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Hydraulic ferrule fittings are used to connect pipes of different dimensions. These types of fittings can be made of steel, brass, stainless steel and are suitable for biochemical, automotive and other industries. They have a good leak-proof function and are easy to operate without the need for other special tools. There are two main types of hydraulic ferrule fittings, which are single ferrule fittings and double ferrule fittings.


Product List

Topa provides various types of hydraulic ferrule fittings, please check the pictures below to select the fittings you need.


ferrule fitting manufacturer China

Hydraulic ferrule fitting

Hydraulic ferrule fitting, compression tube fittings swivel female pipe fittings for air hose.

Brass ferrule fitting supplier China

Brass hydraulic ferrule fitting

Brass hydraulic ferrule fitting, brass straight fitting, brass compression fittings, tube ferrule connector.

compression ferrule fitting wholesale

Compression ferrule fitting

Compression hydraulic ferrule fitting, compression fittings tube with hose cutting ferrule union.

Ferrule bulkhead fitting factory

Ferrule bulkhead fitting

Hydraulic ferrule bulkhead fitting, double ferrule Inch OD straight bulkhead hydraulic tube fittings.

Female ferrule fitting China manufacturer

Female ferrule fitting

Female hydraulic ferrule ferrule fitting, compression tube fittings, female connector ,straight female thread connectors.

Male ferrule fitting China manufacturer

Male ferrule fitting

Male hydraulic ferrule ferrule fitting, hydraulic tube fittings male thread connector with O-ring.

Ferrule caps and plugs factory

Ferrule caps and plugs

Hydraulic ferrule caps and plugs, high pressure ferrules compression plug and cap.

Ferrule port connectors wholesale china

Ferrule port connectors

Hydraulic ferrule port connectors, reducing tube x tube, welding nipple.

straight ferrule fitting factory in China

Straight ferrule fitting

Straight hydraulic ferrule fitting, ferrule tube straight compression fitting coupler, pipe connector.

Ferrule 45 degree fitting supplier

Ferrule 45 degree fitting

Hydraulic ferrule 45 degree fitting, 45 degree equal double ferrule tube fitting union elbow.

Ferrule 90 degree fitting supplier

Ferrule 90 degree fitting

Hydraulic ferrule 90 degree fitting, 90 degree equal double ferrule tube fitting union elbow.

Ferrule reducer supplier China

Hydraulic ferrule reducer

Hydraulic ferrule reducer, bulkhead reducer, tube fitting redurcer, available in brass, stainless and brass.

Ferrule tube adapter manufacturer in China

Hydraulic ferrule tube adapter

Hydraulic ferrule tube adapter , used to connect tubes and pipes, male and female threads.

ferrule union supplier China

Hydraulic ferrule union

Hydraulic ferrule union , ferrule union fitting is a connection method mainly used for connection between instruments, valves and piping.

ferrule tee and cross China factory

Ferrule tee and cross

Hydraulic ferrule tee and cross , double ferrules tube fittings 3/4-Way union tee and cross for connecting pipe.

Ferrule socket weld fitting manufacturer in China

Ferrule socket weld fitting

Hydraulic ferrule socket weld fitting , tube fitting and adapter, available in stainless steel, steel.

Hydraulic ferrule fitting video

This video describes the details about hydraulic ferrule fittings, please click on the video to watch it.

Topa-manufacturer hydraulic fittings

Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

Your reliable hydraulic ferrule fittings supplier

Hydraulic ferrule fittings are fittings that are used to connect pipes ,and are available in two different types which are single ferrule fittings and double ferrule fittings. These fittings are mainly used for applications that require the transmission of various fluids, they do not require the help of sealants or tapes to seal them, and they are not reusable. In addition, the advantages of hydraulic ferrule fittings are numerous:

  1. No need to weld
  2. Superior quality
  3. No leakage
  4. Easy to operate
  5. Complete range
  6. Wide range of application
hydraulic ferrule fitting manufacturer China Workshop


Hydraulic ferrule fittings can be used in many applications where fluids need to be transported, and they are available in different materials to suit different situations.

