Interlock Flange

Interlock hose flanges have the flange ports and the o-ring seal in those port surfaces. Interlock flange has 3000psi, 6000psi types. Those fittings are used conjunction with interlocking hose clamps to connect high-pressure hoses. Topa can provises all types of interlock hose flange, such as straight interlock flange, 45-degree interlock flange, and 90-degree interlock flange.

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87313 interlock flange Topa

87313 interlock flange

87343 interlock flange Topa

87343 interlock flange

87393 interlock flange Topa

87393 interlock flange

87613 interlock flange Topa

87613 interlock flange

87643 interlock flange Topa

87643 interlock flange

87693 interlock flange fittingTopa

87693 interlock flange

Interlock Flange Video

This video is about the details of Topa interlock flange.

Interlock flange fittings are made of high-quality metal materials. Those fittings can be applied in high-pressure hydraulic systems.

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Interlock Flange Catalog

This catalog is about interlock hose flange.

Topa can offer all kind of hydraulic interlock hose flanges, and our catalog also including all of them.

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