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Compact Hydraulic Cylinder

Topa’s range of hydraulic compact cylinders includes a variety of categories. Each category is tailored to meet specific industry needs. Our product range includes standard chydraulic compact cylinders, heavy duty hydraulic compact cylinders, high pressure hydraulic compact cylinders , and customized hydraulic compact cylinders.

CH Series Hydraulic Compact Cylinder

The CH series, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications where space saving is critical.

This series of metric Hydraulic Compact Cylinder is designed for applications requiring precise movement.

The CHD series features a compact design that delivers efficient performance for space-limited applications.

These cylinders provide high power and fast response in short stroke configurations.

These compact cylinders are designed to meet European standards and can be integrated into EU compliant systems.

This model is designed for applications where space is limited but a high strength solution is required.

Compact Hydraulic Cylinders Features

As a manufacturer of Hydraulic Compact Cylinders, we are committed to manufacturing hydraulic cylinders that are functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing in design. If you want a powerful hydraulic solution, browse our range of compact hydraulic cylinders. Contact us to find the product that best suits your needs.


Compact cylinders are characterized by their compactness and are specifically designed for use in tight spaces where conventional cylinders cannot fit. Despite their smaller size, they are no slouch when it comes to power. Their exterior is usually made of sturdy materials such as steel with a corrosion-resistant coating for durability.

These cylinders work by converting hydraulic fluid pressure into mechanical force. This mechanism is ideal for applications that require power and precision. The pressure range of our compact cylinders is quite wide and can work effectively in both low and high pressure environments. Likewise, the stroke ranges are varied to meet different operational requirements, from short, precise movements to longer stretches in confined spaces.


Space Efficiency: Their small size makes them ideal for applications with limited space.

Powerful Force Delivery: Despite their compact size, these cylinders can generate significant force.

Precision Control: They offer precise control of movements, essential for delicate operations.

Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of pressure and stroke requirements.

Easy Integration: Their compact design allows for easy integration into existing systems without major modifications.


Mobile Machinery: Used in construction equipment like excavators and loaders where space is limited.

Industrial Automation: Employed in automated production lines for precise control and movement.

Automotive Manufacturing: For assembly lines and lifting operations where space and precision are crucial.

Agricultural Equipment: In smaller farming machines where space efficiency and powerful hydraulic action are needed.

Material Handling: Ideal for forklifts and pallet jacks in warehouses with space constraints.

Robotics: In robotic arms and automation systems where compact size and precise hydraulic control are essential.

Topa Hydraulic Cylinder Video

At our factory, we follow a strict set of processes to manufacture hydraulic compact cylinders. Starting with material selection, we choose high-grade steel for its durability and strength. Next, utilizing CNC technology, we manufacture components to precise specifications. Once machined, we assemble the parts to ensure a perfect fit.

Finally, each cylinder undergoes rigorous testing. We perform pressure tests and operational checks to ensure reliable performance under a variety of conditions. This testing phase ensures that each hydraulic compact cylinder meets the specific needs of the customer.

If you’re looking for hydraulic compact cylinders that combine strength, precision and reliability, contact us. Let’s discuss the perfect hydraulic solution for your needs.

Why Choose Topa?

As a manufacturer specializing in hydraulic compact cylinders, our customization process meets the unique requirements of each customer:

Consultation: We begin with an in-depth discussion with the customer to understand their specific needs, including dimensions, pressure requirements, and application details.

Design: Based on your input, our engineering team moves the design in and out to ensure precision and accuracy.

Materials: We select quality materials that fit the compact design and intended application, such as durable steel and rugged seals.

Machining: Using state-of-the-art CNC machines, we manufacture each component of the cylinder to the exact specifications of your design.

Assembly: Our skilled technicians carefully assemble the cylinders to ensure that each component is perfectly aligned for optimal function.

Testing: We conduct rigorous testing, including pressure and leakage tests, to ensure that cylinders perform reliably under specified conditions.

Review: We check the finished product with you and make any necessary adjustments to meet your exact requirements.

If you need a customized compact hydraulic cylinder, contact us today. Let Topa customize your hydraulic cylinder solution for superior performance and reliability.

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