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Brass fittings are rust-resistance, hardness, durability, and flexibility, therefore widely used in industrial and residential applications, in copper pipe and plumbing systems.

Topa has industry common brass fittings, such as compression, flare, pipe and hose barbs, Brass Plug, Brass Elbow, Brass Coupling to customer specialty engineered products. We also stock a range of metric fittings, JIC, DIN, BSPP, BSPT, Komastu, thread and so on.

Brass fittings are essential for the connection and construction of domestic and civil piping systems. There are many models in the Topa catalog, click on the links below for more information.

Product List

Topa offers a full line of brass fittings. The type and material of fitting to be purchased depends on the size of the hydraulic hose used. For more information about our products, please click on the link below

Brass DOT air brake fittings

Brass Fittings quick fittings dot air brake strt male connector 1/4 T X 1/4 PT.

Brass push-in DOT fittings

Topa D.O.T. Push-in fittings - brass material, working pressure range is 0 - 250 psi.

Brass DOT fittings for copper tubing

Brass DOT air brake fitting, meet SAE and DOT standards. For use with copper tubing.

DOT reusable fitting

Brass DOT air brake reusable fitting, meets SAE and DOt standards.

Brass pipe adapter

Brass pipe adapter used to connect with different end types, diameters, or materials hose.

Brass hose barb fitting

These fittings are made of brass, easy to install, available in many applications.

Barb brass fittings

Barb brass fittings with barbed on at least one end. For temperatures -40F to +160F. Can be straight fittings, elbows, tees, Y fittings, etc.

Brass Push lock fitting

Brass push lock fittings do not require clamps or ferrules to install. These fittings are ideal for low pressure applications.

SAE 45° Brass adapter

It is available in types including straight adapter, 45-degree elbow, 90-degree elbow adapter.

Brass barbed fittings

Brass barbed fittings are Barbed Barb at one end and Adapter Fitting at the other. Mainly used to connect iron pipes to plastic or rubber hoses.

Brass Y fitting

Brass y fitting including brass pipe Y fittings and Barbed Y Fitting. brass barbed Y fittings is used for Air/ Fuel/ Oxygen/ Acetylene.

Brass bulkhead fitting

Brass bulkhead fittings are mainly used in grease, instrumentation and hydraulic systems. Operating Temperature Range: -65°F to 400°F

Brass JIC fitting

Brass JIC fittings are machined with a 37° flare seat.  Both male and female JIC fittings have a 37° seat, and the seal take place between the flare flare and the female cone seat.  

Brass inverted flare adapters

Brass inverted flare adapters can be used with copper, brass, aluminum, steel and plastic tubing.

Brass garden hose fittings

Make outdoor water tasks easier with the lead-free brass garden hose adapter.

Brass barb fittings for polyethylene tubings

Brass barb fittings are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Brass compression fitting

Compression fittings are fittings used in plumbing and electrical piping systems

NPT Brass fitting

One end of brass fitting npt has female or male NPT thread, the other end has NPT or other thread, or barbed, or quick couplings.

Brass Needle Valves and Drain Cocks fitting factory

Brass needle valve and drain cocks

It has a 1/4 inch end diameter, the product type is a needle vent plug.

Brass poly flow fittings manufacturer

Brass poly flow fittings

Brass poly flow fittings, available in brass, corrosion resistant.

Brass plumbing hydraulic fitting wholesale

Brass fittings plumbing

Brass fittings plumbing uses brass material, which can make the plumbing equipment have a long service life. Brass plumbing fittings are widely used in hot water supply lines.

Brass pipe hydraulic fitting kit manufacturer

Brass pipe fitting kit

The brass pipe fitting kit includes different fittings made of brass, such as elbows, Bushings, nuts, etc. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

Brass propane hydraulic fitting supplier

Brass propane fitting

Brass fitting for propane must be used when using propane tanks, including quick connect adaptor, brass hex nipple, propane filler short.

Brass bathroom fitting supplier

Brass bathroom fittings

Brass fittings bathroom with silicone seals, it won't rust or pollute the water. Solid brass made, durable.

Brass fule line hydraulic fitting wholesale

Brass fuel line fitting

The most common brass fitting for fuel line is a fitting with one end push on and one end threaded, with straight and elbow forms.

Brass fitting video

This video shows many types of Topa Brass Adapters, please click this vedio to check.

Topa hydraulic fittings manufacturer

Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

Your reliable brass fitting manufacturer

Topa brass fittings are popular for their yellow appearance, and the use of brass for a variety of fittings provides a unique look. The advantages of brass for fittings include its good corrosion resistance, as well as its plating, joining, polishing, and finishing properties.

