Flange Hydraulic Cylinder

HSG Series Flange Hydraulic Cylinder

Cylinder Barrel: The core structure, typically made from durable steel, houses the piston and the hydraulic fluid.

Piston: Precision-engineered to move seamlessly within the barrel, converting hydraulic pressure into mechanical force.

Piston Rod: A hard-wearing rod that extends from the piston, transferring the lifting force to the machine component.

Front Flange: A robust mounting plate at the base of the barrel, designed for secure attachment and easy integration into various machinery.

Seal Gland: Located at the head of the cylinder, it contains high-quality seals to prevent leaks and maintain pressure integrity.

Hydraulic Ports: Strategically placed for optimal fluid flow, allowing for smooth and efficient cylinder operation.

End Cap: Seals the opposite end of the barrel, ensuring the hydraulic fluid is contained and the pressure is maintained.


HSG series flanged hydraulic cylinders have a sleek cylindrical shape with a sturdy flange at one end for mounting. The bodies are typically made of steel for a rugged appearance. The external surfaces are usually in industrial colors such as black or red, or can be customized to meet customer requirements.

The main purpose of these cylinders is to convert hydraulic energy into linear motion. This makes them ideal for applications that require a strong and controlled push and pull action. The end flanges provide a stable base that allows the cylinders to apply force without movement or misalignment.

In terms of pressure range, the HSG series can operate effectively over a wide range. They can typically withstand pressures ranging from 2,000 PSI to 5,000 PSI or higher for heavy-duty industrial needs. The stroke length (i.e., how far the piston rod can extend) is variable and can be tailored to the specific needs of the application, ensuring versatility in different situations.


Robust Design: Ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

High Power: Capable of generating significant force for heavy-duty tasks.

Stable Mounting: The flange provides a secure attachment, enhancing precision and safety.

Customizable Strokes: Can be tailored to specific operational requirements.

Wide Pressure Range: Suitable for applications requiring different pressure settings.

Efficient Sealing: High-quality seals prevent leaks and maintain system integrity.


Construction Equipment: Used in bulldozers, excavators, and cranes for lifting and moving heavy loads.

Manufacturing: Integral to presses and automated assembly lines for precise operations.

Material Handling: Employed in forklifts and loaders for efficient cargo management.

Agricultural Machinery: Used in tractors and harvesters for various farming operations.

Mining Industry: Essential for drilling and earth-moving machinery.

Automotive: Applied in vehicle lifts and production line robots.

HSG series Flange Hydraulic Cylinder

At Topa, quality inspection of HSG series flanged hydraulic cylinders begins with a meticulous visual inspection. Our inspectors check each cylinder for any external defects. We then perform dimensional verification, measuring all aspects of the hydraulic cylinder with precision instruments to confirm that it meets standard specifications.

After this initial inspection, we perform a series of functional tests. High-pressure tests are performed on the cylinders to verify the limits of the cylinders and ensure that they can withstand the specified PSI without failure. We also perform a leak test to ensure the integrity of the seals. Only after a cylinder successfully passes these rigorous tests do we approve it for delivery, ensuring that customers receive a product that embodies the strength and reliability that Topa stands for.

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Topa's Customized Services

Topa’s custom HSG series flange hydraulic cylinders offer several advantages:

Tailored Performance: Customized to meet specific operational pressures and stroke lengths for diverse industrial needs.

Enhanced Durability: Built with high-quality materials to withstand rigorous use and extend service life.

Precision Engineering: Designed for exacting applications where precision and reliability are critical.

Versatile Applications: Adaptable to a wide range of industries, from construction to manufacturing.

Stable Mounting: The flange design ensures a secure fit, reducing installation time and increasing operational stability.

Efficient Operation: Optimized for smooth performance, enhancing machine efficiency and productivity.

Strong Support: Topa provides comprehensive customer service, from design consultation to post-sale support.

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