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medium pressure ISO 7241 1 Series B Hydraulic Couplings

ISO 7241-1 B Series Hydraulic Couplings

Medium pressure type; Compatible with Parker 60 close type hydraulic quick release coupling.

thread Flat Face Hydraulic Couplers

Thread Flat Face Hydraulic Couplers

Flat Face/flush face poppet valve design, compatible with faster DF series, Parker PD series.

ISO 7241 1 Series A Hydraulic Couplings

ISO 7241 1 Series A Hydraulic Couplings

Poppet type valve, close type hydraulic coupling; Interchangeable with Parker 6600 series.

Flat Face Hydraulic Couplers

Thread Lock Hydraulic Couplers

Flat face thread lock quick hydraulic couplings.Compatiblity with Voswinkel RK series.

ISO 7241 1 Series A Hydraulic Couplings close type

ISO 7241 A Series Quick Couplings

ISO 7241 1 Series A close type hydraulic couplings; Interchangeable with Parker 6600 series.

High Flow Unvalved Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel Quick Couplings

High Flow Unvalved Quick Couplings

High flow unvalved hydraulic quick couplings, made of brass, stainless steel, and steel.

ISO16028 Flat Face Hydraulic Coupler

ISO16028 Flat Face Hydraulic Coupler

ISO 16028 series flat face hydraulic coupler, compatible with Parker FE series.

ISO 5675 Agricultural Couplings Ball Type

ISO 5675 Agricultural Hydraulic Couplings

Ball valve type agricultural hydraulic quick couplings, compatible with Parker 4000 series.

ISO 7241 1 Series A Hydraulic Coupler

ISO 7241 1 Series A Hydraulic Coupler

Close type hydraulic quick coupler, ISO 7241 series; Interchangeable with Parker 6600 series.

close typeISO 7241 1 Series B Hydraulic Couplings

ISO 7241 1 Series B Hydraulic Coupling

ISO 7241-1 B series close type hydraulic coupler, compatible with Parker 60 series.

brass ISO 7241 1 Series B Hydraulic Couplings

ISO 7241 1 Series B Hydraulic Couplings

Brass ISO 7241 1 series B hydraulic couplings, compatible with Parker 60 series.

Carbon Steel Screw Type High Pressure Quick Disconnect

Screw Type High Quick Disconnect Fitting

Carbon steel screw type high pressure quick disconnect fitting, compatible with Parker 60 series.

10,000 PSI High Pressure Screw To Connect Hydraulic Quick Coupling

High Pressure Hydraulic Quick Coupling

10,000 psi super high pressure quick coupling. Threaded sleeve locking mechanism.

10,000 Psi High Pressure Hydraulic Quick Coupling

High Pressure Hydraulic Quick Coupling

Close type super high pressure quick coupling. Rated pressure up to 10,000 psi.

Carbon Steel Hydraulic Wing Couplers – ZJ-LC Series

Hydraulic Thread End Wing Style Quick Couplers

Carbon steel screw type quick disconnect fitting, compatible with Faster CVE series.

close type ISO 7241 1 Series A Hydraulic Couplings

ISO 7241 1 Series A Hydraulic Couplings

Standard ISO 7241-1 A series hydraulic couplings, interchangeable with Parker 6600 series.

ISO 7241 1 Series B Hydraulic Couplings

ISO 7241 1 Series B Hydraulic Couplings

Poppet type valve, ISO 7241-1series B close type quick release hydraulic coupler.

ISO5676 SERIES Hydraulic Quick Coupling

ISO 5676 Series Quick Coupling

Close type ISO 5676 series hydraulic quick connect fitting. Interchangeable with Faster VF series.

Flush Face Brass Hydraulic Wing Couplers

Flush Face Hydraulic Wing Couplers

Thread type wing type hydraulic quick disconnect fitting, compatible with Parker 6100 series.

close type ISO 5675 Agricultural Couplings

ISO 5675 Agricultural Hydraulic Couplings

Close type ISO 5675 agricultural hydraulic couplings. Interchangeable with Parker 4000 seres.

push and pull ISO 5675 Agricultural Couplings

Push and Pull ISO 5675 Hydraulic Couplings

Push and pull ISO 5675 agricultural hydraulic couplings, compatible with 4250 series.

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Toap quick couplings

High Pressure Resistant

Designed to withstand extreme pressure environments, our high-pressure couplers are ideal for industrial and mobile equipment hydraulic systems. These couplers feature a rugged, leak-proof design that ensures a secure connection every time. A simple push-pull mechanism allows for quick and easy connection and disconnection, resulting in increased operational efficiency and safety. In addition, the coupler’s high-grade steel construction provides superior durability and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring long-term reliability in harsh conditions.

high-pressure quick release hydraulic fitting Topa
Flat quick release hydraulic fitting
Topa Quick Coupling

Flat-Face Coupler

The Flat-Face Coupler stands out for its minimal spillage design, making it a perfect choice for environments where cleanliness is crucial, such as in the food processing and medical industries. This coupler eliminates hydraulic fluid loss during disconnection, thereby reducing contamination risks and maintaining the integrity of the hydraulic system. Its smooth, flat-face design not only prevents dirt accumulation but also simplifies cleaning processes. Moreover, the coupler features a one-hand operation for ease of use, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing user comfort during repetitive tasks.


