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Field attachable hydraulic hose fittings are also called reusable hydraulic hose fittings. These fittings are easy to remove and install, and no additional tools are needed, saving time and effort.

Field attachable fittings can be used with SAE 100R1, R2, R5, and PTFE hoses. They are used to transport fluids such as oil and gas, water, and fuel.

Product List

Topa’s field attachable hose fittings are of high quality, and robust. These hose fittings include BSP, JIC, ORFS, NPT, and SAE threads. The field attachable hose fittings are available in the straight, 45-degree, and 90-degree elbow for different applications, in addition to male and female threads.

As per a full selection of field attachable hose fittings supplier, Topa also could customize all kinds of reusable fitting.

Topa field-attachable hydraulic hose fittings could be replaceable with brand gates, caterpillar, aero quip, Weatherhead, Eaton, Parker, and so on.

Straight ORFS

Female ORFS straight field-attachable hydraulic fitting, ORFS female straight hose fittings.

45° Elbow ORFS

Female ORFS 45° field-attachable hose fittings, O-ring face seal female 45-degree elbow.

90° Elbow ORFS

Female ORFS 90° field-attachable hydraulic fittings, O-ring face seal female 90 degree elbow.

Male NPT

Male NPT field-attachable hydraulic fittings, NPT reusable hose fittings.

Male JIC

Male JIC field-attachable hydraulic fittings, hydraulic fittings 16717 JIC male reusable hose fittings.

Female JIC

Female JIC Swivel field-attachable hose fitting, 26718D JIC pipe fittings, JIC hydraulic hose fittings.

45° Bend JIC

Female JIC 45° bend hydraulic fitting, 26748 JIC female field-attachable hydraulic hose fitting.

90° Elbow JIC

Female JIC 90° Standard Drop hydraulic fitting, 26798D 90 degree elbow field-attachable fittings.

Straight SAE

27818 Female straight SAE hydraulic field attachable fitting, 45-degree cone flare.

45° Elbow SAE

27848 Female straight 45° elbow field-attachable fitting, 45-degree cone flare.

90° Elbow SAE

27898 Female 90° elbow reusable hydraulic fitting, 45-degree cone flare.

Male SAE 45°

SAE 100R5 field-attachable hydraulic fittings, SAE 100R5 SAE hydraulic hose fittings.

Male inverted flare

Straight male inverted flare field-attachable hydraulic fitting, reusable hose end inverted flare fittings.

90° elbow inverted flare

SAE 90° inverted flare hydraulic field-attachable fitting fitting, made of high-quality carbon steel.

Male BSP

Male BSP field-attachable hydraulic fitting, male BSP reusable hydraulic hose fitting.

Female BSP

Female BSP straight reusable hydraulic fitting, BSP female 60 degree cone fittings.

90° Elbow BSP

Female BSP 90° field-attachable hydraulic fittings, BSP female swivel hose fitting, 90° Elbow.

DN hose standpipe

DN Hose Standpipe field-attachable hydraulic fitting, reusable hose fittings.

Brake hydraulic reusable fitting

Brake hose field-attachable hydraulic fittings, elbow/straigh banjo eye brake hose fitting.

JIC male reusable fitting

Male JIC 37-degree cone flare field-attachable hydraulic fittings, made of carbon steel.

Code61 Straight Flange

Code 61 Flange straight field-attachable hydraulic fittings, code 61 flange rigid.

Code61 45° Flange

Code 61 flange 45° field-attachable hydraulic fitting, reusable hose fittings, 45 degree elbow.

Code61 90° Flange

Code 61 flange 90° field-attachable hydraulic fitting, reusable hose fitting, 90 degree elbow.

Field Attachable Fittings Video

Topa offers a full range of field attachable hose fittings in a variety of sizes and materials. You can click on the video to see the details of the field attachable fittings.

Hydraulic fittings Supplier Topa

China hydraulic fittings supplier and manufacturer. Topa provides all kinds of fittings and couplings.

Your Reliable Field Attachable Hose Fittings Manufacturer

Field attachable fittings belong to the category of two-piece fittings. It consists of a fitting and a sleeve.

These fitting bodies are generally available in different thread types, such as BSP, JIC, NPT, and ORFS, and are also available in male and female thread types. The attachable sleeve/ferrule can be screwed directly onto the fitting without additional tools. The small-size fittings can be installed directly by hand, which is very convenient.

The material of field attachable fittings depends on your needs. Carbon steel is the most affordable option. Stainless steel fittings are more expensive, but they are more resistant to corrosion.

Field attachable hose fittings are suitable for emergency situations, which can reduce maintenance costs and provide a more convenient condition for repairs.

Advantages of field attachable fittings:

◆ Time-saving

◆ Labor-saving

◆ Easy to install

◆ Wide range of thread options

◆ Wide range of applications

Why choose us

Topa is a specialized hydraulic fittings company. We offer a full range of the highest-quality hydraulic fittings to meet your needs.

Professional factory

Topa has more than 50 professional technicians and workers, as well as 30 automatic fitting production machines of different types, which can produce all types of hydraulic fittings.

Fitting processing method

Topa’s processing is included from raw material to inspection, in one stop. Our fittings are hot forged, punched, cylindrical turned, threaded, galvanized, etc.

Strict quality control

Our products have passed TUV, BV, and ISO inspections. And our fittings are 100% tested to ensure quality.

Customized fitting service

We provide custom fittings service, you can provide drawings and parameters, and we will arrange for professional technicians to participate in the design and production.

Fast shipping

Topa has specialized partner shipping companies, we can provide you with many kinds of shipping methods, such as sea, air, and land transportation.

field attachable fitting China factory process
field attachable fitting supplier process

Field Attachable Hose Fittings Application

Field-attachable fittings are particularly easy to install or remove, so many applications use field-attachable fittings. Many industries such as motor vehicles, refrigerators, chemicals, oil and gas, and food processing use reusable fittings to reduce losses.

field attachable hose fitting automotive


Small field attachable hose fittings are used on motor vehicles. Field attachable fittings are easy to remove and install, so they are ideal for use on trucks, motorcycles, and small cars.

field attachable fitting manufacturer oil and gas

Oil and gas

The oil and gas uses field attachable fittings in locations that require frequent disassembly for ease of installation and disassembly. This type of fitting saves time and effort, and results in significant cost savings.

field attachable hose fittings food processing Topa

Food processing

Topa can provide high-quality field attachable hydraulic fittings that can be used safely in the food processing industry without additional damage.

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Quality Control​


What is a field attachable fitting?

An attachable fitting is a two-piece fitting that can be reused.

What does a field attachable fitting do?

Quickly connect or separate fittings and hoses.

What are the types of field attachable fittings?

There are field-attachable hose fittings, field-attachable flanges, and field-attachable brake fittings.

What are the applications of attachable fittings?

Field attachable fittings are mainly used in low or medium-pressure environments such as refrigerators, brake lines, and chemicals.

What are the materials of field attachable fittings?

Field attachable fittings are available in stainless steel, steel, and carbon steel.

How do I install a field attachable fitting?

Unscrew the sleeve, then install the fitting and hose together.

Can the field attachable sleeve be reused?


Can I customize the field attachable fitting?

Yes, you will need to provide drawings.

Can Topa provide free sample reusable fittings?

Yes, but you need to pay shipping costs.

Does Topa have any stock?

The fittings are usually made after the order is placed to prevent stock products from being used.

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