Metric Standpipe Hose Fitting

Metric standpipe hose fitting is a hose fitting with a male metric thread on one end and a smooth hose tail on the other end. The metric thread conforms to a specific standard for metric threads, typically either the ISO 6149 or DIN 3852 standard.

50011 metric standpipe fitting Topa

Metric Standpipe Hose Fitting Video

This video shows the details of hydraulic metric standpipe hose fittings.

Metric standpipe fittings are used in a variety of hydraulic applications, including hydraulic fluid transfer, lubrication systems, and fuel systems, and they are usually available in standard thread sizes.

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Metric Fitting Catalog

Topa offers various types of metric fittings, and this catalog includes all of them.

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METRIC hydraulic fitting catalog Topa
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