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–  Convenient maintenance
–  Versatile application
–  Corrosion-resistant
–  Easy installation

Compatible Barb Fitting Manufacturer in China

Barb fitting, is normally inserted into a hose to control fluid, gas, and flow. Its barb serration or ridge provides an ideal sealing performance. As one of the most commonly used fittings, barb connector fittings are applied in a wide range of situations. You can find them in the garden hose, hydraulic system, machinery, and so on.

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Fittings can be different depending on your serial number. Check the Topa Online Parts Catalog to ensure the correct part for your equipment.

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45° hose barb fitting

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90° hose barb fitting

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Cross barbed fittings

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Female barb fittings

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Male barbed fitting

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Tee hose barb fittings

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Stainess steel barbed fitting

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Type Y Cross tee L barb connector

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Y type barbed fitting

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The products that we offer are reliable. Products of popular sizes are carried in stock for immediate delivery, and customized sizes can also be designed, quoted, and shipped quickly according to your needs. To know more details, click on the video below.

Topa-manufacturer hydraulic fittings

Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

Barb fitting factory process
Barb fitting factory process supplierprocess

Your reliable Barb Fitting manufacturer

Topa can produce barb fittings in various sizes, materials, and shapes. These fittings provide a tight grip and seal performance, So there is no need to use clamps in the process of piping installation. We supply high-quality fittings for clients to meet their different requirements. As a kind of widely used fittings, barb connectors fitting produced by Topa contains the following advantages.

  • The tubing and fittingare tightly connected without leaking
  • A new solution in tubing system with a high-performance cost ratio
  • Support convenient installation and maintenance
  • Can be produced in various materials with different anti-corrosion performance
  • Provide stable connecting performance in tube and pipe system 

Why choose us

Topa is the manufacturer and expert specialized in the research, development, and production of hydraulic fittings. Our main products are various hydraulic fittings such as adapters, ferrules, flanges, and clamps. In Topa, You will find the exact products you want. We are committed to providing one-stop procurement services for our clients.

We are a hydraulic company in China with the following advantages:

 More than 20 years of hydraulic experience 

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Topa has built reliable and long-term partnerships with many suppliers and importers.

 High-Quality Products and Hydraulic Technicians

We are able to provide various products such as rubber hoses, fittings, assemblies, etc. 

Our technicians have rich professional knowledge and are good at finding problems from daily work, summarizing experience, and improving product quality.

 Advanced Workshop

Topa has a high-level workshop with much-advanced equipment, which means we can customize fittings for our clients. Only need to know the specific details and model, so we can produce the specific product.

 Major savings on high-pressure hose assemblies

We produce our products in our factory to control product quality and cost. This means that we can provide our customers with high-quality hose assemblies at a competitive price to help them save costs.

 Strict quality control

Topa hydraulic fittings have passed a strict quality control test. Quality is not only limited to our products but also presented in our services and the process of our management.

Barb fitting manufacturer process
Barb fitting supplier process


Because of the barb serration and ridges, barb connectors fitting could provide an ideal sealing performance without damaging the inner face of tubes. It is applied in low-pressure situations controlling the flow of fluid, gas, and air. You could find them in diverse industries such as hydraulic, machinery, and architecture.

Barb fitting manufacturer application


Using barb serrations or ridges, Barb fitting oil pipe is tightly connected to the fittings and kept sealed, which can meet the needs of industry, agriculture, construction, and machinery manufacturing. 

Barb fitting supplier application


Barb fitting is mainly used to control lower pressure fluids, realizing the purpose of linking fluid handling with pneumatic applications and playing an important role in hydraulic, mechanical, and construction industries.

Barb fitting factory application


Barb fitting is diverse and widely used, providing sealing performance without damaging the inner wall, and is an accessory with a high performance-to-cost ratio, and is used in many fields such as industry.

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Compatible Parker Hydraulic Fitting
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Hydraulic flange meet SAE J518 and ISO 6162-1 and -2 standards, the hydraulic flange is a leak-free fittings used in tight spaces and at higher pressure

Barb fitting quality control

Topa has a fully equipped workshop and skilled technicians, which allows us to customize fittings for our clients. Simply tell us the required specifications and let us produce them for you.

Barb fitting china supplier testing
Barb fitting china supplier testing
hydraulic connector workshop
hydraulic connector workshop
Barb fitting China manufacturer package check
Barb fitting China manufacturer package check
hose end connectorS workshop
hose end connectorS workshop


What is a hose Barb?

Barb connectors fitting is normally inserted into a hose to control fluid, gas, and flow. Its barb serration or ridge provides an ideal sealing performance. 

How is Barb hydraulic fitting measured?

Because barb fitting is sized by the pipe ID ,it can be measured by the inside diameter of the pipe.Therefore ,the diameter of the hose barb is slightly larger than the hose.

Can Barb fittings be customized?

Yes, we have a fully equipped workshop to produce fittings with specific requirements. We can make customized fittings according to your draft or technical details.

What tips we should know about Barb fittings?

First, barb connectors fitting work best with a softer tube.

Second, it has high cost-effective than other types of fittings.

Third, matching tube to barb is according to the inside diameter and hardness of the tube.

Do Barb hydraulic fittings need clamps?

Many times, barb fittings can be attached directly to the pipe, but using a hose clamp can add a bit of stability. For those less flexible pipes, and some reused pipes need clips to stop dropping.

What is a Barb hydraulic fitting used for?

Barb fitting can be used anywhere on the hose ,which can also be used to connect and secure cylindrical parts of the hose. Barb fitting is also widely used in lower pressure gas, liquid and air flow control applications, as well as chemical laboratory equipment and the agricultural industry.

How do you install or disconnect Barb hydraulic fitting?

Barb fittings form a seal by connecting the pipe to the barbs. Select the appropriate hose and fitting, heat the hose with hot water or a hair dryer, twist the fitting back and forth to insert or unplug, and finally seal with a hose clamp if you need.

What factors affect the seal quality of Barb fittings?

These factors include barb angle, surface treatment, sharpness of the barb, and hardness of the tube.

How much pressure can a Barb hydraulic fitting hold?

Due to hose limitations, barb fitting can only be used with relatively low pressure hoses, primarily for low pressure gas or fluid flow control applications where  pressure does not exceed 150 psi.

How to choose a hose Barb fitting?

To choose the right fitting, you need to consider single or multi-barb, materials, inner diameter and hardness of the tube or hose, and operating conditions.

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