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❖ Well in high- and low-temperature
❖ Wide range of size and type options
❖ Excellent choice for preventing leaks
❖ Easy to maintain and install

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JIC Hydraulic fittings Meet the standards of the SAE J514 and MIL-DTL-18866 and are flared fittings machined with a 37-degree flared seating surface. JIC fittings have different sizes, and types with materials of carbon steel, brass, and stainless steel, contact Topa to get the catalog. Female and male threads of the same size are screwed together to form a complete metal-to-metal seal. Suitable for high and low temperatures as they do not require the use of rubber ring seals.JIC hydraulic fittings are the most common end connection for hydraulic hose assemblies. They are widely used in fuel transfer and fluid power applications. Materials commonly used in the manufacture of JIC hydraulic fittings include carbon steel, stainless steel and brass.

Product List

Topa manufactures high quality JIC hydraulic fittings. These JIC hydraulic fittings are manufactured and designed according to industry standards and are suitable for high temperature and pressure environments. Easy to install. Our JIC hydraulic fittings include female, male, double nut, crimping nut, T nut, K type, straight, 45°, 90°. Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass. Wide range of sizes. Topa always strives to provide you with a reliable, high quality and wide selection of products.

JIC hydraulic hose fitting

Two piece fittings, JIC thread. Made of stainless steel or carbon steel, impact-resistant, wear-resistant, and durable.

JIC crimped hydraulic fitting

JIC Parker hydraulic fitting reduces complexity and leak paths. Installation is simple and efficient.

JIC reusable  hydraulic fitting

JIC reusable hydraulic fitting, can be assembled on site without any special tools. And reusable.

JIC to flange  hydraulic fitting

JIC to flange hydraulic fitting one end is JIC thread and one end is flange.

JIC to NPT  hydraulic fitting  

JIC to NPT hydraulic fitting one end JIC male, one end NPT male.

JIC to ORFS hydraulic fitting

JIC to ORFS hydraulic fitting

JIC to ORFS hydraulic fitting, JIC male to SAE O-Ring Boss/ORFS male thread.

JIC to Metric  hydraulic fitting

JIC to metric hydraulic fitting can connect two different threaded fittings together.

JIC bulkhead  hydraulic fitting 

JIC bulkhead hydraulic fitting one end has a longer thread. Can add lock nut and nut.

JIC to BSP  hydraulic fitting 

JIC to BSP hydraulic fitting, male 74° cone to BSP male with O-ring. Straight, 45°, 90°

JIC bend  hydraulic fitting  

JIC bend hydraulic fitting can be used to change the direction of the hose.

JIC tee and cross

JIC tee and cross hydraulic fitting used for connection to hydraulic lines. Ideal for distributing or combining fluid.

JIC plug fitting

JIC plug hydraulic fittings are usually used on the end of hoses.

JIC female hydraulic fitting

Two sides are JIC female thread.

JIC male to female fitting

JIC male to female hydraulic fitting, one end male thread, one end female thread.

JIC brake hydraulic fitting factory china

JIC brake hydraulic fitting

Durable, high-strength JIC brake hydraulic fitting are suitable for brake hoses, PTFE and other hoses.

JIC male  hydraulic fitting

JIC male hydraulic fitting is a reliable metal-to-metal seal.

JIC to ORB hydraulic fitting

JIC to ORB hydraulic fittings are durable, wear-resistant.

JIC hydraulic fitting video

This video shows many types of Topa JIC hydraulic fittings, please click below picture.

Topa-manufacturer hydraulic fittings

Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

Your reliable JIC hydraulic fitting supplier

JIC hydraulic fitting factory process

JIC hydraulic fittings are very popular on the market. Used in hydraulic systems in a variety of industries, JIC hydraulic fittings have not only the advantages of other hydraulic couplings but also their own unique advantages.

  • Universal and affordable.
  • A wide range of sizes, styles, and materials.
  • Easy installation, good sealing and support for customisation.
  • Easy to adapt to different types of hoses, recognised worldwide.
  • JIC hydraulic fittingsare suitable for high and low temperature environments. No O-rings, so they are not affected by temperature.

Why choose us

Topa has been producing and innovating hydraulic products for over 20 years. Not only provide customers with first-class products but also provide first-class service. So we have a lot of repeat customers.

