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Bulkhead fittings are fittings that pass through a bulkhead or a flat surface to connect fittings, hoses, or pipes. It is usually used in piping systems, suitable for air, water, oil, and high-temperature environments. Bulkhead fitting usually consists of a threaded body, a nut for fixing, and a gasket. It provides a seal and watertight space that maximizes the free flow of liquids and allows you to transport liquids to wherever you need them.

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Topa produces high-quality bulkhead fittings which are manufactured according to international standards. These bulkhead fittings are watertight and can be used to transport water, air, and oil. Depending on the thread, material, and application, we can produce various types of bulkhead fittings, including JIC, metric, BSP, brass, and stainless steel. You can get more information about the bulkhead fittings by clicking on the image below.

ORFS bulkhead hydraulic fitting

ORFS bulkhead hydraulic fittings are face sealed by o-rings for excellent leak protection at high pressures.

BSP bulkhead hydraulic fitting

BSP Bulkhead Hydraulic Fittings with Lock Nuts are made of stainless steel or carbon steel.

JIC bulkhead hydraulic fitting

JIC Bulkhead Hydraulic Fittings with 37 Degree JIC Flare ends, including fittings and locknuts.

Metric bulkhead hydraulic fitting

The hydraulic bulkhead fitting is used to connect the hydraulic hose to the tank.

Bulkhead brake fitting

Bulkhead brake fitting with lock nut, suitable for truck/motorcycle automotive braking system.

Brass bulkhead hydraulic fitting

Brass bulkhead fittings are also known as Brass bulkhead fitting compression fittings.

Brass bulkhead fitting

Brass bulkhead fitting also called Pipe Thru-Bulkhead coupling, body material brass.

Bulkhead tee fittings

Hydraulic bulkhead tee fittings can be installed through panels, firewalls, etc.

Bulkhead quick couplers

The bulkhead mount on the end can be connected with fittings with the same thread.

6An bulkhead hydraulic fitting

6An bulkhead fitting normally with nut. 6 AN male (37°JIC), black anodized aluminum.

Bulkhead hose fitting

The bulkhead hose fitting has barbs for the hose at both ends and a regular bulkhead fitting in the middle.

Bulkhead barbed fitting

The bulkhead fitting barbed can be barbed at both ends or barbed at one end and threaded at the other end.

Bulkhead hose fittings

Bulkhead hose fittings are made of forged brass and can be used in any industry, the most common thread being metric.

NPT bulkhead hydraulic fitting

NPT bulkhead fittings include stainless steel, carbon steel, and brass materials, they all have NPT threads.

Bulkhead fitting adapter

The bulkhead fitting adapter includes a wide EPDM ferrule and nut. Mainly used to install valves in barrels and tanks.

Bulkhead hydraulic fitting

Bulkhead hydraulic fittings are designed for connecting pipes through panels and are longer than normal fittings.

Hydraulic bulkhead fitting

Hydraulic bulkhead fittings are available for many applications and are available in stainless steel, carbon steel, steel, etc.

Grease bulkhead fitting

Bulkhead grease fitting also known as remote grease point fittings, it is used to create a remote greasing point.

parker hydraulic bulkhead fittings

Parker bulkhead hydraulic fittings

Parker hydraulic bulkhead fittings are bulkhead fittings produced according to Parker standards.

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Bulkhead hydraulic fitting manufacturer process

Bulkhead fittings play an important role in hydraulic systems and different types of bulkhead fittings are suitable for different environments. Topa’s bulkhead fittings are manufactured according to international standards under strict quality control and testing. During the production process, we also improve the quality of our products step by step to produce bulkhead fittings that better meet your needs.

  • Prevent liquid leakage.
  • Provide a watertight seal.
  • Be not easily corroded or worn.
  • As a distribution outlet for piping systems.
  • Provide safe installation of pipes in wet areas.

Why choose us

Topa has over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of hydraulic fittings. These years of manufacturing experience have made Topa skilled in producing a wide range of high-quality hydraulic fittings including bulkhead fittings. You can buy our products confidently, and we will provide you with the best service and products.

Professional and reliable

Topa has many years of experience in manufacturing hydraulic fittings and has gained many regular customers. We have professional hydraulic knowledge to provide you with reliable service.

Fast transportation

Topa can provide you with various types of shipping such as land transportation, water transportation, and air transportation to get products to you as quickly as possible.

Professional customer service

Topa has a highly trained customer service team, and we can provide professional services 24 hours a day. If you have questions about products, feel free to contact Topa’s customer service staff and we will answer them all.

Complete after-sales service

After receiving the product, if the product has any quality problems, or you have other questions about the product, please feel free to contact us, and we will try our best to solve the problem for you.

Strict quality control

 Topa applies strict quality control to each product before and during production, and rigorous testing after production in order to provide you with the best product.


Thanks to the excellent watertight seal of bulkhead fitting, it is popular in the field of transporting liquids. You can often find bulkhead fittings in plumbing and piping systems. In addition to their use in plumbing, bulkhead fittings can also be found in a variety of other applications, including in the automotive brake systems, agriculture, industry, food processing, and transportation industries.

hydraulic bulkhead fitting china manufacturer agriculture


The corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand hazardous chemicals show that bulkhead fittings are ideal for agricultural equipment such as sprayers, tractors, harvesting, and foraging equipment.

hydraulic bulkhead fitting applicaion transportation supplier


Topa’s hydraulic bulkhead fittings can be widely used in transportation. they usually apply to trucks, buses, engines, and chassis, providing safe transportation for you.

hydraulic bulkhead fitting applicaion transportation china


Topa's bulkhead fittings can improve your facility's reliability and reduce operating costs. The bulkhead fittings can be used in hydraulic power units, robots, presses, assembly lines, and process equipment.

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Bulkhead hydraulic fitting FAQ

What is a bulkhead fitting?

Bulkhead fitting is a kind of fitting that can provide a watertight connection to prevent liquid leakage, mostly used to connect two hoses separated by walls or other panels.

Why use a bulkhead fitting?

Bulkhead fittings provide a secure and watertight connection to prevent fluid leakage and can maintain system pressure and flow rates.

How to install a bulkhead fitting?

First, drill a hole in the wall where the bulkhead fitting is to be installed, then pass the bulkhead fitting through the hole and fix it with a nut.

What are the applications of hydraulic bulkhead fittings?

Bulkhead fittings are commonly used in plumbing systems, in addition to plumbing systems, they are also found in hydraulic systems.

What are the sizes of bulkhead connectors?

Leakage of hydraulic bulkhead fittings may be caused by damaged gaskets or fittings that are not screwed in tightly or too tightly.

What types of bulkhead fittings are available?

Commonly used bulkhead fittings are hose fittings, tees, brake fittings, and barbed fittings.

What needs to consider before buying a bulkhead fitting?

There are three main factors you need to consider: hose size, material, and pressure. Once you have determined the criteria you can purchase as needed.

What are the parts of the bulkhead fitting?

It consists of the body which has threads on it and a nut. In some cases, there will be a gasket as well.

What are the advantages of bulkhead fitting?

bulkhead fittings provide a watertight connection to prevent fluid leakage, and they also ensure the free flow of fluid. Sometimes they are also used as diversion outlets in piping systems.

What are bulkhead connectors made of?

Metal, PVC, or plastic, but Topa only offers metal bulkheads.

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