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Compression fittings consist of a nut, a ferrule (or olive), and the body of the fitting. Normally, compression fittings are used to tightly connect tubes or lines by means of ferrules and nuts. Compression fittings are easy to maintain, do not leak, and are durable in high-pressure environments. 

Product List

Compression fittings include flared, non-flared, and push-in types, each of which has its own unique advantages. Topa provides all types of compression fittings. You can check the pictures below.

Brass compression fitting

Compatible with a wide range of tubing, brass compression fittings are easy to assemble with no need for flaring.

Brake line compression fitting

Brake line compression fitting, when tight, the wedging action of sleeve between body and nut create a leak free connection.

DOT compression fitting

Compression fitting union , suitable for a broad range of industrial and commercial uses.

Compression fitting for water line

Compression fitting for water line, deep threads allow the fittings to bite better providing perfect compression.

Gas line compression fitting

Gas line compression fitting, available in brass, not suitable high pressure.

NPT compression fitting

Brass compression connector adapter compression x NPT male thread.

Copper compression fitting

Compression fittings for copper tubing. For use with: air, cutting oil, fuel, hydraulic fluid, mineral oil.

Compression adapter

Compression adapter can be used with metal tubing. And require no flaring of the metal tube to install.

Compression couplers

Compression couplers are ideal for gasoline, grease, oil, water, vacuum, and airlines. Use copper, brass, and plastic tubing.

Brass compression fitting for nylon tubing

Brass compression fitting for nylon tubing, no rust.

Compression elbow fitting

Compression Elbow fitting is made of brass for durable. Easy to disassemble no flaring tool required.

Metric compression fitting

Metric compression fittings are available in stainless steel, and brass, depending upon the tubing material that is being used.

Compression plumb fitting

Compression plumb fitting can suitable for plumb, available in stainless steel, brass, steel.

Compression tee fitting

Compression tee fitting, designed for use in water, gas, or oil applications.

compressor to hose fitting factory

Compressor hose fitting

Compressor to hose fitting , high quality brass durable, no rust.

parker compression fittings manufacturer

Parker compression fitting

Parker brass compression fittings are similar to Parker standards.

An Compression Fittings wholesale

An Compression Fittings

An Compression Fittings, these provide a tight metal-to-metal seal on tubing.

Topa stainless steel hydraulic fitting vendor

Stainless steel compression fitting

Stainless steel compression fitting, ductility, and low magnetic permeability.

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Compression hydraulic fitting video

This video shows the details of different types of compression fittings. Please click here to view.

Topa hydraulic fittings manufacturer

Topa is a professional company that manufactures hydraulic compression fittings. Our raw materials, production process, packaging, and transportation have all undergone strict testing. If you need hydraulic fittings, please contact our staff.

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Compression Hydraulic fitting CNC maching manufacturer

Compression fittings include flared, non-flared, and push-in types, each of which has its own unique advantages. Topa provides all types of compression fittings. You can click on the picture below for more details.

The advantages of compression fittings are significant and they are applicable in a wide range of fields, so they are very popular.

Firstly, compression fittings are easy to install and no special tools or sealants are needed. Secondly, after being correctly installed, compression fittings do not leak. Finally, compression fittings are convenient to maintain since they do not need to be completely removed.

Moreover, Topa strictly adheres to quality and safety standards in the manufacturing of hydraulic fittings, such as dimension, pressure grade, etc.

The most common threads used for compression fittings are metric and NPT. These threads have corresponding standards and Topa strictly follows these standards.

The materials’ of hydraulic compression fittings are the same as normal fittings, including brass, stainless steel, and most commonly carbon steel. Brass compression fittings have both ordinary compression fittings and DOT standard fittings.


Compression fittings can be applied in a variety of applications, such as family, agriculture, industry, automotive, etc. Since compression fittings are easy to disassemble and maintain, most people can use them directly without any special skills.

agriculture hydraulic fitting Topa manufacturer


For agriculture, compression fittings are made of brass, stainless steel, or carbon steel. Topa offers all kinds of compression fittings.

hydraulic compression fitting house use Topa


For household use, compression fittings are easy to install without any complicated operations.

Brass compression fittings China truck transportation


For automotive, compression fittings are used in the brake line system, where most of the brass compression fittings strictly follow the DOT standard.

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Our company adheres to the business philosophy of “good products, good service, good working platform” and is committed to become the leader of hydraulic products in China.

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Compression hydraulic fittings China factory process

Compression hydraulic fitting quality control​


What are compression fittings?

Compression fittings are fittings that connects pipes together by means of a nut and ferrule.

What are the advantages of compression hydraulic fittings?

No welding required; easy to install; easy to maintain; easy to operate.

How many parts are there in a compression hydraulic fitting?

A nut, a ferrule, and the body.

What kind of tubing can I use with compression fittings?

Nylon, plastic and copper pipes ot tubes.

What are the main applications of compression fittings?

Domestic, industrial, agricultural and automotive industries.

Why do compression fittings fail?

Too tight; damaged ferrules; worn or corroded fittings.

Can ferrules be reused?

No, we recommend replacing the ferrule with a new one.

What are the types of compression hydraulic fittings?

Compression fittings are single sleeve, double sleeve, elbow, tee, and union fittings.

Can compression fittings be tightened very tightly?

No, if the nut is tightened too much, the ferrule will be damaged.

What types of brass compression fittings are available?

Common brass compression fittings and bass DOT standard fittings.

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