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Topa has a long experience in the production of O-rings. O-ring hydraulic coupling is a type of coupling that has an o-ring on the metal surface of the fitting. This type of fitting is particularly popular because it reduces the possibility of leakage and the o-ring inside is easy to install and replace, reducing damage to the metal fitting.

Product List

There are numerous products of O-ring hydraulic fittings. Check out the product images below to make sure that you find the product you are looking for.

Metric O-ring hydraulic fitting wholeasle

Metric O-ring hydraulic fitting

Metric O-ring hydraulic fitting, Metric o-ring hydraulic fitting suits for hydraulic system.

JIC to O-ring  hydraulic fitting supplier

JIC to O-ring hydraulic fitting

JIC to O-ring hydraulic fitting, JIC to o-ring hydraulic fitting is designed for leak-free use to 6000 PSI.

ORB hydraulic fitting supplier in China

ORB hydraulic fitting

ORB hydraulic fitting, ORB hydraulic fittings are used for leak-proofing medium and high pressure hydraulic systems.

O-ring hydraulic adapter supplier

O-ring hydraulic adapter

O-ring hydraulic adapter, O-ring face seal hydraulic adapter.

O-ring hydraulic plug manufacturer

O-ring hydraulic plug

O-ring hydraulic plug, hydraulic plugs with o-ring.

O-ring hydraulic cap supplier

O-ring hydraulic cap

O-ring hydraulic cap, hydraulic caps with o-ring.

O-ring female hydraulic fitting wholesale

O-ring female hydraulic fitting

O-ring female hydraulic fitting,o-ring female hydraulic fitting with o-ring seal in female thread, consist a tight seal.

Male O-ring hydraulic fitting factory

Male O-ring hydraulic fitting

Male O-ring hydraulic fitting,o-ring male hydraulic fittings for hydraulic hose, they are very useful to connect various conductors.

O-ring hydraulic hose fitting manufacturer

O-ring hydraulic hose fitting

O-ring hydraulic hose fitting, hydraulic fitting with o-ring face for hoses, pipes.

Elbow crimped O-ring fittings supplier

O-ring elbow crimped fittings

O-ring elbow crimped fittings,90 degree crimp-on O-Ring hose fitting.

O-ring flat hose fittings manufacturer

O-ring flat hose fittings

O-ring flat hose fittings, is mechanically held in place by a swivel nut.

Parker O-ring hydraulic fitting factory

Parker O-ring hydraulic fitting

Parker O-ring hydraulic fitting,Parker standard o-ring face hydraulic fittings.

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Hydraulic Fitting O-ring video

Below is a video on how to produce and operate O-ring fittings, you can click on the video to watch it carefully. If there are still questions, you can ask us to answer them.

Topa-manufacturer hydraulic fittings

Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

Your reliable Hydraulic Fitting O-ring factory

hydraulic O-ring fitting supplier process

O-ring fittings can form a seal on the surface of metal fittings to prevent leaks from occurring, and also reduce damage to metal fittings.Topa’s O-Ring fittings are available in various materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel and brass. Moreover, these fittings are available in different sizes to meet the needs of different equipment.

  1. Strong anti-leakage seal
  2. Multiple types of threads
  3. Different sizes
  4. High pressure resistance
  5. Strong corrosion resistance
  6. Various application areas



Why choose us

Topa is a specialist in the production and manufacture of hydraulic O-ring fittings. We have a wide range of products, including flanges, hydraulic tubes, hydraulic fittings, cylinders and more. And our threads include various types, such as JIC, JIS, BSP, BSPP, etc.

Other advantages of our company are innumerable.

  1. Professional service personnel
  2. Strict quality control
  3. Serious service attitude
  4. A wide range of accessories
  5. Long experience in production
hydraulic fitting O-ring manufacturer China Workshop


O-ring fittings are very versatile and their biggest advantage is that they reduce the possibility of leakage between pipes or joint connections. These fittings can be used in many industries, such as shipbuilding, construction, agriculture, petrochemical industry, etc.

Hydraulic oring fitting refuse

Refuse and Waste

Topa provide superior quality and reliability in hydraulic O-ring fitting for the waste collection and disposal market. Garbage truck, dumpster collection truck, Sewer Cleaning Vacuum Trucks, Toilet service trucks, Scrap yard machines and presses,road sweepers and water trucks.

oring hydraulic fitting manufacturer oil and gas

Oil & Gas

O-Rings fitting play an important role in push-fit fittings in the plumbing industry. They're the part of the pipe connection that is used to make a seal, preventing water to leak from the inside and reducing the risk of costly water wastage.

hydraulic oring fitting transport appliancation


Hydraulic o-ring fitting are widely used in Transportation. Medium and heavy duty applications for trucks, buses, engines and chassis.They can provide super strong seal and stop leaking.

Hydraulic Fitting O-ring quality control​


What are O-ring hydraulic fittings?

O-ring hydraulic fittings are special fittings that have O-rings on the metal face of the fitting to stop leaks or to reduce damage to the metal face after it has been crushed against each other.

What are hydraulic O-rings made of?

As a critical section of the fitting seal, O-ring material requirements are also very strict, where the most commonly used materials are PTFE, Viton, Neoprene, EPDM Rubber, Silicone and Nitrile Rubber,etc.

What are the advantages of O-ring hydraulic fittings?

The advantages of O-ring fittings are significant; they reduce the possibility of leaks, minimize damage to threads, can tolerate pressure and high temperatures, and are easily replaced and repaired.

What are the disadvantages of O-ring hydraulic fittings?

Although O-ring fittings can bear high temperature, there is still a limit range, and once it exceeds this range, the O-ring inside may melt. Moreover, if the O-ring is dropped or installed improperly during the process of assembly, it will cause thread damage.

How are O-ring hydraulic fittings measured?

When measuring the threads of O-ring fittings, the inner and outer diameter of the threads can be measured with the help of appropriate tools. And the O-ring should be placed on a platform and then go to measure the inner diameter, outer diameter and width of its cross section.

What do O-ring fittings used for?

O-ring fittings are widely popular because of its many benefits, and they are used eagerly in many fields. For example, construction industry, chemical industry, agriculture, etc.

What is the difference between ORB and O-ring fitting?

O-ring hydraulic fittings are similar to ORB fittings in that they both have O-rings, but the O-ring of the O-ring fitting is located in the end of the male thread’ s groove, and the O-ring of the ORB fitting is located at the the male thread’ s end.

What causes O-ring failure?

Although O-rings are convenient to operate, a series of factors such as size discrepancy, wrong material selection, improper installation, high temperature, chemical erosion, and so on, can cause failure in use, resulting in leakage or damage to the fittings.

Do JIC fittings have O-rings?

JIC hydraulic fittings can generally rely on their own design to form a direct seal, but O-rings can also be attached to enable the fittings to be sealed more tightly and to put a lower chance of leakage.

Can you reuse the O-ring fittings?

It is possible. Under reasonable use, O-ring fittings can be used for a long time, and if there is no damage or other problems, they can be used many times, but there is a possibility that the sealing ability will be reduced.

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