Strict quality control, with ISO certificate, TUV certificate, certified by third-party testing company.

Before production, during production, and after production, we have a strict quality control system.

Large stocks

Not only JIC hydraulic fittings have large stock. Other standard fittings are also available in large stock.

Professional hydraulic knowledge and experience, factory price.

As a leader in China’s hydraulic industry, engineers have professional knowledge and rich experience.


We provide customers with a variety of customized products, such as hose fittings, reusable fittings, quick couplings, and other products. Help customers get more market.

Complete customer service system

We have well-trained and dedicated teams. 24-hour service. Whether it is before, during or after the sale, we will provide you with attentive service.


Topa’s JIC hydraulic fittings are widely used in the market due to their excellent sealing properties, wide range of types and sizes, and good hose compatibility. Material carbon steel and brass. For highly corrosive applications Topa can offer stainless steel. They can be used to transport fluids in demanding environments and applications.

JIC hydraulic fittings Markets:

  • Construction
  • Aerial Lift
  • Heavy machine
  • Engine Transmission
  • Agricultural equipment
JIC hydraulic fittings manufacturer


The application of agricultural Topa's JIC hydraulic fittings has significantly improved several functions of agricultural machinery, and the performance of cash crop agricultural machinery and production subsidiary machinery has been enhanced.

JIC hydraulic fittings factory application


The construction industry is one of the most important contributors to economic development, where JIC hydraulic fittings provide many benefits to the development of the construction industry, it can increase the efficiency and productivity of machines.

JIC hydraulic fittings supplierr application

Material Handling

Topa’s JIC hydraulic fittings play an important role in material handling and are widely used for lifting, holding, and moving load work. With it, we can easily accomplish tasks such as dock loading, forklift lifting, and aerial work.

Hydraulic JIC fitting quality control​


What is JIC hydraulic fttings?

JIC hydraulic fittings have a 37° cone seat on the female fitting and a 37° flare on the male fitting. Common in hydraulic systems. for conveying fluids.

What does JIC mean in hydraulic fittings?

JIC is a thread type. A form of metal-to-metal sealing. Suitable for hydraulic systems.

How to measure JIC hydraulic fittings?

First measure the thread using a thread gauge. Only if the JIC thread gauge fits tightly into the fitting you have in your hand will this indicate a JIC thread.

Use calipers to measure the inner and outer diameter of the threads. You can check Topa’s datasheet for fit measurements.

What is the difference between JIC and SAE hydraulic fittings?

SAE hydraulic fittings are always used in those low pressure applications,like refrigeration etc.
JIC hydraulic fittings are invariably used in where high stress are involved,like fluid power.

Is JIC and NPT hydraulic fittings the same?

JIC hydraulic fittings are compression fittings ,having a 74 degree cone and parallel threads. NPT is a kind of United States standard tapered threads , providing an effective seal for piping .

JIC hydraulic fittings have better sealing power which can work under higher pressures. NPT threads are always used in those lower stress systems and are often used in conntecting ports.

What is the standard of JIC hydraulic fitting?

JIC hydraulic fitting was defined by SAE J514 and MIL-DTL-18866 those two distinct stangards ,and its flare seat is 37°. JIC hydraulic fitting is broadly used on those products with pressures up to 10,000 psi.

Should you use thread sealant on hydraulic fittings?

Some thread sealants are suitable for high-pressure hydraulic fittings. Fits any size NPT, O-ring boss or JIC fitting and resists rotation and leakage.

Can JIC hydraulic fittings be used on hydraulics?

JIC fittings are ideal for hydraulic applications. Widely used in the market. Metal-to-metal seal for high and low temperature fluids.

What is the difference between AN and JIC hydraulic fittings?

AN hydraulic fittings use threads with increased root radius ,and their tolerances are tighter. They are commonly used in US military aerospace applications.

The cone of JIC hydraulic fittings are 37 degree, and their thread quality are slightly lower than those of AN fittings, which are often used in those heavy machinery applications ,such as agricultural equipment and construction equipment.

What is the difference between JIC and JIS hydraulic fittings?

JIS hydraulic fittings are mostly used in Japan and South Korea for heavy applications, and their female cone seat are 60 degree . JIC hydraulic fittings are mostly perfered by the North American market, even popular in the whole world,and their female cone seat are 74 °.

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