4 Stage Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck

Nested Barrels: It features four barrels, each progressively smaller and nested within the other, enabling a significant extension range.

Piston Rods: Each barrel contains a piston rod, crucial for the push-pull action of the cylinder.

Pistons: The pistons, located within the barrels, are essential for creating the hydraulic force needed for movement.

Sealing System: High-quality seals are used in each stage to prevent fluid leakage and maintain hydraulic pressure.

Mounting Brackets: Robust mounting brackets at each end of the cylinder ensure secure attachment to the dump truck.

Ports: These ports allow for the flow of hydraulic fluid into and out of the cylinder, controlling its extension and retraction.

External Housing: A sturdy external housing protects the inner components from external elements and damage.


The 4 stage hydraulic cylinder for dump truck is designed to meet the rigorous demands of lifting and dumping large loads. Its four-stage design allows it to extend farther than standard cylinders. When retracted, it is extremely compact, saving valuable space in truck designs.

The telescopic cylinder utilizes hydraulics to extend and retract, providing powerful and smooth operation. In essence, it combines reach, strength and compact design to meet the challenging requirements of dumping operations.


Extended Reach: Its four-stage design allows for a significantly longer extension, perfect for reaching higher dump heights.

Space Efficiency: When retracted, it’s impressively compact, saving valuable space in the truck’s design.

High Lifting Capacity: Capable of lifting heavy loads, it’s ideal for moving large volumes of material.

Durable Design: Built to endure tough conditions, it’s reliable for consistent, heavy use.

Smooth Operation: Ensures controlled and stable movement, crucial for safe dumping operations.

Easy Maintenance: Designed for ease of service, prolonging its lifespan and efficiency.


Construction Sites: For dumping building materials like sand, gravel, and debris.

Waste Management: In garbage trucks, for efficient handling and disposal of waste.

Mining Operations: Used in dump trucks for transporting and unloading mined materials.

Large-Scale Landscaping: For moving earth and landscaping materials in large quantities.

Agricultural Uses: In farm trucks, for transporting and unloading crops or soil.

4 Stage Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck

At Topa, we start by selecting the highest quality materials to ensure the durability and strength of our heavy-duty equipment. Each stage of the cylinder is machined using advanced CNC machines to ensure dimensional accuracy. The assembly process is equally precise, focusing on the seamless integration of each stage to ensure smooth operation.

Topa’s quality inspections are rigorous. Each Class 4 hydraulic cylinder undergoes a series of tests to check for leakage and structural integrity under high loads. From the robustness of the seals to the efficiency of the hydraulic movement, our technicians scrutinize every aspect. This thorough testing ensures that every cylinder that leaves our factory is guaranteed.

Topa has become the first choice for companies looking for the best in heavy machinery equipment. Order your product with us today and we’ll be in touch with you soon!




Topa's Customized Services

The process of customizing the production of Topa’s Class 4 hydraulic cylinders for dump trucks is rigorous. We begin with a thorough understanding of the customer’s requirements, including the required lifting capacity, extension and retraction lengths, and the specific environmental conditions to which the cylinder will be exposed. Then, our team of experts designs the cylinder. Ensuring that everything from stroke lengths to mounting methods are exactly aligned with the customer’s operational needs.

The advantages of this customized approach are manifold. First, it ensures that the cylinder fits perfectly with the customer’s dump truck, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. Second, we use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. This ensures that the product is not only mission-compliant, but also durable under rigorous conditions of use.

With Topa’s customized 4-stage hydraulic cylinders, you get a tool that’s not just a product, but the key to a properly functioning hydraulic system. This level of customization and quality assurance makes Topa the first choice in the heavy duty truck and construction industry.

Start contacting us today so Topa can manufacture the highest quality hydraulic cylinders for you.

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