Hydraulic High Pressure Cylinders

Barrel: The main body of the cylinder, designed to withstand high pressures.

Piston: This part, located inside the cylinder barrel, divides the cylinder into two chambers and moves back and forth under hydraulic pressure.

Piston Rod: Extends from the piston through the end of the cylinder and transmits the force generated inside the cylinder to the outside machinery.

End Covers: Securely fastened to each end of the cylinder, they close off the hydraulic system and usually have hydraulic oil ports.

Seal: prevents fluid leakage and ensures that internal pressure remains constant.

Rod Seal: Used to guide the piston rod and contains seals to prevent external contamination.

Ports: Inlets and outlets for hydraulic fluids that control the movement of the piston.


ISO9001-2009 Double acting piston hydraulic high pressure cylinders are usually made of high grade steel or special alloys for strength and ability to withstand high pressure. Piston rods are usually made of hardened steel coated with materials such as chrome to improve wear and corrosion resistance.

These cylinders operate with the aid of hydraulic fluid pumped in from both sides of the piston, allowing for movement in expansion and contraction. This double-acting function provides versatility for a variety of applications. Double-acting, high-pressure cylinders are designed to operate over a wide range of pressures, typically 10,000 psi or more, to accommodate a variety of heavy-duty tasks. And they vary widely in stroke length or distance of piston travel to meet the specific needs of different applications.


Reliability: Adherence to ISO9001-2009 standards ensures consistent quality and reliability in manufacturing.

Durability: Made with high-grade materials, these cylinders are built to withstand high pressures and harsh working conditions.

Efficient Performance: The double acting design allows for control in both extending and retracting movements, making them efficient and versatile.

Precision Control: They provide precise movement control, which is crucial in applications requiring accuracy.

Low Maintenance: The use of quality materials and adherence to high standards reduces the need for frequent maintenance.


Manufacturing: In machinery for pressing, bending, and assembling in automated production lines.

Construction Equipment: Used in various construction machines like excavators and bulldozers for lifting and digging operations.

Material Handling: In forklifts and cranes, these cylinders provide the necessary power for lifting heavy loads.

Agricultural Machinery: In tractors and other farming equipment, facilitating tasks like plowing and harvesting.

Mining Industry: Essential in heavy-duty mining equipment for drilling, excavation, and material handling.

Topa's Customized Services

Topa customization process for ISO9001-2009 high-pressure hydraulic cylinders is based on the customer’s wishes:

Consultation: We begin by understanding the customer’s specific requirements, including working pressure, stroke length, and environmental conditions.

Design and Engineering: Our engineers design the cylinder to meet the customer’s exact specifications, ensuring that the final product meets the customer’s application requirements.

Material Selection: We select high-grade materials to ensure the strength and durability of our cylinders under high-pressure conditions.

Precision Manufacturing: Each component of the cylinder is machined from the most advanced automated machining technology.

Assembly: Skilled technicians assemble the cylinders to ensure that each part fits perfectly.

Rigorous Testing: The completed cylinders are tested, including pressure tests and operational checks, to confirm that they comply with ISO9001-2009 standards.

Topa strives to provide high quality customized hydraulic solutions to meet your specific needs. If you require ISO9001-2009 double acting piston high pressure hydraulic cylinders, please contact us!

ISO9001-2009 Double Acting Hydraulic High Pressure Cylinders

When making high-pressure hydraulic cylinders, we start by choosing high-quality materials to ensure the durability and high-pressure resistance of our cylinders. Each component is then manufactured using CNC technology to ensure dimensional accuracy. Throughout the production process, we adhere to ISO9001-2009 standards to ensure that the hydraulic cylinders meet the standards for use.

Furthermore, each hydraulic cylinder undergoes a series of rigorous tests. This includes a pressure test, as well as a leak test or thorough inspection for structural defects. And, the cylinders are also subjected to performance tests to ensure that they operate efficiently in both extending and retracting motions. Only after passing these rigorous quality checks is the cylinder fabricated.

If you need a double acting piston high pressure hydraulic cylinder that meets the ISO9001-2009 standard, please contact us.

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