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China Hydraulic Reusable Fittings Manufacturer

Reusable hydraulic fitting is also called field installable fittings or Field Attachable Hose Fittings. It is ideal for emergency repairs. Use a hand wrench to assemble, Assembled with Simple Tools, no need hose crimping machine.No Special Tools are Required. Reusable fittings help reduce hydraulic system downtime and quicker repairs, less lost revenue in the event of an unplanned hydraulic hose failure, so buy some sets of reusable hydraulic fittings for your machine.

These reusable fittings hydraulic are mainly used to connect hydraulic hoses in hydraulic systems and industrial applications. They convey air, hydraulic fluid, and water.

Reusable hydraulic fitting install on hydraulic hoses  SAE100R1, SAE100R2 and SAE100R5, PTFE, and other types.

Product List

Topa offers a wide range of reusable hydraulic fittings, including reusable hydraulic hose fittings, brake reusable fittings hydraulic, R1, R2, R5, and R7 reusable hose fittings, and PTFE reusable fittings. The reusable hydraulic fitting has different threads such as BSP, NPT, JIC, flange, and so on.

As per a full selection of reusable hydraulic hose fittings suppliers, Topa also could customize all kinds of reusable fitting.

Topa reusable hydraulic hose fittings could be replaceable with brand gates, caterpillar, aero quip, Weatherhead, Eaton, Parker, and so on.

Male JIC reusable fitting

Male JIC reusable hydraulic fitting, hydraulic fittings 16717 JIC male reusable hose fittings.

Female JIC swivel reusable fitting

Female JIC Swivel reusable hydraulic fitting, 26718D JIC pipe fittings.

Female JIC 45° bend reusable fitting

Female JIC 45° bend reusable hydraulic fitting, 26748 JIC female hydraulic pipe fittings, JIC hydraulic hose fittings.

Female JIC 90° elbow reusable fitting

Female JIC 90° Standard Drop reusable hydraulic fitting, 26798D 90 degree elbow hydraulic hose fittings reusable hose fittings.

ORFS straight reusable fitting

Female ORFS straight reusable hydraulic fitting, ORFS female straight hose fittings.

ORFS 45° reusable fitting

Female ORFS 45° reusable hydraulic fitting, ORFS face seal female 45-degree elbow.

ORFS 90° reusable fitting

Female ORFS 90°reusable fitting, ORFS face seal female 90 degree elbow.

Male NPT reusable fitting

Male NPT reusable hydraulic fitting, hydraulic fitting suppliers NPT reusable hose fittings.

SAE straight reusable fitting

27818 Female straight SAE reusable hydraulic fitting, 45-degree cone flare.

45° SAE reusable hydraulic fitting

27848 Female straight 45° elbow reusable fitting, 45-degree cone flare.

90° SAE reusable hydraulic fitting

27898 Female SAE 90° elbow reusable hydraulic fitting, 45-degree cone flare.

SAE 45° reusable fitting

SAE 100R5 Reusable hydraulic fittings, SAE 100R5 reusable hose fittings.

Male inverted flare hydraulic reusable fitting

Straight male inverted flare reusable fitting, reusable hose end inverted flare fittings.

90° elbow inverted flare reusable fitting

SAE 90° inverted flare hydraulic reusable fitting, made of high-quality carbon steel.

Brake hose hydraulic reusable fitting

Brake hose reusable hydraulic fittings, reusable brake hose hydraulic hose, elbow /straigh banjo eye brake hose fitting.

PTFE reusable hydraulic fitting

PTFE Reusable hydraulic fitting, PTFE hose end fitting connector .

Female BSP straight reusable fitting

Female BSP straight reusable hydraulic fitting, BSP female 60 degree cone reusable hydraulic hose fittings.

Female BSP 90° reusable hydraulic fitting

Female BSP 90° reusable hydraulic fittings, BSP female swivel hose fitting, 90° Elbow.

Male BSP reusable hydraulic fitting

Male BSP reusable hydraulic fitting, male BSP reusable hydraulic hose fitting.

DN hose standpipe

DN Hose Standpipe reusable hydraulic fitting, reusable hose fittings.

Code 61 Flange straight reusable fitting

Code 61 Flange straight reusable hydraulic fittings, code 61 flange rigid.

Code 61 Flange 45° reusable hydraulic fitting

Code 61 flange 45° reusable hydraulic fitting, reusable hose fittings, 45 degree elbow.

Code 61 Flange 90° reusable hydraulic fitting

Code 61 flange 90° reusable hydraulic fitting, reusable hose fitting, 90 degree elbow.

JIC male reusable fitting

Male JIC 37-degree cone flare reusable hydraulic fittings, made of carbon steel.

