Telescopic 5 Stage Hydraulic Cylinder

Nested Cylinders: The core structure consists of five cylinders, each smaller in diameter than the previous one.

Seals and Bearings: Each cylinder stage has seals and bearings to ensure smooth operation and prevent fluid leakage.

Piston Rods: Each cylinder stage has a piston rod. These piston rods connect the stages to facilitate cylinder expansion and contraction.

Hydraulic Ports: Hydraulic fluid flows in and out through ports on the cylinder. These ports control the movement of each cylinder stage.

Stop Rings: Internal stop rings prevent the stages from over-extending. This ensures that each stage extends in the correct sequence and remains stable.


telescopic 5 stage hydraulic cylinder is a versatile and powerful hydraulic device, designed for applications requiring long strokes in limited spaces. This cylinder consists of five nested sections, each progressively smaller in diameter. When fully retracted, it appears compact, but it can extend significantly, with each section sliding out in sequence.

Its primary function is to provide a much longer stroke compared to standard cylinders.The cylinder operates by hydraulic fluid entering and exiting through valves. As the fluid pressure increases, the sections extend one after the other, starting from the largest. To retract, the fluid is released in reverse order.

The stroke length of a 5-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder is its most notable feature. It can achieve a long extension, much longer than its collapsed length, by having multiple stages.


Extended Stroke: The most significant advantage is the ability to provide a long extended stroke while maintaining a compact retracted size. This is ideal for applications where space is limited.

High Power Density: These cylinders can generate tremendous force, making them a powerful tool for heavy-duty applications.

Versatility: Their design allows for flexible installation and use in a variety of orientations and environments.

Durability: These cylinders are constructed to withstand high pressures and harsh operating conditions.

Efficient: These cylinders are very efficient in terms of energy and fluid usage.


Transportation: Commonly used in the trucking industry, particularly in dump trucks, where they provide the necessary force to lift heavy loads.

Construction Equipment: In construction, they are used in machinery like excavators and loaders for lifting and moving heavy materials.

Material Handling: They are essential in forklifts and other lifting equipment in warehouses and industrial settings.

Agricultural Machinery: Used in farm equipment, such as in the hydraulic systems of tractors and harvesters.

Waste Management: Integral in garbage trucks, assisting in compacting and unloading waste.

5 Stage Hydraulic Cylinder

At Topa, we use advanced manufacturing techniques to produce our 5-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinders. Our manufacturing process utilizes CNC equipment to ensure high precision and consistency in every cylinder component. This CNC process allows us to produce cylinders with precise dimensions and smooth surfaces, which are essential for efficient operation and long-term durability.

The advantages of using CNC technology on our production lines are twofold: it allows us to manufacture complex components with high precision, and it ensures consistent quality across all of our products. This precision is critical for telescopic hydraulic cylinders, as even small differences can affect their performance.

For more information or to discuss how Topa hydraulic cylinders can benefit your application, please feel free to contact us. We will provide a solution to meet your specific needs.

Topa's Customized Services

Topa specializes in custom-built 5-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinders, using advanced CNC processes to ensure precision and quality:

Customized design: We start by understanding your specific requirements to ensure that the cylinder design meets your exact application needs.

CNC Machining: Our CNC machines accurately mold and size each cylinder component to ensure high precision and consistency.

Quality Materials: We use only quality materials suitable for a wide range of operating conditions to ensure durability and reliability.

Precision Assembly: Each cylinder is carefully assembled and the CNC machined parts fit perfectly to ensure smooth operation and long service life.

Testing and Quality Control: After assembly, each cylinder undergoes rigorous testing to ensure performance and safety.

Advantage: The CNC machining process allows for the manufacture of customized, intricate parts with tight tolerances, ensuring a high level of quality and reliability.

For customized 5-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinders to meet your specific needs for precision and quality, contact Topa. we are ready to provide a solution.

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