Brake Line Fittings


Brake line unions are brake fittings that connect two brake lines together. They have two female inverted flares that can offer tight seals.

The union is designed to create a leak-free connection between the two brake lines, ensuring that brake fluid can flow between them without any loss of pressure.

If you have any questions about the brake line adapters, feel free to ask.

Features and Benefits:

• Tight-seal
• Reliable
• Free samples
• Customize



Brake Line Fittings/Brake Line Union Video

This video shows information about brake line union.

Typically, brake line fittings are suitable for barke systems, such as truck, motorcycle, and so on. Topa can provides all sizes and materials of brake line unions, and we also supply customized services.

If you have any questions about brake line fittings adapters, please contact us.

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