Brass Fitting Finger Tightening Cap


A brass finger tight cap is a type of fitting that is used to seal off the end of a pipe or tubing.

It is typically made of brass and has a hexagonal shape that allows it to be tightened by hand using a wrench. The cap has a male threaded end that can be screwed into a female threaded fitting, such as a nipple or a coupling.

If you have any further questions about brass SAE fittings or their applications, feel free to ask.

Features and Benefits:

• Leak-proof
• Durability
• Easy to install
• Strength

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Categories:  SAE, Brass, Cap, UNF

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Brass Fitting Finger Tightening Cap Video

This video shows the information on the finger tightening cap brass fitting.

Additionally, finger tightening cap brass fittings are appropriate for use in a variety of hydraulic fluid systems since they are offered in a broad range of applications, sizes, and specifications.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the brass fitting with o ring.

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