37° Cone JIC Hydraulic Fittings

JIC stands for Joint Industry Committee. JIC hydraulic fittings with 37-degree flared base surface and parallel threads. JIC hydraulic adapters are commonly available in a variety of different types, like tee,  bulkhead, union, cross, elbow fitting, and swivel fitting. Hydraulic JIC adapters are made of carbon steel, brass, stainless steel, steel, and so on. They can be applied in many hydraulic fluid applications, such as transportation, oil and gas, food factory, chemical, and agriculture.

Male JIC Union

Male JIC to Male Pipe

Male JIC to Female Pipe

JIC Plug

90° Male JIC Union 

45° Male JIC to Male Pipe 

Male JIC Tee

JIC to Pipe Run Tee

Male JIC to Male Pipe

JIC Bulkhead

90° JIC Bulkhead

45° JIC Bulkhead

JIC Bulkhead Union Branch Tee

Female JIC to Male Pipe Elbow

Female JIC to Male Pipe

F JIC Union

Female JIC to Female NPT

Female JIC Branch Tee

JIC Run Tee

Male Branch Tee

Female JIC Union Tee

JIC to ORB Elbow

Extra Long JIC to ORB Elbow

45° Elbow JIC to ORB

JIC to ORB Branch Tee

JIC to ORB Run Tee

JIC Hydraulic Fittings Video

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JIC hydraulic adapters manufacturer catalog Topa

Topa Hydraulic Adapters Catalog

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