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NPT is National Pipe Taper Threads, This thread have been widely used for more than 100 years. NPT thread is taper thread, widely used in American. It is similar to the male BSPT fitting.

NPT hydraulic fittings are American National Standard Pipe Threads have tapered threads. It is the technical standard to measure tapered threads on pipes, tubes, or fittings in the United States.NPT threads are used to connect and seal fittings in low-pressure fluid and gas transfer

NPT hydraulic fitting seal by a metal-to-metal design, that hydraulic fitting threads itself are formed together. This design is ideal for single assembly applications, not for frequent assembly and disassembly of the hydraulic fittings.

Topa has martial of carbon steel,stainless steel, brass for high pressure applications. We have types not limited NPT male, NPT female, NPT to NPT, NPT Female to NPT Male – Bushing, NPT Bulkhead fittings.

Product List

Topa offers a wide range of NPT hydraulic fitting which can be tightly connected to a wide range of hose systems, the list of NPT hydraulic fittings are as follows.

Reusable NPT fitting

15618 hydraulic reusable NPT thread pipe fitting, made of stainless steel and carbon steel.

NPTF hydraulic fittings

NPTF hydraulic fittings have NPTF connections at one or several ends. While NPTF threads can create a seal directly.

NPT to ORFS hydraulic fitting

ORFS to NPT Male Female fittings, with different threads at both ends, can effectively seal hydraulic hoses for gas or fluid delivery.

NPT to flange hydraulic fitting

NPT to flange hydraulic fitting For connection to NW/KF flange system, with NPT internal and external threads, carbon steel, stainless steel materials are available, for conveying water-based fluids.

NPT to JIC adapter

Adapter has NPT thread at one end and JIC thread at the other end. It can be connected to different male and female connectors. It is used in agricultural machinery, manufacturing, etc.

BSPP to NPT adapter

BSPP to NPT adapter, different threads on both ends, with O-ring seal, strong and leak-proof, with good durability.

NPT to Metric adapter

NPT thread to metric thread hydraulic pipe adapter, made of carbon steel and stainless steel,

NPT male to female fitting

Hydraulic fitting NPT thread, one end is male, one end is female, straight, 45°, 90°, when connecting with female thread, it is recommended to use sealing tape to achieve sealing, for gas or fluid delivery.

NPT male fitting

NPT male thread high pressure hydraulic hose fittings can be connected to a variety of different thread fittings, widely used in the mining industry.

Female NPT fitting

NPT female hydraulic fitting is a fitting that is widely used in hydraulic system, it is used to connect the fitting with female thread, and it is easy to install.

NPT hydraulic adapter

NPT Hydraulic fitting is made of carbon steel, stainless steel, used in high pressure hydraulic system, with good strength.

Tee and cross

NPT tee and cross fitting can combine or separate fluids, connect multiple different pneumatic hydraulic parts, and achieve the effect of fast fluid transportation.

NPT bend hydraulic fitting

NPT bend hydraulic fitting A variety of threads at both ends, a variety of sizes, connecting different mechanical equipment, high quality, high performance.

NPT brass hydraulic fitting

NPT brass hydraulic fittings are made of brass with NPT (National Pipe Tapered) threads. For applications where low to medium pressures are present in the fluid line.

Garden hose to NPT adapter

The garden hose to NPT adapter, one end is garden hose thread connection (GHT) and on the other end, it is National Pipe Taper (NPT) connection.

NPT to hose barb adapter

Npt to hose barb adapter can be selected from various materials, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, not easy to corrode, widely used

NPT plug

NPT plug adapters are manufactured from high quality carbon steel for threaded ends to prevent dirt contamination, easy installation and quick disassembly.

SAE ORB to NPT hydraulic adapter

SAE orb to NPT adapter

SAE orb to NPT adapter with O-ring, NPT male and female Brass, carbon steel various materials, classic tapered thread joint for mining, elevator and other large machinery industries.

NPT hydraulic bulkhead fitting supplier

Bulkhead fitting

NPT bulkhead hydraulic adapter is specially designed for connecting pipes to pass through panels or steel barricades.

