Hydraulic Lifter Cylinder

Front Flange Hydraulic Lifter Cylinder

Cylinder: It is the cylinder’s core, which can hold the piston.

Piston: The piston moves up and down inside the barrel driven by hydraulic fluid.

Piston Rod: The part that extends from the barrel to accomplish the lifting job.

Front Flange: is a sturdy mounting plate, usually with pre-drilled holes, securely fastened to the mainframe.

Seals: ensures that the hydraulic fluid does not leak and maintains the pressure required for efficient operation.

Ports: optimize fluid flow and control.


Front flange hydraulic lift cylinders are designed for heavy lifting. They typically have a sturdy cylindrical shape and a shiny metal finish. The front flange is a distinguishing feature and is usually a thick, flat part with bolt holes for secure mounting.

In use, these cylinders can lift heavy loads with precision. They are preferred for applications that require a steady and powerful lift. The colors of these cylinders are usually standard industrial shades such as black, red or metallic grey, but they can also be customized according to customer preferences.

Pressure range is a key specification of these cylinders. They have a wide range of effective working pressures, usually between 1500 and 3000 PSI, which allows them to handle heavy duty tasks with ease. The stroke or how far the piston rod can extend varies greatly to accommodate different lifting heights and is precisely designed to meet specific operational needs.



Stability: The front flange provides a secure mount, essential for safe lifting operations.

Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, they withstand heavy usage and harsh conditions.

Precision: They offer controlled and accurate lifting, crucial for delicate operations.

Ease of Installation: The flange design simplifies the installation process, saving time and resources.

Versatility: Customizable to different strokes and pressures, they fit a wide range of industrial needs.


Automotive Industry: For lifting vehicles during repair and assembly.

Manufacturing: In material handling to move heavy components.

Construction: On cranes and forklifts for moving heavy materials.

Warehousing: In loading docks for lifting and stacking goods.

Agriculture: On equipment for lifting heavy loads like bales or equipment.

Front Flange Hydraulic Lifter Cylinder

At Topa, we take a detailed look at each customer’s needs before manufacturing front flange hydraulic lift cylinders. We begin by selecting quality materials to ensure product durability and performance. Then, our engineering team creates a precise design for each cylinder. We use advanced manufacturing techniques to cut, form, and shape the components to ensure that each part of the cylinder meets standards.

Once the components are ready, technicians assemble each part to ensure that every seal is perfect. The assembled cylinders are then subjected to rigorous testing, pressure tested and inspected to ensure flawless operation. Only after passing all quality checks do they leave the factory, ready to provide customers with reliable, efficient lifting power.

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Topa's Customized Services

Topa’s custom front flange hydraulic lift cylinders stand out for their tailored design and superior performance. For starters, we offer customization services to ensure that each cylinder meets the specific needs of your job, whether it’s a unique stroke length, bore size, or pressure capacity.

Additionally, our cylinders are manufactured with durability in mind. We use premium materials that can withstand the stresses of repetitive lifting and harsh working conditions. This will reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs for your business.

When it comes to performance, Topa cylinders are designed with precision. They provide smooth, controlled lifting, which is critical when handling delicate or heavy loads. In addition, our easy-to-install front flange design makes installation quick and straightforward, saving you time right from the start.

When you choose Topa, you’re not just buying a cylinder, you’re buying a partner who is committed to making sure your equipment runs efficiently. With our cylinders, you can expect to increase the productivity and reliability of your lifting operations.

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