Pin Mount Three Stage Hydraulic Cylinder

Three Telescopic Stages: Consists of three nested cylinders, allowing for extensive extension and compact retraction.

Pin Mounting Mechanism: Equipped with pin mounts at both ends for secure and flexible attachment to machinery.

Piston Rods: Each stage has a robust piston rod, engineered for smooth and synchronized movement.

Seals: Fitted with precision seals to prevent fluid leaks and maintain consistent hydraulic pressure.

Barrels: The barrels are reinforced for added strength and durability under high-pressure operations.

Hydraulic Chambers: Separate hydraulic chambers in each stage control the extension and retraction.

Fluid Ports: Strategically placed ports for efficient hydraulic fluid flow, essential for cylinder operation.


The Pin Mounted 3-Stage Hydraulic Cylinder is a rugged and versatile unit. It has three telescopic stages that provide an extra-long extension length. In the retracted state, it is very compact, saving space in mechanical equipment. The cylinder has pin fixings at both ends to provide a secure and easy to install connection.

It usually has a protective coating on its outer surface that enhances its abrasion and tear resistance. It has a sleek, professional look with distinct phases showing its retractability. And the colors can be customized.

The cylinder operates using hydraulic fluid, which can effectively convert fluid pressure into mechanical force. The cylinder extends and retracts smoothly for precise and controlled action. Its design ensures maximum force output with minimal space, making it a compact power unit.


Space Efficiency: When retracted, its compact size saves space, a crucial benefit for equipment with limited room.

Strong Mounting: The pin mount system provides a secure and stable attachment, essential for heavy-duty operations.

High Power Output: Despite its extendable design, it delivers substantial force, suitable for lifting and moving heavy loads.

Precision Control: It allows for controlled and accurate movements, vital in operations requiring exact positioning.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, it’s built to last and endure harsh working conditions.


Transportation and Logistics: Essential in loading and unloading systems of trucks and cargo handling equipment.

Agricultural Machinery: Applied in farming equipment for tasks such as plowing and harvesting.

Industrial Manufacturing: Used in assembly lines and automated systems for tasks needing precise linear motion.

Mining Operations: Ideal for drilling and extraction equipment, where deep reach is necessary.

Emergency Equipment: Employed in fire trucks and rescue tools for its ability to extend to great lengths in rescue operations.

Pin Mount Three Stage Hydraulic Cylinder

We begin by meticulously machining each component using advanced CNC technology to ensure precise dimensions and tolerances. This precision is critical to the seamless operation of the telescopic stage, ensuring that the telescopic cylinder extends and retracts smoothly and efficiently.

During the assembly stage, we rigorously install a pin mounting system. This involves firmly securing the mounts to the ends of the cylinders, providing a stable, sturdy connection to the machinery. Final assembly also includes the integration of hydraulic seals and testing of fluid passages to ensure that the cylinders operate flawlessly under all pressure conditions.

If you are looking for efficiently manufactured hydraulic cylinders, contact Topa. We are committed to providing the best hydraulic solutions that meet the specific needs of yours. Let us help you find the perfect hydraulic components to move your business forward.

Topa's Customized Services

Topa begins by understanding the customer’s unique needs, including size, pressure specifications and application. Our engineers then tailor the design to the customer’s specific requirements for telescopic cylinders.

We select materials that match the intended use and durability criteria, often choosing high-strength steels to ensure ruggedness and durability. Next, utilizing CNC technology, we machine each component to exact dimensions, which is critical to the seamless functionality of the telescopic platform.

We then meticulously assemble the three platforms to ensure that each accessory fits perfectly with one another for smooth operation.

Finally, we install the pin brackets to ensure they can form a strong and reliable connection. After assembly, we conduct rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure the performance and reliability of the cylinders.

Topa is committed to providing hydraulic cylinders that are not only products, but also tailor-made solutions that are perfectly suited to our customers’ specific industrial needs. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact Topa and we will do our best to serve you!

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