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Low Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder

As a leading manufacturer in the hydraulic industry, Topa offers a wide range of products including low pressure hydraulic cylinders. Our product categories are designed to meet a variety of industrial and commercial needs, ensuring quality, durability and performance. If you need low pressure hydraulic cylinder, feel free to contact us!

Low Pressure NFPA Hydraulic Cylinder (LH series)

Designed for applications requiring reliable performance in the lower pressure range.

Low Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder Features

Low-pressure hydraulic cylinders combine efficiency and safety, making them an excellent choice for applications that require less torque and precision. if you need this king of hydraulic cylinders, just contact us!


Typically, we use high quality steel or aluminum for low pressure hydraulic cylinders to ensure strength and corrosion resistance. Piston rods are typically made of hardened steel, often chrome plated, to ensure strength and longevity. Our low pressure hydraulic cylinders come in various sizes to suit different applications.

The pressure ranges of these hydraulic cylinders are designed to work efficiently in low pressure environments, making them ideal for a variety of applications with low pressures. Stroke lengths are also variable to meet specific customer needs.


Energy Efficiency: They operate effectively at lower pressures, reducing energy consumption and costs.

Lightweight Construction: Often made from materials like aluminum, they are lighter, making them easier to install and handle.

Durability: Despite lower operating pressures, these cylinders are designed for longevity, with robust construction and corrosion-resistant materials.

Precise Control: Low pressure systems provide finer control over movements, ideal for applications requiring precision.

Safety: Operating at lower pressures reduces the risk of injury and equipment damage, making them safer in certain environments.


Material Handling: Used in conveyor systems, packaging machinery, and other material handling equipment where gentle, precise movements are needed.

Automotive Repair and Service: Employed in lifting and positioning equipment in automotive workshops.

Light Machinery: Ideal for machinery in industries like textile or light assembly, where heavy forces are not required.

Agricultural Equipment: Used in various farming machines where precise control is more important than high force.

Theatrical and Studio Equipment: Used in stage machinery and camera rigs for controlled and quiet operation.

Topa Hydraulic Cylinder Video

For low pressure cylinders, we typically use high quality aluminum or steel. These materials are chosen for their durability and lightweight properties, which make them ideal for low-pressure applications. Then. Using advanced machining techniques, these materials are machined into the main components of the cylinder.

In the next stage, technicians assemble each component. We then paint or coat the assembled cylinders as needed to provide additional protection against corrosion and wear. Finally, each low-pressure hydraulic cylinder undergoes rigorous testing. This includes leakage tests, pressure tests and performance evaluations. These tests ensure that each hydraulic cylinder meets our strict quality standards and can be used in a variety of low pressure applications.

If you need durable and efficient low pressure hydraulic cylinders, please contact us.

Why Choose Topa?

The process of customizing low pressure hydraulic cylinders is a combination of the customer’s specific requirements and our expertise in hydraulic technology.

Consultation: This begins with a detailed discussion to understand the customer’s specific needs. This includes the intended application, the required pressure range, the dimensions and the environment in which the cylinder will operate.

Design: Based on your requirements, our engineering team creates a customized design. We will meet your specifications, including dimensions, pressure capacity and materials.

Material: Choosing the right material is critical. For low-pressure cylinders, we typically choose materials such as aluminum or stainless steel because of their combination of strength and weight.

Manufacturing: Our skilled technicians then manufacture and assemble the cylinders.

Testing: Custom hydraulic cylinders undergo rigorous testing. This includes pressure tests and operational checks to ensure that they meet the standards for use.

Our team is dedicated to providing high quality customized hydraulic solutions. If you need a low pressure hydraulic cylinder customized to your specific needs, contact us today.

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