Topa’s hydraulic quick connector fittings can be used in a variety of applications to ensure proper connection of hydraulic systems. We can supply quick couplings in all materials, so please contact us if you have any requirements! Topa’s quick release hydraulic couplers can be used in a variety of applications to ensure the proper connection of hydraulic systems. 

Hydraulic Quick coupler factory construction


Our quick-release hydraulic couplers enhance the functionality of heavy machinery such as excavators, loaders, and cranes. They enable rapid attachment changes, minimizing downtime and boosting productivity on the job site. The robust design withstands the rigors of construction environments, ensuring reliability and safety during operation.

oilfiled equipment

Oilfield Equipment

The oil and gas industry requires equipment that can withstand extreme conditions without failure. Our hydraulic couplers provide safe and reliable connections for critical oilfield machinery such as drilling rigs and pumping systems. With enhanced corrosion and high-pressure resistance, these couplings maintain their integrity even in harsh oilfield environments, ensuring continuous, safe operations.

food process equipment Topa

Food Processing Equipment

Our quick-release hydraulic couplers allow for quick and easy maintenance of machinery such as conveyors, mixers, and packers, greatly reducing downtime. Stainless steel construction prevents contamination and stands up to rigorous cleaning processes. Manufacturers in the food industry rely on the quick release feature of these couplings to facilitate thorough cleaning and maintenance.

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Our Services

Topa offers customer service and is committed to making every customer’s shopping experience the most comfortable!

Custom Design Solutions

Topa offers tailor-made engineering solutions, whereby we customize the design of hydraulic cylinders to meet the specific requirements of our customers. This service enables customers to obtain a product that perfectly matches their existing system or new project, thus increasing efficiency.

Large Scale Manufacturing

With a well-equipped manufacturing facility, Topa has the capacity to handle large-scale production orders without compromising on quality. Clients benefit from the scalability of production, ensuring that even large orders are delivered on time and within budget.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Topa implements rigorous quality control processes at every stage of production, from raw material selection to final assembly. This commitment to quality ensures that all products are durable, reliable, and meet international standards.

Global Logistics

Topa offers efficient logistics solutions, managing the distribution of hydraulic cylinders worldwide. Clients enjoy the convenience of timely deliveries, regardless of their geographic location, reducing downtime and enhancing operational continuity.

After-Sales Support

Topa provides extensive after-sales support, including maintenance, repair services, and customer support. This service ensures that clients continue to receive assistance post-purchase, extending the lifespan of their hydraulic products and maximizing their investment.

Rapid Prototyping

Topa can quickly produce hydraulic quick-release samples according to your needs. The samples are then sent to the customer and the goods are produced after acceptance by the customer.

Our Factory

Manufacturing hydraulic couplers involves a series of steps designed to transform raw materials into highly efficient, reliable components used in various hydraulic systems. This process includes material selection, machining, treatment, assembly, testing, and packaging, ensuring each coupler meets stringent industry standards.

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What is a quick-release hydraulic coupler?

A quick-release hydraulic coupler is a connector used in hydraulic systems to quickly connect and disconnect hydraulic lines without the use of tools or significant loss of hydraulic fluid.

How does a quick-release coupler work?

It uses a simple push-pull mechanism; pushing the coupler together creates a tight seal, and pulling it apart breaks the seal and disconnects the lines.

Can quick-release couplers be used with any hydraulic system?

Yes, they are designed to be compatible with most hydraulic systems, but it’s important to match the coupler’s size and specification with the system’s requirements.

Are there different types of quick-release couplers?

Yes, there are several types, including flat-face, poppet, and screw-to-connect, each suited for different applications and pressure levels.

What are the main benefits of using quick-release couplers?

They provide easy and fast connections and disconnections, minimize hydraulic fluid leakage, and help reduce downtime in machinery operations.

How do I choose the right quick-release coupler for my application?

Consider the hydraulic system’s pressure, the fluid type, environmental factors, and the physical space around the fittings.

Can quick-release couplers leak?

While they are designed to minimize leaks, improper use or wear and tear over time can lead to leaks. Regular maintenance and inspection are recommended.

How often should quick-release couplers be replaced?

The lifespan depends on usage and environmental conditions, but it’s good practice to inspect them regularly and replace them when signs of wear or damage are evident.

Are quick-release couplers easy to install?

Yes, they are designed for easy installation, typically requiring no tools for connecting or disconnecting.

How should quick-release couplers be maintained?

Regular cleaning, inspection for damage or wear, and replacing seals or parts as needed will help maintain their functionality and extend their lifespan.

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