NPT hydraulic stainless steel fitting

Stainess steel NPT fitting

NPT stainless steel fittings, as the name suggests, are stainless steel fittings with NPT threads. Thread sealant must always be used to achieve a leak-free seal.

NPT Hose Fitting

15611 NPT hose fitting, male NPT thread, for use with hydraulic hoses.

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We could provide a full set of Compatible NPT Hydraulic Fittings, we have large in stock for standard types. For each category and type, we have detailed videos, if it can not find the videos you need, please contact us freely.

Topa-manufacturer hydraulic fittings

Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

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NPT hydraulic fitting factory process

When the male cone fits the female cone, the NPT threads seal, squeeze the threads and create a mechanical lock. Teflon tape or pipe thread sealant is recommended to prevent leakage. NPT thread hydraulic fittings is the most common tapered pipe thread used in the United States and Canada.

● Effectively seal 
● Widely used and well known
● Male and female threads compress and wedge themselves together
● NPT hydraulic fittings are very strong connections
● Simple installation and easy to use
● Wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials

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NPT hydraulic fitting supplier process


These NPT hydraulic fittings are used for hose assemblies in hydraulic systems to carry water or oil. They are suitable for pumps, regulators, filters, aftermarket brake calipers, fuel systems, oil and coolant passages, intake manifolds, engine blocks, cylinder heads, gauges, etc.

NPT hydraulic fittings manufacturer application


NPT hydraulic fittings are widely used in transportation, such as vans, trucks, and other large transport vehicles, it can make the vehicle has a large load capacity and hydraulic lifting function, can be completed lifting without equipment loading and unloading of goods.

NPT hydraulic fittings factory application


The construction industry involves NPT hydraulic fittings. NPT hydraulic fittings use fluid as a medium to transmit power or pressure to the moving parts, so there is no need to use mechanical connections, which can reduce the pressure on the mechanical parts, to extend the use of the machine.

NPT hydraulic fittings suppler application

Refuse and Waste

The use of NPT hydraulic fittings to refuse can process and increases efficiency, makes it easier to load and transport solid waste, reduces wear and tear on engines, decreases maintenance costs, saves fuel, and can increase the efficiency of recycling operations.

NPT hydraulic fitting quality control​


What is NPT hydraulic fittings?

NPT is National Pipe Taper, U.S. standard for tapered threads, widely used on pipes and fittings for over 100 years. NPT thread sealed forming metal to metal.

What is the difference between MPT and NPT hydraulic fittings?

MPT and FPT are both sub-types of NPT. MPT is male NPT and FPT is female NPT thread hydraulic fittings.

How do NPT threads work?

NPT hydraulic fittings is National Pipe Taper sealed by metal to metal sealing design,  where the male and female thread form together.

Is JIC better than NPT hydraulic fittings ?

JIC fittings have a 37° flare angle, while NPT hydraulic fittings rely only on their tapered threads for sealing.JIC and NPT fittings are not to be mixed, they are subject to different pressures and have different sealing properties. NPT can be sealed by tightening the fitting.

Is SAE the same as NPT hydraulic fittings ?

The biggest difference is that SAE threads are straight threads and require additional O-rings, gaskets or sealing surfaces to create a seal; NPT threads are tapered threads and use their pitch to create a seal.

Is NPT measured by ID or OD?

NPT hydraulic fittings are listed by inside diameter (I.D.) The outside diameter (O.D.) of the thread is typically about 1/4 (0.250) in.

What's the difference between NPT hydraulic fittings and NPTF?

NPT (National Pipe Taper) is a general purpose tapered pipe thread and NPTF (National Pipe Taper Fuel) is a dry seal tapered pipe thread. NPT connections require thread sealant. NPTF connection creates a leak-proof seal without the use of a sealant

How tight should the NPT threads be?

Tight the NPT hydraulic fitting 2-3 full turns to the maximum size after hand tightening. You should have left 3.5 to 6 engaged threads.

How much pressure can NPT threads hold?

NPT type gauge fittings with a maximum working pressure of 15,000 psi (1050 bar).

Can you reuse NPT fittings?

Reusing NPT hydraulic fittings is not recommended. It can cause wear or increase the potential for leakage.

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