  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Human errors present in manual assembly can be eliminated.
  • Automation technology improves the quality of the product.
  • The use of robots reduces time and increases throughput.

Why choose us

Topa provides one-stop service and accepts OEM and ODM orders, as long as the brand authorization letter is provided. The aim is to produce good quality, factory price, fast response, and reliable service.

Quality Control

Topa ensures that all our materials are subjected to rigorous quality tests before being sent to our customers.

Short delivery times

We have more different models for you to choose from, which can be delivered in a short time. All our products are produced by our professional workers, we have a highly efficient foreign trade team, you can fully trust our service.

After-sales service

Welcome to give us some suggestions on quality and model so that we can improve. If you have any questions about the products, please contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible

Low cost

Check all the model details before production. Choose the cheapest ship or the lowest cost shipping company for shipping. Ensure that shipping information is updated even before shipping.

Brass hydraulic fitting supplier Workshop
Brass hydraulic fittingmanufacturer Workshop china


Topa brass fittings are manufactured in strict accordance with international quality standards. Our brass fittings are low pressure, corrosion resistant and able to meet all customer requirements. Ideal for instrumentation, brake, fuel and automotive applications. Pneumatic applications. Typically used in power generation, agriculture,petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical, and oil industries.

brass hydraulic fittings manfacturer


Brass fittings are used in today's agricultural industry, such as tractors with hydraulic wheel motors, as well as sprayers and lawn mowers that use hydraulic drives for independent movement.

brass hydraulic fittings factory application


Brass fitting is essential in mining, not only can lift, hold and move loads, but also reduce environmental impact and prolong machine life, so they are widely used in various mining equipment such as mining shovels, excavators, transport vehicles, etc.

brass hydraulic fittings supplier application

Refuse and Waste

Brass fittings are versatile and there are a large number of brass hydraulic fittings devices in the refuse process. It can perform operations such as lifting, turning, and rotating.

Related Products

Topa is the professional manufacturer of hydraulic adapters and fittings. We provide one-stop service. A variety of hydraulic products for you to choose. Click the picture below for more hydraulic products.

Brass Hydraulic Fitting Quality Control

Brass as a material is easy to work with and therefore offers a wide range of available fittings in various shapes. topa offers a wide range of brass fittings for your application, such as brass hydraulic hose fittings, small brass fittings, custom brass fittings and more. Our brass fittings are of the highest quality and reliability to ensure safety and efficiency.

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Brass hydraulic fittingChina supplier process Three Coordinate Measuring
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Brass hydraulic fitting China factory Size Inspection


Can I use brass fittings on hydraulic systems?

Brass fittings are useful in the corrosive environment of hydraulic and pneumatic hose and tube applications

Can brass withstand hydraulic pressure?

Depending on the design and size of the fitting, brass can withstand pressures up to 3000 psi.

What is a Brass Fitting?

Brass fitting is a fitting made of brass as the main material and can be used in low pressure environments. It comes in many different shapes and thread sizes and is used to connect, transfer or control any gas or liquid in a pipeline. Because brass does not spark, this fitting is widely used in fuel lines and automotive applications.

What is the usage of brass fittings?

Brass fittings are applied in many different fields. It can be used to transport liquids, gases, and some chemical materials. Besides, brass fittings can also play a role in those automotive accessories, such as air brakes, hose ends and fuel line valves.

What are the benefits of brass fittings?

Brass fittings are very useful. Brass fittings have variuos of sizes and types, so they can be applied in many fields. Besides, brass fittings are durable , therefore, they can last for many years. They also have heat resistance, corrosion resistance and some ductility.

What are some of the alternatives to Brass Fittings?

Brass has a very extensive range of uses. But there are other materials that can replace brass in some specific cases, the most common alternatives being steel, PVC, PEX, copper ,cast iron and so on。

Do brass fittings corrode?

Under normal conditions, brass has good corrosion resistance, so brass fittings can be used for a long time without rusting. However, proper maintenance is also required to prolong the life of brass hydraulic fittings.

What are brass fittings made of?

The mostly common materials for hydraulic fittings is brass. Brass is a unique alloy made by machining copper, zinc and lead.

Are brass fittings better than copper?

There are certain similarities in the traits of copper and brass. Brass is formed from copper and some zinc. As a result, brass is somewhat stronger than copper in its corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. In addition, brass has a lower price.

Which is better brass or stainless steel fittings?

Brass and stainless steel hydraulic fittings each have their own benefits. However, brass fittings have better corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity than stainless steel fittings.

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