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A hydraulic tee is a T-shaped fitting, which can connect three components to allow the fluid to pass freely within it. Hydraulic tee fitting is made of metal, which can be used in high-pressure environments to connect different hydraulic pipelines and allow the fluid to pass through in a relatively smooth manner.

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There are several types of hydraulic tee: equal tee, branch tee, run tee, and reducing tee. These types of tee fitting all have JIC, BSP, metric, ORFS, and NPT threads. Some tee has the same threads for all three, while some have different threads.

JIC hydraulic tee

JIC hydraulic tees, hydraulic tee tube adapter, hydraulic tee pipe fitting.

BSP hydraulic tee

BSP hydraulic tees, BSP male and female 60° cone tee hydraulic adapter.

Metric hydraulic tee

Metric hydraulic tees, tees metric thread hydraulic adapter.

NPT hydraulic tee

NPT hydraulic tees, NPT male tee 3-way pipe fitting.

Female hydraulic tee

Female hydraulic tees, hydraulic tee threaded adapter, female connector.

Male hydraulic tee

Male hydraulic tees, hydraulic tee threaded adapter, male connector.

Male to Female hydraulic tee

Male to Female hydraulic tees, male to female thread hydraulic tee adapter.

Branch hydraulic tee

Branch hydraulic tees, hydraulic tees adapter.

Run hydraulic tee

Run hydraulic tees, with male, and female threads. Available in many different materials.

JIC to NTP hydraulic tee

JIC to NTP hydraulic tees, JIC to NTP hydraulic hose tee fitting, tee adapters.

NPTF hydraulic tee

NPTF hydraulic tees, NPTF hydraulic hose tees.

ORFS hydraulic tee

With an o-ring face, ORFS hydraulic tees create a strong seal to prevent leakage.

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Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

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Commonly used hydraulic tees are made of brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel as the primary materials. If there are special requirements for the environment or pressure, other materials can be selected.

Hydraulic tees can be installed directly, pressed with nuts, or welded. The different installation methods depend on the type of tee and the use environment.

The advantages of the hydraulic tee are:

※ Flexibility

※ Excellent stability

※ Corrosion resistance

※ Long service life

※ Strong sealing properties

※ Wide application 

Topa’s hydraulic tee can meet everyone’s needs in terms of quality and type. If you have any questions about our website content, please contact our staff.


Due to its good sealing, simple operation, corrosion resistance, and high-pressure resistance, the hydraulic tee is widely used in many applications. Industries such as chemical, food processing, shipbuilding, oil and gas, construction, and agriculture all use hydraulic tee fittings as connection fittings.

hydraulic tee fitting marine application


Hydraulic tee fittings are commonly used in hydraulic systems to split the flow of hydraulic fluid in multiple directions. Topa hydraulic tee fitting can be applied in marine applications and can provides a strong seal.

tee hydraulic fitting mining supplier


Topa tee fitting can play an essential role in mining systems. Hydraulic tee fittings are essential components in hydraulic systems that allow for efficient and effective distribution of hydraulic fluid to different components.

hydraulic fitting factory used in Production and Manufacturing applications


Hydraulic fluid enters through the tee inlet and can be distributed through the outlet to two different hydraulic components. Industrial applications want tee fittings to keep machines running.

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Why choose us

Topa is the manufacturer and expert specialized in the research, development, and production of hydraulic fittings. Our main products are various hydraulic fittings such as adapters, ferrules, flanges, and clamps. In Topa, You will find the exact products you want. We are committed to providing one-stop procurement services for our clients.

We are a hydraulic company in China with the following advantages:

1. More than 20 years of hydraulic experience

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Topa has built reliable and long-term partnerships with many suppliers and importers.

2. High-Quality Products and Hydraulic Technicians

We are able to provide various products such as rubber hoses, fittings, assemblies, etc.

Our technicians have rich professional knowledge and are good at finding problems from daily work, summarizing experience, and improving product quality.

3. Advanced Workshop

Topa has a high-level workshop with much-advanced equipment, which means we can customize fittings for our clients. Only need to know the specific details and model, so we can produce the specific product.

4. Major savings on high-pressure hose assemblies

We produce our products in our own factory to control product quality and cost. This means that we can provide our customers with high-quality hose assemblies at competitive prices to help them save costs.

 5. Strict quality control

Topa hydraulic fittings have passed a strict quality control test. Quality is not only limited to our products but also presented in our services and the process of our management.

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What are hydraulic tee fittings?

A hydraulic tee has three endings that connect three components at 90-degree angles.

What are the benefits of a hydraulic tee?

A hydraulic tee is widely used, has a good seal, is durable, corrosion resistant, and is resistant to high pressure.

What are the applications of hydraulic tee fittings?

Hydraulic tees can be used in the mining, marine, oil and gas, mechanical industries and transportation.

What are the materials of hydraulic tees?

Hydraulic tees are available in stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and brass.

What are the types of hydraulic tees?

Hydraulic tees include equal tees, branch tees, running tees, and reducing tees. All tees have either a male or female end.

What are the thread types of hydraulic tees?

JIC, NPT, BSP, BSPP, Metric, ORFS, and SAE.

Do hydraulic tees require a sealant?

Most tees do not require a sealant and can be sealed directly by threads or O-rings.

How does Topa ship hydraulic tees?

Land, sea, and air transportations are all possible.

Can I have a custom hydraulic tee fitting made?

Of course, please provide drawings and requirements about the material, size, and quantity of the tee fitting.

Can I request free samples of hydraulic tees?

If in stock, it could be 20 pieces of each size, if not in stock, we need to communicate with you.

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