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Topa as per the BSP Hydraulic Fittings manufacturer could provide quality or reliability one union hydraulic fittings with a more cost-effective solution. It could match most of the brands of hydraulic hose, such as Parker, Manuli, Gates, and so on. Compatible BSP Hydraulic Fittings are equivalent to most major brands. It also could use a common hose crimping machine.

Product List

TOPA Hydraulics is Direct supplies a wide range of stainless steel British Standard Pipe (BSP) fittings. Our BSP fittings feature high-quality stainless steel construction that can stand strong working conditions. British Fittings are manufactured using British threads such as British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP) and British Standard Pipe Tapered (BSPT). These fittings and adapters are commonly found on equipment manufactured in the United Kingdom as well as from some OEM’s in Europe. Metric fittings are more commonly found on mainland Europe equipment manufactured in countries such as Germany, France, and Italy.

BSP hydraulic fitting

BSP hydraulic fitting

BSP hydraulic fitting is British Standard Fittings. Male thread and Female thread.

BSPT hydraulic fitting

BSPT hydraulic fitting one end male thread, one end connect hose. Mainly used in hydraulic industry.

BSP Parker hydraulic fitting

BSP Parker hydraulic fitting is easy to assemble, cost effective, and very popular in the market.

BSP male hydraulic fitting

60° cone mechanical seal. Suitable for high pressure. Threaded at both ends.

BSP female hydraulic fitting

BSP female hydraulic fittings have many types. Made of carbon steel, stainless steel and brass materials.

BSPP to NPT adapter

BSPP to NPT adapter has different types of threads at both ends. One end is BSPP, the other end is NPT.

BSP compression hydraulic fitting

BSP compression hydraulic fitting includes body, ring and nut. Nuts and rings are removable.

BSP male to female hydraulic fitting

BSP to female hydraulic fitting, both end male thread. Have different elbow straight, 45°, 90°.

BSP to JIC hydraulic fitting

BSP to JIC hydraulic fittings suitable for construction, agricultural machinery, and industrial equipment.

BSP bend hydraulic fitting

BSP bend hydraulic fitting can connect fittings whose ends are not in a straight line. Change the hose direction.

BSP tee and cross hydraulic fitting

BSP tee and cross hydraulic fitting "T" type connection and "Cross" type connection, can connect three or more hoses.

BSP hydraulic bulkhead fitting

BSP hydraulic bulkhead fittings Longer thread at one end can add Lock nut.

BSP to flange hydraulic fitting

BSP to flange hydraulic fitting one end BSP thread, one end flange.

BSP plug hydraulic fitting

BSP plug hydraulic fitting used at the end of the pipe to prevent fluid seepage.

BSP reusable hydraulic fitting

BSP reusable hydraulic fitting nipple and ferrule are reusable. The ferrule have thread.

BSP to Metric hydraulic fitting

One end is a BSP 60-degree cone seat thread, and the other is a Metric thread.

BSP to ORFS hydraulic fitting

BSP thread with SAE O-ring face seal. Strong-seal, and no leakage.

BSP to AN hydraulic fitting supplier

BSPP to AN adapter

BSPP to an adapter is suitable for conveying fuel, water, oil and other fluids. Easy to assemble.

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We could provide a full set of Compatible BSP Hydraulic Fittings, we have large in stock for standard types. For each category and type, we have detailed videos, if it can not find the videos you need, please contact us freely.

Topa-manufacturer hydraulic fittings

Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

Your reliable BSP Hydraulic Fitting manufacturer

We are focused on supplying our customers with the highest quality, OEM specification hydraulic hose, and fittings for Manufacturer Direct Prices! TOPA hydraulic company has been supplying our customers with the highest quality hydraulic components for many years. Our hydraulic hose and fittings are manufactured to the exact high-performance specifications as are hoses from manufacturers such as Parker, Eaton-Weatherhead, and Goodyear. We supply hydraulic hose, hydraulic hose ends, and hydraulic adapters (both steel and brass adapters) from the same manufacturers that are sourced by heavyweight hydraulic hose and fittings companies at significant price savings.

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  • No-Skive technology

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Topa-hydraulic fitting manufacturer & supplier, we could supply all the hydraulic hose and fittings. Please contact us, you could find what you need.

