Telescopic Ram 4 Stage Hydraulic Cylinder

Nested Barrels: The cylinder contains four barrels, each smaller than the other, fitting inside one another. This telescopic design allows for a significant extension.

Pistons and Piston Rods: Each barrel has its own piston and piston rod. The rods are interconnected, ensuring coordinated extension and retraction of the stages.

Seals: High-quality seals are present in each stage to prevent fluid leakage and maintain pressure integrity, which is crucial for efficient operation.

Fluid Chambers: Separate chambers in each barrel are filled with hydraulic fluid. The pressure applied to the fluid controls the movement of the pistons and, consequently, the extension and retraction of the cylinder.

Mounts: The cylinder features mounts for secure attachment. These mounts can vary based on the application, such as pin, trunnion, or flange mounts.

Ports: There are designated ports for the entry and exit of hydraulic fluid, which are crucial for the cylinder’s operation.


The telescopic ram 4 stage hydraulic cylinder has four telescoping stages that allow it to reach farther than typical hydraulic cylinders, which is critical for multi-stage applications. Its design allows it to retract to a compact size, saving space and making it easy to integrate into a variety of machinery.

It runs on hydraulics, which can be efficiently converted into mechanical force for extension and retraction. Its design optimizes the use of space and power, making it a reliable component in a variety of machinery.

In essence, the telescopic ram 4 stage hydraulic cylinder is a key tool for applications requiring extended reach and compact storage.


Extended Reach: Its four-stage design allows for a significantly longer extension, ideal for deep or high reach tasks.

Compact Storage: When retracted, it occupies much less space, making it suitable for applications with space constraints.

High Force Output: Despite its telescoping design, it’s capable of exerting substantial force, essential for heavy-duty operations.

Precise Control: Offers controlled and stable movement, which is crucial for tasks requiring precision.

Durability: Constructed to be robust, it withstands harsh conditions and frequent use.


Construction Machinery: Used in equipment like cranes and excavators for tasks that require extended reach.

Transportation: Essential for loading and unloading systems in trucks and freight vehicles.

Waste Management: Applied in garbage trucks and other waste handling equipment for compact and efficient operation.

Agricultural Machinery: Utilized in farming equipment for tasks like harvesting and lifting heavy loads.

Mining Equipment: Ideal for drilling and excavation machines, where extended reach is necessary.

Telescopic Ram 4 Stage Hydraulic Cylinder

Topa’s quality inspection process for telescopic ram four-stage hydraulic cylinders is thorough and meticulous. Initially, each hydraulic cylinder undergoes a series of rigorous tests. This involves applying pressure to the hydraulic system and closely monitoring each stage and seal.

This detailed leak detection process has a two-fold advantage. First, it ensures the safety and longevity of the cylinder. This is because leaks can lead to failures and a shortened lifespan. Second, it also ensures consistent performance, which is critical for customers who rely on these cylinders for critical operations.

For companies with efficient hydraulic solutions, Topa’s Class 4 hydraulic cylinders are the ideal choice. Contact us for hydraulic cylinders you can trust.

Topa's Customized Services

Topa’s customization process for telescopic ram 4-stage hydraulic cylinders is customer-focused, ensuring that each cylinder is perfectly suited to the requirements.

Customer Consultation: First, we discuss with our customers to understand their unique needs, focusing on application, size and performance criteria.

Customized Design: Our engineering team then designs the cylinder to meet these specific requirements, ensuring that every detail is considered.

Material Selection: We ensure durability and efficiency by selecting quality materials that are appropriate for the intended use and environment.

Precision Manufacturing: Utilizing advanced CNC technology, each component is manufactured to exact specifications to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Customized Assembly: The assembly process is meticulous, with each stage of the cylinder carefully assembled to ensure smooth operation.

Rigorous Testing: We conduct extensive testing, including leakage and pressure testing, to ensure that our cylinders meet our high standards and our customers’ expectations.

Topa is the best choice for customers who need a hydraulic solution that precisely meets their unique requirements. Contact us and let our customization expertise provide you with the highest quality hydraulic cylinders.

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