Custom reusable fitting

Topa can custom all types of reusable hose fittings, contatc us for more information!

Reusable Hydraulic Fitting video

We are a manufacturer of reusable hydraulic connectors, we can independently produce many types of reusable fittings, high-quality products, and excellent service has won many customers.

Topa Reusable hydraulic fittings factory

Reusable hydraulic hose fittings threads are available in BSP, JIC, and NPT for R1 R2 R5 as well as brake hoses, and a wide range of applications, reusable fittings save time and cost, reduce hydraulic system downtime, simple assembly, and fast maintenance.

Your Reliable Reusable Hydraulic Fitting Manufacturer

Reusable hydraulic fitting factory process

High-quality field repair hydraulic fittings, compatible with a variety of hoses, suitable for a variety of applications, can quickly complete the repair work, very popular in the market.

  • Reusable hydraulic hose ends Simple and convenient assembly
  • Use with a variety of pipes such as medium pressure and high pressure
  • Reusable hydraulic hose fittings Various threads and sizes available
  • Reusable hose fitting On-site installation reduces assembly time
  • Hydraulic reusable hose fittings with more cost effective
  • Attachable fittings
  • Flexibility for a wide range of applications

Why choose us

TOPA relies on experience to cooperate with each customer to meet customer needs and customization needs as much as possible.

  • Fast and accurate quotation
  • Reasonable price
  • professional service
  • responsible attitude
  • A large amount of inventory
Parker hydraulic fitting manufactureer in china


TOPA hose end reusable fittings are used in a wide range of applications, including refrigeration systems, buses, trucks, off-highway vehicles, as well as paint and paint spraying, engines, hot presses and many other applications.

Reusable hydraulic fitting supplier application


Reusable fitting is easy to assemble, and reusable, and can be used to repair damaged fittings in existing hydraulic hose assemblies without complete replacement, saving costs and reducing machine downtime for cars.

BSP hydraulic fitting factory application


As field installable fittings, reusable fitting is often used in conjunction with other hoses by connecting them to compatible hydraulic hoses and tightening them with a wrench for applications on heavy trucks.

Reusable hydraulic fitting supplier application


The reusable hydraulic fittings can be used repeatedly, with good sealing, easy installation and maintenance, with advanced measurement, hydraulic and pneumatic signal pipe line connection.

Hydraulic reusable fitting quality control​


What are reusable hydraulic hose fittings?

Reusable hydraulic hose fittings are fittings for emergency repairs, they can use the right tool to directly replace damaged fittings and reduce hydraulic machine repair time.

Are JIC fittings reusable?

JIC hydraulic fittings can be reused under normal conditions, but multiple reuse is not advised as they will likely not have the ability to stop leaks.

How to reuse JIC fittings?

First check the JIC fitting for any damage and make sure there are no leaks, then check the fitting to ensure there is no dirt and clean it. After confirming that the fitting is ready for re-use, use the appropriate tool for the exchange installation.

How to fit reusable hydraulic fittings?

step1. Insert the lubricant into the insertion end of the detachable fitting and the inner diameter of the hydraulic hose

step2. Measure and mark the end of the detachable fitting insertion hose

step3. Install the Ferrule onto the hydraulic hose to the marked depth

step4. Insert the Nipple of the detachable coupling into the hose and touch the ferrule

Can you reuse brass fitting?

Brass fittings can be used repeatably. Brass fittings are more durable and less prone to abrasion and corrosion, so you can carefully check the level of damage and confirm that there are no problems before using them.

Can NPT fittings be reused?

It is generally suggested not to use NPT fittings several times because NPT threads are easily damaged during use. Therefore, before using them again, double check the damage of the threads before deciding whether to reuse them, but the times of use should not exceed three times.

How to install reusable hydraulic hose fittings?

We need tools Wrench, Hose cutter,Lubricant and Bench vise, first cut hose, a straight clean cut is important. Screw the hydraulic ferrule onto the hose, rotate it until the inside of the hose bottoms out. Secure the ferrule in a vise, lubricate the stem and the inside of the hydraulic hose with some hydraulic fluid, and then start turning the stem. Push and turn until the threads engage.

How to repair with reusable hydraulic hose fittings?

Reusable fittings are easy to repair, simply remove the damaged part and screw a new reusable fitting onto the hose to quickly make the repair job complete.

What tools do I need to replace the reusable air hose fittings?

The hose with reusable fittings is easy to install, no need for a cramping machine during installation, it can be done with basic manual or wrench assistance.

What should be paid attention to when using reusable air hose fittings ?

1. Find which hydraulic hose is damaged.
2. Release the pressure 
3. Take off the hydraulic hose assembly
4. Take off the hydraulic hose fitting
5. Replace hydraulic fittings

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