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❖Made of Brass and Plated Steel
❖ Working pressure up to 4500psi
❖ Easy to connect
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Compatible Topa Pressure washer fittings manufacturer in China

Pressure washer fittings are components of the pressure washer and are mainly used to connect the lance, hose, and other components. They are mainly available in brass and stainless steel for better resistance to pressure. Topa offers the highest quality and the most complete range of hydraulic fittings available. So order now!

Product List

High pressure washer fittings include quick release fittings, swivel fittings and splitter fittings. Quick release fittings are quick to install and do not come off easily after connection. Swivel fittings follow the rotation of the hose and prevent it from kinking. Topa offers a wide range of fittings in various materials, please click on the picture below!

Pressure washer fitting manufacturer

Pressure washer fittings

Pressure washer fittings, designed to connect two fittings (male and female), or just one (male or female).

Pressure washer adapter fittings wholesale

Pressure washer adapter fittings

These tools are ideal for applications such as high-pressure water and steam washers.

pressure washer accessories supplier

Pressure washer accessories

Pressure washer accessories, designed to connect hoses, pipes.

garden hose pressure washer adapter factory

Garden hose pressure washer adapter

Garden hose pressure washer adapter, suitable for garden hose pressure washer.

m22 pressure washer hose coupler factory

M22 pressure washer hose coupler

M22 pressure washer fittings, m22 to 1/4, 3/4, 3/8 inch connector adapter, m22 hose adapter.

3 8 pressure washer quick connect manufacturer

3/8 pressure washer quick connect

3/8 pressure washer quick connect, 3/8 Inch quick connect to male thread fitting, 5000PSI.

Pressure washer attachment fitting factory

Pressure washer attachment fitting

Pressure washer attachment fitting, easy to connect and disconnect, material: Stainless steel, brass.

Pressure washer fliter fitting manufacturer

Pressure washer fliter fitting

Pressure washer fliter fitting. Built-in 1/4-in quick connect adapters attach easily to wand and cleaning accessory.

Pressure washer quick disconnect fittings manufacturer

Pressure washer quick disconnect fittings

Pressure washer quick disconnect fitting, available in brass, stainless steel.

Pressure Washer hose adapter wholesale

Pressure washer hose adapter

garden hose pressure washer adapter, male and female quick connect, available in brass, stainless steel.

Pressure Washer Nozzle Tips and 90 Degree fitting supplier

Pressure washer Nozzle Tips and 90 Degree fitting

Pressure washer nozzle tips and 90 degree fitting, connects between the wand and high-pressure nozzle.

Pressure washer quick connect fitting supplier

Pressure washer quick connect fitting

Pressure washer quick connect, used for universal airbrush to converts the M22 thread-on couplings to a 1/4" quick connector.

pressure washer repair kit wholesale

Pressure washer repair kit

Pressure washer quick connect kit, pressure washer repair kit, pressure washer hose repair fitting kit.

pressure washer replacement wand factory

Pressure washer replacement wand

Pressure washer replacement wand. Compatible with gas and electric pressure washer.

pressure washer water inlet fitting wholesale

Pressure washer water inlet fitting

Pressure washer water inlet fitting, available in brass, stainless steel.

Pressure washer hose and gun supplier

Pressure washer hose and gun

Pressure washer hose and gun, connect pressure washer gun to garden hose.

Pressure Washer Soap Injector fitting factory

Pressure washer Soap Injector fitting

Pressure Washer Soap Injector fitting, soap Injector for Pressure Washer, 1/8 Inch 27 Male BSP Thread.

pressure washer handle manufacturer

Pressure washer handle

Pressure washer handle, Pressure Washer Replacement Trigger Handle.

Pressure washer soap hose supplier

Pressure washer soap hose

Pressure washer soap hose , 3/8 Inch quick connect pressure washer kit adjustable soap dispenser hose.

pressure washer soap nozzle manufacturer

Pressure washer soap nozzle

Pressure washer soap nozzle, each nozzle can work for a different job. They each spray the pressurized water out at different angles .

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Topa Pressure washer fitting Fittings video

This video introduces pressure washer fittings, click to watch the video!

Hydraulic adapter factory China Topa

Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. 

Your reliable Topa prressure washer adapter manufacturer

Pressure washer fitting supplier process

The common threads of washer fittings are NPT and BSP, both of which are used in combination and should not be mixed, as this will cause the connection to fail.

Topa’s high-pressure washer fittings conform to ISO international standards and can accommodate high pressures within the rated range. Our brass washer fittings are durable and affordable, perfectly suited to the conditions of the washer use. Stainless steel fittings are corrosion resistant, strong, and have a long service life, making them a superior choice.

Smaller washers require smaller-sized fittings such as 3/8, and 1/4. And 1/2 size fittings will be used in high-pressure industrial washers.

Advantages of Topa’s high-pressure washer quick couplers:

Affordable price

◆ High-quality material

◆ Easy to install

◆ Long service life

Why choose us

Topa has 3000 types of fittings, including all types of fittings, such as hose fittings, tees, crosses, plugs, bulkhead fittings, and swivel fittings. Our fittings are manufactured through multiple processes, and multiple testing procedures, and are inspected and packaged before being shipped.

Hot Forging Process

Topa uses a hot forging process to produce hydraulic fittings. Workers use reflective and electric furnaces to process various metal materials to eliminate defects in the metal profile and to strengthen the fittings.

Surface treatment

The fittings are sandblasted, polished, pickled, galvanized, and washed to remove rust and scratches from the surface of the fittings, resulting in a more shiny surface and more durable adapters.

Rockwell hardness tester

Topa uses a metal hardness tester to check the hardness and strength of the raw materials used in the selection of couplings to ensure performance of the couplings.

Pressure washer fitting Workshop china


Pressure washer fittings can be used in most domestic washing machines as well as in industrial washing machines. Domestic washers can be used for cleaning pavements, swimming pools, walls, etc. Larger washers can be used for all aspects of cleaning more dirty environments.

car washer fitting Topa

Car cleaning

Topa's washer fittings include both brass and stainless steel, and are good for automotive cleaners that will not break easily or suffer from corrosion.

heavy pressure washer fittngs Topa

Wall cleaning

Large cleaning machines require stronger hydraulic fittings that can withstand higher pressures. And manifold fittings are also a good choice.

road cleaning Topa fitting

Road cleaning

Topa offers small size fittings that can be used in small machines to provide a leak-free connection and better pressure boosting effect.

Pressure washer fittings quality control​


What can pressure washer fittings be used for?

Fittings are used to connect the washer hose and the gun.

What materials are pressure washer hose adapters made of?

Brass and stainless steel. Brass is more affordable, while stainless steel is stronger and more durable.

Where can I use pressure washer adapters?

Domestic, on industrial washers.

What are the common pressure washer fitting threads?

The common threads are NPT and BSP.

What are the most common connector sizes?

M22, 3/8 and 1/4.

What are the most common types of pressure washer hose fittings?

Quick release fittings, swivel fittings, and manifold fittings.

What are the benefits of swivel fittings?

It prevents the hose from kinking.

Are all washers fittings quick release fittings?

Most of them are, so it is easy to install and remove.

Can Topa make custom fittings?

Yes, you need to provide drawings.

Does Topa offer free samples?

Yes, please contact us for free samples!

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