Topa Hydraulic Fitting Production and Test Machines

Hydraulic Fitting Production and Test Machines

Production and Test Machines

CNC machine China Topa

CNC machines 

For drilling, cylindrical turning, threading, hot bending, recessing, and chamfering.

CMM & 2.5D measuring machine Topa
CMM & 2.5D measuring machine 

Before Mass production, inspect the first sample with 100% match drawings.

impulse test machine Topa

Impulse test machine

Double make sure that our fittings match with the hose

Rockwell hardness tester Topa

Rockwell hardness tester 

Test the material whether they are strength enough to bear the high pressure.

salt spray test machine Topa

Salt spray test machine 

Ensure the Plating can pass or exceed ASTM B117 Standards.

Three Coordinate Measuring Machine Topa

Three Coordinate Measuring Machine

Measuring Machine precision measurement: thread angle Internal cone.

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