Topa Hydraulic Fitting Materials

Hydraulic Fitting Materials

raw carbon steel materials Topa

Carbon steel

Carbon steel consists of iron and carbon. Generally, Topa’s fittings are made of carbon steel, and this material is the most popular one for hydraulic fittings.

This kind of  material has several advantages:
※ Easy to process
※ Resistance to wear and tear
※ Suitable price
※ Wide range of use
※ Environmentally friendly 


Brass consists of copper and zinc. The quality of brass for hydraulic fittings is great, and the advantages are particularly significant.

※ Corrosion resistance
※ Ductility
※ Thermal conductivity
※ Low friction

raw brass material Topa
stainless steel materials Topa

Stainless steel

Stainless steel consists of chromium and iron. Stainless steel hydraulic fittings can be more expensive compared to other metal fittings, but the availability is higher.

Benefits of stainless steel:
※ Non-corrosive
※ Durable
※ High cleanability
※ High strength

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