Our parts are checked for quality assurance at multiple points of the manufacturing process to insure we supply the very best products to our customers. We perform hydraulic impulse and hydraulic pressure testing to guarantee safe and effective operation during field use.We are able to ship quickly and offer our customers a direct sales contact for any issue they may encounter.

In topa hydraulic company, we take pride in our product quality and our company service. Thank you for visiting us and please feel free to call us with questions. We welcome any opportunity to serve our customers.

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Hydraulic hose and hydraulic fittings are widely used in different hydraulic industries.

Hydraulic fitting connects to hydraulic cylinders, tubes, or different hydraulic hoses in a hydraulic system.

Our large selection of inch screw connections, fittings, and adapters makes us a specialist in the area of replacement and repair needs for such industries as construction, agricultural and forestry machinery, industrial equipment, and many more.

we offer a range of Steel and Stainless Steel BSP Adaptors and connectors to get the most out of your hose. We stock our Adaptor fittings from top quality manufacturer’s so can guarantee their efficiency, performance and longevity. These adaptors are suitable for a wide range of media, including but not exclusive to water, oil and air mainly in the hydraulic and pneumatic industries.

BSP hydraulic fitting supplier application

Refuse and Waste

BSP hydraulic fitting is versatile and there are a large number of brass hydraulic fittings devices in the refuse process. It can perform operations such as lifting, turning, rotating, etc. It is also able to operate continuously and offer high torque within harsh environmental situations.

BSP hydraulic fitting factory application


BSP hydraulic fitting is often used on trucks that require high power and durability. BSP hydraulic fitting is applied for lifting and dumping functions, making the truck easier to load and transport and more practical.

BSP hydraulic fittingmanufacturer application

Manufacturing applications

BSP hydraulic fitting can meet the needs of the construction industry for a variety of purposes and can adapt to a variety of complex environments.

Hydraulic BSP fitting quality control​


What is a BSP hose fitting?

BSP hose fittings are to allow you to build general pneumatic pipe assemblies or you need additional parts to complement your connections.Used to transport fluids in hydraulic systems commonly used in industrial, mining and manufacturing equipment.

What is BSP hydraulic fitting?

Known as Whitworth threads, BSP threaded fittings are available in two ways of sealing, using metal-to-metal corner surfaces, or metal-to-metal and O-rings. Both versions have a 60° sealing surface angle

What is BSP size?

The size of the BSP refers to the measurement of the internal thread connection, known as the actual diameter (imperial system). The actual diameter (metric system), which is most easily calculated by measuring the shorter length of the thread crest.

Is BSP and BSPP the same?

BSP thread is British Standard Pipe, which includes BSPP and BSPT threads. BSPP is a kind of BSP parallel thread with a thread and pitch angle of 55 degrees. It also can use bonded seal rings or 60 degree cones to stop leaking.

How is BSP hydraulic fittings measured?

The size of the BSP refers to the measurement of the internal thread connection, known as the actual diameter (imperial system) The actual diameter (metric system), which is most easily calculated by measuring the shorter length of the thread crest.

Do BSP threads need sealant?

BSP fittings can use female and male threads to form a seal ,so do not require thread sealant.

What is the use of BSP thread?

BSP is a set of thread technical standards, which has been widely used wordwidely. It connects pipes and fittings through female and male threads.BSP thread can be used in many pressure systems on ships.Various materials such as bronze, cast iron, steel, brass, and plastic can be used with BSP hydraulic threads.

Is 3/4 BSP the same as 22mm?

All threads in the UK, even 22mm metric fittings, have 3/4 BSP threads unless your ball valve is a 22mm copper compression fitting.

Is BSP tapered or parallel?

BSP hydraulic fittings include two types of threads, one is BSPP thread, which is straight or parallel, the other is BSPT thread, which is tapered. The BSPT male cone will fit together with the BSPT female cone ,and will not cause leak.

Can you fit NPT to BSP?

Due to the distinct thread forms, NPT and BSP threads are generally not compatible. The female cone of NPT threads is 60°, while BSP threads is 55°, which is the Whitworth thread form. Sometimes NPT male threads will fit into BSPT fittings, but they will cause leaks.

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