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The processing steps of brass fittings


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  1. Material preparation: Choose suitable brass material, and cut and prepare according to the shape and size of the fittings.
  2. Preprocessing: cleaning, rust removal, surface treatment, etc.Brass Compression Tube Fitting - Nylon Tubing Bulkhead Union
  3. Hot processing: usually using forging, cold extrusion, hot extrusion, stretching, and other processes, to press the heated brass material into the shape of the fitting.
  4. Cold processing: further refine the shape and size of the fitting through processes such as cold drawing and cold extrusion.
  5. Surface treatment: including polishing, grinding, sandblasting, and other processes, to treat the surface of the fitting and improve its surface quality and aesthetics.
  6. Inspection and testing: Check the size, hardness, density, corrosion resistance, and other aspects of the fitting to ensure its quality.

Brass Compression Tube Fitting F fitting

7.Packaging and storage: Pack and store the fittings to prevent damage and corrosion during transportation and storage.

It should be noted that the processing steps of brass fittings may vary depending on the specific process and product type.


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