DJ-JIC hydraulic tee fitting


DJ-JIC hydraulic tee fitting is a 3-way hydraulic run tee adapter with three female JIC threads.

The main feature of DJ-JIC hydraulic tee fitting is the 37-degree flare of their seating surface. 

Union tees are 37-degree flare fittings manufactured to SAE J514 standards. 

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Features and Benefits:

• Three-way connection
• Practicality
• Reliable
• Tight seal

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DJ-JIC hydraulic tee fitting

This video is about the details of the DJ-JIC hydraulic tee fitting.

The main feature of JIC hydraulic tee fittings is three 37-degree flares of their seating surface.
They have many usages and have lots of sizes and dimensions, and also can play an important role in many fluid systems.

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