An Fitting Bulkhead


Straight An fitting bulkhead is used to let lines pass safely through firewalls and panels. Topa An bulkhead fittings are made of top-quality aluminum, lightweight and leak-free.

An bulkhead fitting has different colors, such as red, black, blue, and so on.

And we can also custom colors, if you have any problems with AN hose fittings, please get in touch with us!

Features and Benefits:

• Suitable
• Leakproof
• Lightweight
• Customize


Straight An Fitting Bulkhead Video

This video shows information about straight An fitting bulkhead.

An bulkhead fitting have different sizes and colors, can fit all customers’ needs. Our An fittings are subjected to strict quality control and meet international standards, so welcom to order!

If you have any questions about An bulkhead fittings, please contact us!

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