O-ring and ORFS hydraulic fitting may suffer irreparable damage, rendering it completely unusable. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that the O-ring is properly placed prior to assembly. The use of adhesive material during assembly may help to overcome this problem.

What is the warranty of ORFS hydraulic fittings?

  It is usually one year since sell day.

Why use ORFS fittings ?

In addition to providing a more reliable connection seal, this coupling design offers.

Zero clearance for easy piping

Over-torque resistance/eliminates damage caused by over-tightening

Vibration resistance/reduces loosening caused by system vibration

What may cause ORFS hydraulic fittings to leak?

Wrong installation operation, the mismatch between system and ORFS hydraulic fittings, poor product quality, etc. All these may lead to leakage.

Can ORFS hydraulic fittings be used in tight places?

Yes, ORFS hydraulic fittings have a straight threaded male fitting, an O-ring sealed to the female thread, and a rotatable female fitting, thus allowing for flexibility in a wide range of situations.

Comparison between ORFS and ORB?

Both are straight threaded, the difference is the sealing method, ORFS hydraulic fittings uses both metal and O-ring for sealing, and ORB hydraulic fittings are sealed by O-ring.

How does JIC compare to ORFS hydraulic fittings ?

The JIC hydraulic fittings is a metal-to-metal seal in the form of a 37-degree flared tube. ORFS hydraulic fittings is a better seal in the form of an O-ring seal and a metal seal. the JIC should be used for fuels and fluids at higher pressures, the ORF is more focused on hydraulic systems under vibration conditions.

What ORFS hydraulic fittings materials are available?

316 or 304 stainless steel

carbon steel

And brass

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