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Topa is a professional brake hydraulic fittings manufacturer with over 15 years of history. Brake hydraulic fittings are couplings that are primarily used in automotive braking systems. These fittings are ideally suited for automotive braking applications, providing superior performance and durability to the machinery, thus providing connections, seals, and oil delivery for braking systems or other systems.


Product List

TOPA produces a wide range of hydraulic brake fittings of high quality that can be used in many different kinds of applications. You can check the picture below to select a product.

Brake hose fitting

Brake hose fittings are used to join hoses or pipes. Available in alloy steel, stainless steel ,brass ,etc.

Brake line bulkhead fitting

Brake line bulkhead fitting connects to pipes or tubing on one end and a male connector on the other.Suitable for Car, Truck , Motorbike Brake System.

PTFE brake line fitting

PTFE brake line fitting is used in PTFE or Teflon Brake Hose Line, design for car or motorbike brake system.

Bend brake lines fitting

Bend brake lines fitting can provide strong seal, prevent leakage. Available in stainless steel,etc.

Female to female brake line adapter

Female to female brake line adapter which is a adapter with two female thread , it can be made oe stainless steel, steel and so on.

Brake line union fitting

Brake line union fittings are used to join lines together.Practically speaking, they can be considered double-ended tube seats.

Brake tee fitting

Brake tee fitting is usually found on a copper brake circuit to joint multiple fittings in the same plate.

Inverted flare brake line fitting

Inverted flare brake line fitting, these fittings are a nice option to join two parts together.

Copper air brake DOT fitting

Copper air brake hose fitting is suitable for copper tubing. Work pressure depends on copper tubing.

DOT brake fitting

D.O.T. Air Brake Fittings, another extremely important set of components to an air brake system are the fittings that connect the air lines.

Brake line compression fitting

Brake line compression fittings are used in low pressure application such as: air, oil, and water.

Brass brake line fitting

Brass brake line fitting is used to connect lines, suitable for many applications , major material is brass.

3 way brake line fitting

3 way brake line fitting is used to connect multiple fittings ,available in brass and so on.

4 way brake line tee fitting

4 way brake line tee fitting suitable for brake pipes, available in alloy steel , brass, cooper.

Air brake fitting

Air brake fitting contains common air brake fitting styles. Offered in straight and bend angles. Made of high quality brass.

Banjo brake fitting

Banjo brake fitting provide a great, leak-proof seal, available in stainless steel, steel, etc.

3 An brake fitting

3 an brake line fittings are used to connect brake lines, made of stainless steel or steel , etc.

JIC banjo brake fitting

JIC banjo brake fitting with a hole it fits Banjo Bolts and allows you to join your existing system with JIC fittings to a banjo port.

M10x1.0 brake fitting

M10x1.0 to 3AN brake line adapters. This fitting can be use with brake lines, clutch lines, fuel syste, gauge lines, and power steering.

Metric brake fitting

Metric brake fitting has many different materials , with a lot of advantages, such as leak free ,no rust.

brake fitting factory

Brake fitting

Brake fittings can connect to pipes or tubing. Suitable for Car , Truck , Motorbike Brake System.

motorcycle brake line fittings supplier

Motorcycle brake line fitting

Motorcycle brake line fitting can connect brake lines together. It is anticorrosion and high strength for maximum durability.

motorcycle brake hose fittings factory

Motorcycle brake hose fitting

Motorcycle brake hose fittings are used to connect the hose in motorcycles , suitable for steel, brass , stainless.

stainless steel brake line union factory

Stainless steel brake line union

Stainless steel brake line unions are used to join lines together. The metrial is stainless steel.

automotive brake line fittings supplier

Automotive brake line fitting

Automotive brake line fittings are made of durable brass to prevent rust and plated for corrosion resistance.

brake line fitting adapter supplier

Brake line fitting

Brake Line Fittings are sometimes called tube nuts or flare fittings. Available in brass, stainless , alloy and so on .

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Brake hydraulic fitting is mainly used in the braking field, providing connection, sealing, and oil delivery for braking systems or other systems. It is widely used in different industries such as oil and gas, automotive, and power generation.

Topa manufacturer hydraulic fittings

We are a brake hydraulic fittings manufacturer, we provide all types of Brake hydraulic fittings, and we accept custom and personalized manufacturing, and every step is strictly controlled to ensure product quality, if you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us.

Your reliable brake fittings manufacturer

JIC hydraulic fitting factory process

Topa is a supplier of hydraulic hoses and hydraulic fittings for more than 15 years. Over the years we have earned a good reputation from our customers around the world for our high quality products and excellent service. We have a wide range of TOPA brake line fittings products and support multiple ordering methods to meet your diverse needs.

Why choose us

Brake fittings are used to connect the end of the brake hose. A brake line adapter is very important in the hydraulic system and it has the following advantages.

1. Improves the sensitivity of the brake.

2. Ensures smooth and efficient operation of the vehicle system

3. Has high braking power and fast response.

4. Significantly reduces the consumption of mechanical parts

5. Simple design, easy to replace, and reduce maintenance costs

Parker hydraulic fitting manufactureer in china


TOPA produces hydraulic brake line fittings that can be used in much hydraulic equipment, mainly in the automotive industry. The quality of these fittings is in accordance with international standards and they have a long service life.

brake fitting for motorcycles supplier


The application of Topa's brake fittings has significantly improved several functions of motorcycles.

brake fitting for vehicle manufacturer


Topa provides high quality brake fittings, whish can used for vehicle brake system , also as a connector on all air operated systems .

brake fitting for racing car supplier

Racing car

Topa’s brake fittings play an important role in material handling and are widely used for this field.

Hydraulic brake fittings quality control​

For each Topa product, multiple checks such as manufacturing monitoring, quality testing, and packaging inspection are carried out to ensure the quality and level of the product.


What are the hydraulic brake fittings?

Brake hydraulic fittings are the connector for brake hoses, used in the hydraulic field, with the aim of improving the performance of the car.

What are the advantages of brake fittings compared to mechanical braking?

Brake hydraulic fittings have the advantages of high braking force, less wear of parts, less braking failure, and convenient assembly.

Why do brake fittings brakes have lower frictional wear?

Hydraulic brakes are simple in construction and therefore apply fewer parts, which minimizes wear and tear on mechanical components.

Why are brake fitting adapters essential for car braking?

Cars have high braking requirements, and the sensitivity and quick response of hydraulic braking allow the car to achieve the desired effect in a very short time.

What types of brake fittings are available?

Drum hydraulic brakes, disc hydraulic brakes, single-acting hydraulic brakes and double-acting hydraulic brakes

Why the brake hydraulic fittings leaking?

You should check the interface, which was not handled properly during installation, or a defective flare may cause a leak.

Which material should I choose for brake hydraulic fittings?

 Carbon steel is the perfect choice.

How to prevent brake line adapters leakage?

Check the accessories for defects before installation.

Follow the correct procedure for installing and fastening adapters and connectors.

Inspect and maintain in a timely manner.

How to choose the right brake fittings?

You need to select the right thread and port type and choose the right fittings including the material and type of fittings.

Can we get sample of brake fittings ?

Yes, we could provide free samples for standard stock types, others we need to charge.

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