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Metric hydraulic fittings are most used in Europe. Topa has DKOL DKOS, metric npt, metric jic, metric banjo, metric brake fitting, standad pipe, compression fitting.

Topa metric compression fittings are highly resistant to vibration and create strong, reliable, leak-free fittings. They meet or exceed all SAE, ISO and DIN standards. Their ferrule design reduces the effects of vibration on hydraulic systems. 

Product List

Topa offers a full line of metric hydraulic fittings. The type and material of fitting to be purchased depends on the material of the hydraulic hose used. Please refer to our list of metric fittings.

Metric to JIC hydraulic fitting supplier

Metric JIC fitting

Metric JIC fittings are Metric x JIC steel hydraulic hose adapters, one end JIC male/female, one end Metric threaded male/female.

Metric to BSP adapter

Our metric to BSP adapter has the 24° metric thread and 60° cone BSP thread.

Metric flat seat fitting

Metric female flat seal fittings for R1AT, R2AT, 4SH, 4SP spiral, and wire braided hoses.

Metric parker hydraulic fitting

Metric Parker hydraulic fitting is a Metric connection crimp hose fitting manufactured to PARKER standards.

Metric L.T. hose fitting

Metric male 24-degree tapered seat light hydraulic fittings are generally manufactured in 1/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch sizes.

Metric H.T. hose fitting

Metric male 24° tapered seat heavy-duty fittings are made of carbon steel and stainless steel.

Multiseal metric fitting

Metric female multi-seal threaded fittings, available in straight, 45°, and 90°types.

Standpipe metric fitting

Metric standpipe straight hydraulic fittingscan be crimped to PTFE hoses and other high-pressure hydraulic hoses.

Banjo metric fitting

Metric Banjo Fittings are steel banjo fittings with Metric dimensions including banjo bolts and fittings.

Metric hose fitting

Metric Hose Fittings include Light and heavy types, there are Female and female Hose Inserts, Metric standpipe and banjo fittings.

Bulkhead metric fitting

The hydraulic bulkhead fitting is used to connect the hydraulic hose to the tank. Tightening the nut fixes the fitting and forms a seal. The main materials are stainless steel, steel, etc.

Metric bite-type adapter

Our metric bite-type adapter fittings are commonly used in industrial applications where high pressure and vibration resistance are required.

Tee and cross fitting

Metric hydraulic tee and cross are used to divide or combine fluids to allow fluid to pass smoothly between components.

Metric plug

Metric plug fittings is the Hex Plug which is with Metric threads. it is one of the hydraulic adapters.

Metric NPT adapter

Metric npt adapters are thread adapters that easily convert Metric threads to NPT threads. Metric can be male and female, or NPT male or female.

JIS Metric adapter

JIS metric adapter has a 60-degree cone seat, which is used to create a seal with the corresponding flare on the end of the tubing or hose.

Metric 74° cone flare fitting

Metric 74° flare fittings provide reliable leak-free connections for high pressure fluid applications, such as the Metric 74° cone flare.

Metric adapter

Metric adapters include Metric threads on both ends, as well as standard threads on one end and Metric threads on the other. This allows you to connect pipes with standard threads to pipes with Metric threads.

Metric O-ring fitting

Metric O-ring fittings are Metric thread O-ring face seal fittings, which are one of the hydraulic fittings. There are male and female types.

Elbow metric fitting

Metric elbow fittings are made from a variety of materials, including Metric 90-degree elbows and 45-degree elbows.

Metric DIN fitting

Metric DIN fittings consist of a body, ferrule and nut. It is a compression-style fitting. Available in stainless and carbon steel, as well as brass.

Compression metric fitting

Metric compression fittings conform to international standard DIN 2353, when you tighten the nut, its sleeve (ferrule) bites into the pipe, creating the seal.

Brass metric fitting

Metric Brass Fittings are produced in brass with Metric threads for connection to water, air and gas lines.

Male metric fitting

Metric male fittings include hose fittings and threaded fittings with male Metric threads.

Crimp metric fitting

The Metric Hydraulic Crimp Fitting is a permanently attached fitting for spiral and braided hydraulic hoses with Metric thread.

Metric grease fittings

Metric grease fitting

Metric grease fittings are installed on mechanical systems and bearings and remain closed to prevent contamination until pressure forces them to open, allowing grease to flow to the system or bearing.

Metric ORB hydraulic fitting supplier

ORB metric fitting

Metric orb fittings include fittings, port adapters and plugs. Designed according to ISO 6149. Male fittings have straight threads and O-rings.

Metric brake line fitting wholesale

Brake line metric fitting

Metric brake line fittings include Metric and female threads and are primarily used for brake lines. Brake line adapter Metric sizes include coarse and fine M10, M11, M12, M14 and M16.

