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  • Greatair tightness
  • Full range of thread size
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Made of brass or stainless steel

Compatible Air Compressor Fittings Factory in China

Air compressor fittings are mainly used for various types of air compressors. These fittings can connect the hose to the compressor together, to transport and regulate the airflow in the machine. Topa can supply air compressor fittings in all materials, sizes, and threads. Request a quote!

Product List

Air compressor couplings are available in brass, steel, and stainless steel for durability. These couplings are available in several types: types B, types C, types D, and types V. As well as adapters, couplings, regulators, and valves. Topa can supply all types of connectors, please click on the image below to watch them!

Female air compressor fitting

Female air compressor fittings, air hose fittings and air coupler plug, female thread.

Male air compressor fitting

Male air compressor fittings, air hose fittings and air coupler plug, air compressor quick-connect male plug.

Air compressor quick connect fitting

Air compressor quick connect fittings, air compressor hose quick connectors.

Air compressor hose connector

Air compressor hose connector, air compressor quick connector.

Industrial air compressor fittings

Air compressor industrial fittings, air compressor hose accessories fittings.

1/8 air compressor fitting

1/8 air compressor fitting , 1/8 air compressor hose quick connect fitting.

Air compressor hose fitting

Air compressor hose fitting, air compressor quick connect fitting.

Air compressor air hose fittings

Air compressor air hose fittings, air compressor air quick connect fitting.

Automotive air compressor fittings

Automotive air compressor fittings, used in automotive market.

90 degree air compressor fitting

90 degree air compressor fitting, 90 degree joint connector for water fuel pipe.

Air compressor push fitting

Air compressor push fitting, air compressor hose quick connect.

Garden hose air compressor fitting

Air compressor fitting to garden hose, connect to garden hose.

Air compressor swivel fitting

Air compressor swivel fitting, swivel air hose connector, industrial swivel air fittings.

50 ft Air compressor hose

Air compressor hose 50 ft , air hose available in rubber.

Air compressor tank fitting

Air compressor tank fitting, air compressor tank port fittings solid.

Automotive air compressor adapter

Air compressor adadpter for used with automotives,

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Air Compressor Fittings video

This video is a detailed demonstration of the Topa air compressor fittings. For more details on the this fitting, please click on the video below.

Topa-manufacturer hydraulic fittings

We have more than 3000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

Your reliable Air Compressor Fittings Factory

Air compressor hose fittings allow the connection of regulators and hoses. Easy to disassemble and install. The common threads used internationally for air compressor adapters are NPT and BSP, which conform to international standards and are universal.

Topa air compressor pipe fittings are made of brass, stainless steel, and steel. Brass connectors are heat-resistant and cost-effective. Stainless steel compressor fittings are strong, corrosion-resistant, and durable. When choosing a fitting material, you can choose according to the environment and cost.

The most common sizes of compressor fittings are 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2. Topa also supplies other sizes, welcome to ask!

Advantages of Topa air compressor fitting:

◆ Durable

◆ High-pressure resistance

◆ No leakage

◆ Wide range of applications

If you need custom air compressor hose adapters, welcome to contact us!


Why choose us

Topa is one of the companies in China that deals with the widest range of hydraulic fitting types. We can supply all types of hydraulic fittings including BSP, JIC, JIS, NPT, ORFS, and DIN threads. We are involved in hose fittings, quick fittings, banjo, over plate fittings, tees, crosses, plugs, DOT fittings, barb fittings, etc.

Our factory offers a full range of services, from raw material testing to processing, threads process, and packing.

30 automated machines

We have 30 automated fittings processing machines, and Topa’s professional workers keep an eye on them to ensure the quality of each fitting.

Complete inspection mechanism

Each batch of couplings undergoes multiple tests to monitor everything from hardness, threads, appearance, etc. Topa promises to provide the highest quality hydraulic fittings, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of our fittings.

Hot forging process

Hot forging of fittings improves the hardness of hydraulic fittings and makes them less prone to internal defects. We have special hot forging machines and can provide a one-stop service.

Galvanizing process

After the metal material such as carbon steel is made, the aesthetics of the adapter can be improved by galvanizing. We can provide the best quality galvanizing process to ensure that your adapters look beautiful.


Air compressor fittings factory Workshop
Air compressor fitting china factory process


High-pressure air compressor fittings can improve the safety of your air compressor tools and increase their speed of operation. Topa’s air compressor fittings can meet your needs for more complex pneumatic tools. Commonly used in the automotive and industrial industries.

air compression fittings Topa automotive


Topa offers superior quality and reliability when it comes to air compressor parts. Our fittings can be used in portable automotive air compressors, providing quick and easy service.

air compressor application China wholesale


Air compressor fitting are widely used in construction. Construction sites use large air compressors to power drills, hammers, and compactors. Power from compressed air is essential on remote sites without reliable access to electricity,

air compressor manufacturing China manufacturer


Topa offers high quality air compressor fitting. Rotary screw equipment ensures that food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing deliver clean, contaminant-free, and tightly sealed products.

Air compressor fittings quality control


What is an air compressor hose fitting?

An air compressor fitting is a component used in air compressors to connect pipes to the compressor.

What are the materials for compressor air hose fittings?

Brass and stainless steel.

What are the common sizes of air compressor pipe fittings?

1/4, 3/8, and 1/2

What kinds of air compressor fittings are available?

Couplers, fittings, regulators, and valves.

What are the common threads of air compressor fittings?

NPT and BSP.

Where can air compressor quick connect be used?

Automotive, industrial equipment, and medical equipment.

How to choose the most suitable compressor fitting?

Choose the size, material, type, and thread.

Can compressor air fittings be used in water applications?

No, the seal of the compressor fitting will be greatly reduced by water.

Can I customize my air compressor fittings?

Yes, you can.

How does Topa ship my order?

You can make your request.

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