Hydraulic Cylinder for PJ Tilt Trailer

Barrel: Usually made of high-strength steel that houses the internal components.

Piston: The key component that moves back and forth within the barrel under hydraulic pressure.

Piston Rod: extends out of the barrel from the piston and translates the movement of the piston to the trailer mechanism.

Seals and Rings: Ensure oil does not leak from the cylinder and maintains pressure integrity.

Piston Rod Seal: Located where the piston rod exits the barrel, it secures the piston rod and contains seals to prevent leakage.

End Caps: Mounted at each end of the drum, these end caps contain the hydraulic fluid and allow pressure to build up.

Hydraulic Ports: Allow hydraulic fluid in and out to control piston movement.

Mounting Brackets: Allows the cylinder to be secured to the trailer frame.


Topa’s customized tilt trailer hydraulic cylinders for PJ tilt trailers are often very smooth in appearance, with a polished or coated finish. Cylinders are manufactured from high-grade steel or aluminum to ensure they stand up to heavy-duty use.

These cylinders operate in a wide range of pressures to meet the needs of PJ tilt trailers. This adaptability allows them to effectively handle loads of varying weights and sizes. The stroke length of the tilt hydraulic cylinders can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the trailer to ensure optimum performance and precise control during the tilting process.


Enhanced Durability: Made from high-grade materials, these cylinders withstand harsh operating conditions, ensuring longevity.

Precision Movement: Designed for accurate and smooth operation, providing precise control over the trailer’s tilting mechanism.

Customizable Stroke Length: Tailored to specific trailer requirements, ensuring perfect compatibility and efficiency.

Adaptable Pressure Range: Capable of operating effectively across various pressure ranges, suitable for different load capacities.

Robust Construction: Resistant to wear and corrosion, maintaining performance even in tough environments.


Construction Industry: Ideal for transporting heavy machinery and construction materials.

Agricultural Sector: Used in trailers for moving large quantities of agricultural products.

Landscaping Maintenance: Assists in the transport of landscaping materials and equipment.

Waste Management: Efficient in handling waste materials in tilt trailers for disposal or recycling.

Automotive Transport: Employed in car haulers for secure and controlled movement of vehicles.

Topa's Customized Services

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The customization process of Topa’s Tilt Trailer Hydraulic Cylinder for PJ Tilt Trailers is a detailed and client-centric approach, ensuring each cylinder meets the specific needs of the user:

Understanding Requirements: Initially, we engage with the client to understand their specific needs for the tilt trailer. This includes discussing the trailer’s size, weight capacity, and operational environment.

Design and Engineering: Based on these requirements, our engineering team designs a cylinder that matches the necessary specifications. Key aspects like cylinder size, stroke length, and pressure capacity are carefully considered.

Material Selection: We select materials, typically high-grade steel or aluminum, that provide durability and strength, crucial for the demanding operations of tilt trailers.

Manufacturing: Utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, we then construct the cylinders. Precision in this stage is key to ensuring quality and reliability.

Quality Testing: Each customized cylinder undergoes rigorous testing. This includes pressure tests and operational checks, ensuring it meets our high standards.

Client Review: Before final delivery, the client reviews the product to ensure it aligns with their expectations and requirements.

If you are looking for a customized tilt trailer hydraulic cylinder for your PJ tilt trailer, Topa is the ideal solution for you. 


Trailer Hydraulic Cylinder for PJ Tilt Trailer

Topa’s tilt trailer cylinders for PJ tilt trailers start with the selection of quality materials, such as high-grade steel or aluminum, known for their strength and durability. Then, each component of the cylinder is expertly machined using advanced machining techniques.

After these components are assembled, each cylinder undergoes a series of rigorous tests to ensure its quality and performance. These tests include a pressure test to verify the cylinder’s ability to operate under varying load conditions, as well as an inspection for any potential leaks or defects.


For those who need a reliable hydraulic solution for their PJ tilt trailer, our custom-designed hydraulic cylinders are available to meet your specific needs and ensure that your trailer operates at its best. Contact us to learn more about our hydraulic solutions to enhance the performance of your PJ tilt trailer with Topa.

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