Metric zerk fitting

Metric zerk fitting

Metric zerk fittings, also known as Metric threaded grease fittings, are available in mild steel and stainless steel. It is a widely used accessory.

Metric an fittings

Metric An fitting

Metric an fittings are commonly used for brake, clutch and fuel line components in newer vehicles. AN to Metric Adapter Fittings use a 37 degree sealing angle on the AN side.

Metric hydraulic fitting video

Made of steel or carbon steel, these metric fittings are impact-resistant, wear-resistant, electrically conductive, and durable. To learn more details, click on the video below.

Topa hydraulic fittings manufacturer

Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

Your reliable metric hydraulic fitting manufacturer

Metirc hydraulic fitting factory process

Topa hydraulic fitting has a nut and a sleeve or collar at one or more ends. The end of the hydraulic fitting is placed on one end of the hydraulic hose. The nut is tightened, the hydraulic ferrule is compressed. The high quality of the hydraulic fitting allows for the following advantages.

  • Highly resistant to vibration
  • Simple to operate and easy to use
  • A reliable, strong, and leak-free connection is guaranteed.
  • Sturdy and durable, they have high corrosion resistance, extending their service life.

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Topa specializes in the production of high-quality metric hydraulic fittings. Our metric hydraulic fittings are of high quality, integrity, and safety. As a result, they can be used for hydraulic fittings in machine tools, fuel, industrial, and gas plants for manufacturing or maintenance. Many industries have widely welcomed the good working performance of the couplings, and it can be applied in the following industries: Chemical, marine industry, automotive industry, etc.

metric hydraulic fittings supplierr application


In the industrial construction industry, metric hydraulic fittings are important for productivity improvement while increasing efficiency. Almost all large machinery will use metric hydraulic fittings, such as excavators, shield machines, rotary drilling, etc. Metric hydraulic fittings are present in almost all aspects of the construction industry.

metric hydraulic fittings factory application

Oil & Gas

Metric hydraulic fittings play an important role in the extraction and transportation of oil and gas, however, the environment is complex and changing, and machines are often used in harsh natural conditions. Metric hydraulic fittings can adapt to the requirements of different environments, improve machine life and reduce costs by increasing operational efficiency.

metric hydraulic fittings supplier application


Metric hydraulic fittings are often used on trucks that require high power and durability, They can make the vehicle has a large load capacity and the hydraulic lifting function can be completed lifting without equipment loading and unloadinf goods. Metric hydraulic fittings are applied for lifting and dumping functions, making the truck easier to load and transport and more practical.

Metric hydraulic fitting quality control​

We can quickly set up a container or custom workshop at your premises to provide service and inventory tailored to your needs for demanding conditions requiring qualified technicians on call at all times.

Topa is a professional hydraulic manufacturer with many years of experience, and our excellent workshop and staff can provide our customers with high-quality hydraulic fittings at competitive prices.


What is metric hydraulic fitting?

The metric hydraulic fitting is a compression fitting that consists of a body, o-ring, and nut. It has a good seal and can connect metric hydraulic hoses to hydraulic fittings.

Are there metric hydraulic fittings?

Topa can manufacture a complete line of hydraulic metric fittings. Our metric hydraulic fittings are vibration resistant, provide tight, reliable connections, and prevent leaks.

What are the different types of Metric hydraulic fitting?

Hydraulic fittings can be classified according to their thread type, size, and configuration. The commonly used distinctions are O-ring, bend angle, and thread.

What is Metric hydraulic fitting's material?

The metric hydraulic fitting can be selected from steel, stainless steel, and brass materials, the choice of material being related to the pipe to be connected, and the application scenario.

What to pay attention to when choosing Metric hydraulic fitting?

First, the diameter of the fitting and the hose should match. Secondly, the choice of material for Metric hydraulic fitting should consider the environment where it is located, such as pressure, humidity, temperature, etc. Finally, what kind of application, such as quick connect or welding form.

How to connect Metirc hydraulic fitting?

Firstly, the hose should be cut to the right size with a cutting machine. Secondly, choose the right Metric hydraulic fitting in terms of use scenario and demand. finally, tighten the nut to achieve the purpose of pressing the ferrule.

How are hydraulic metric fittings measured?

First, you measure the inner and outer diameters of the hydraulic fitting with a caliper, next you calculate the distance between adjacent threads.

How do identify the different Metric hydraulic fittings?

This can be identified by checking whether the Metric hydraulic fitting is available for reuse, what type of connection port it is, in what way it is sealed, and the relevant accessory

How to determine if Metric hydraulic fitting is reusable?

For reusable Metric hydraulic fitting, you can use a wrench and a vise to take it apart and put it back together. For the non-reusable Metric hydraulic fitting, you need to use a crimping tool to do it.

What are the sealing methods of Metric hydraulic fitting?

There are three most common types of seals. o-rings, mating angles, and tapered thread designs.

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