Hydraulic ferrule fittings can be used in biochemical, automotive, R&D and other industries.

hydraulic ferrule fitting application for refuse

Refuse and Waste

Topa provide superior quality and reliability in hydraulic ferrule fitting for the waste collection and disposal market. Garbage truck, dumpster collection truck, Sewer Cleaning Vacuum Trucks, Toilet service trucks, Scrap yard machines and presses,road sweepers and water trucks.

hydraulic ferrule fitting transportation wholesale


Hydraulic ferrule fitting are widely used in Transportation. Medium and heavy duty applications for trucks, buses, engines and chassis.They are corrosion resistance, and also suitable for high pressure.

hydraulic ferrule fitting oil and gas

Oil & Gas

Hydraulic ferrule fittings are available in many materials that are suitable to make them perfect for industrial applications. Various materials are appropriate to make these ferrule fittings, such as copper, Aluminum alloy, Cast steel, Stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, and glass.

Why choose us

Topa is a company with rich experience in foreign trade and we can supply high quality hydraulic fittings. Our company has a complete range of fittings with various types of threads, such as JIS, JIC, BSP, BSPP, NTP, UNF, etc.

Topa always puts the customer’s will in the first place and serves every customer enthusiastically. By choosing us, we can provide you with:

  1. Enthusiastic service attitude

Every foreign trade employee has good professional quality and will provide the corresponding service enthusiastically.


  1. High quality fittings

The quality of our company’s accessories has reached international standards, which can adapt to many working environments and can be used for a longer period of time under correct operation.


3.Excellent transportation service

Under normal circumstances, we will send out as soon as possible after you place an order to ensure that you receive your goods as soon as possible. 


  1. Perfect after-sales service

After you place an order, if you encounter problems, you can contact our staff for help. We will do our best.


  1. Rich variety of fittings

Topa has a wide range of fittings, you can check our related industry to find your needs.


hydraulic ferrule fitting factory process manufacturer Workshop china
ferrulel fittings manufacturer Workshop china

Hydraulic ferrule fitting quality control​


What is a hydraulic ferrule fitting?

Hydraulic ferrule fitting is considered one of the most popular fittings used to connect pipes of different dimensions. It is usually made of metal and has a high resistance to sealing and pressure.

What are the benfits of hydraulic ferrule fittings?

The advantages of hydraulic ferrule fittings are significant. First, they are easy to install and do not require special tools, or welding. Secondly, they are suitable for high pressure environments and are also corrosion resistant. Moreover, they can be adapted to many diverse pipelines.

What are the types of hydraulic ferrule fittings?

The components of a hydraulic ferrule fitting are the body and the nut, which are combined to form the fitting. There exist two categories of these fittings, single ferrule fittings and double ferrule fittings.

What are the uses of hydraulic ferrule fittings?

Hydraulic ferrule fittings are most commonly used to connect different pipes to transport various types of fluids. These fittings can be applied in the automotive, oil, gas, biotechnology and other industries.

Can you reuse hydraulic ferrule fittings?

Hydraulic ferrule fittings are not reusable. Once the ferrule in a fitting has been used, it should always be replaced with a new ferrule.

Can you over tighten hydraulic ferrule fittings?

Hydraulic ferrule fittings should not be over-tightened. A ferrule that is tightened too much may result in leaks or tube expansion that is difficult to remove.

Why are hydraulic ferrule fittings leaking?

Leakage of hydraulic ferrule fittings may be caused by incorrect installation or by deformation of the ferrule due to over-tightening of the nut.

Should I use Teflon tape on hydraulic ferrule fittings?

It is not recommended to use Teflon tape for hydraulic ferrule fittings, which creates a tight bond between the ferrule and the nut. If other sealants or tapes are used, it may lead to leakage.

What metrials are used to make ferrule fittings?

Hydraulic ferrule fittings are mainly made from metal, of which the most commonly used metal materials are brass, alloy, steel, and stainless steel.

How to install hydraulic ferrule fittings?

After preparing the hydraulic ferrule fittings and pipes, you can install the nuts on the corresponding pipes by hand and tighten them. After that, you can use a wrench, but do not tighten it too much to prevent leakage.

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