Hydraulic Crimp Fittings

1B243-BSP Hydraulic Crimp Fittings

Connection 1: Female BSP Parallel Pipe

Connection 2: Hose End

Material selection: Carbon steel; Stainless steel

Maximum Operating Pressure: 420 bar

Shape: Elbow 90°

Product types: Crimp Fittings

Applications: Industrial Manufacturing Equipment, Transportation, Oil & Gas

If you want BSP hydraulic crimped hose fittings, just contact Topa. We can supply standard hose fittings, and also can custom crimped hose fittings for your special needs!

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1B243 BSP Hydraulic crimp hose fittings catalog
Part No.1- Hose Bore2- ThreadW- HEXDimensions

1B243 Hydraulic Crimp Fittings Video

The 1B243 hydraulic hose crimp fitting manufacturing process video gives you a better understanding of Topa’s factory and professionalism.

As the video unfolds, you’ll see the entire process of crimping hydraulic fittings from raw material cutting to completion. We use the finest carbon and stainless steel and specialized automated machining techniques to ensure that our products meet your standards.

Ready to experience quality service? Visit Topa today to learn more about our line of quality hydraulic fittings. Let Topa help you make a better choice.

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