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Looking for quality hydraulic cylinder? Looking for a good cylinder manufacturer?

Topa specializes in the production of quality hydraulic cylinder that meet the needs of a diverse range of customers around the world. We understand the unique needs of professionals in the hydraulics industry, so we are proud to let you experience our excellent products as well as our reliable service.

The team at Topa is ready to help you with any questions you may have and provide customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. We invite you to send us an inquiry or ask us a question and we will get back to you as soon as possible within 24 hours or so!

We Are The Best Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers

We are the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in China, we can supply all kinds of cylinders and also provide customized service. Contact us and get free quote now!

Welded Hydraulic Cylinders design Topa

Doubel Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

√ Double acting construction

√ High-quality steel

Single acting Hydraulic cylinder design Topa

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

√ Single acting construction

√ Low/middle pressure available

Double acting Hydraulic cylinder design Topa

Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

√ Welded construction

√ Strong and durable

Tie-Rod Cylinders design Topa

Tie-Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

√ Tie-rod construction

√ High-pressure available

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders design Topa

Telescopic Hydraulic 

√ Multistage

√ Long stroke available

Snow poly hydraulic Cylinder Topa landing page

Snow Poly Hydraulic Cylinder

√ For snow poly

√ Custom available

Flange hydraulic Cylinder Topa landing page

Flange Hydraulic Cylinder

√ Flange mount construction

√ Front/middle/rear flange

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Topa landing page

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

√ Custom color/size/stroke

√ Can laser print Logo

Multiple Features of Topa Hydraulic Cylinder for Your Needs!

large stroke Hydraulic Cylinder Topa

Products Feature

Broad Pressure Range

● 100 – 3000 PSI available
● High-Pressure safety and durability
● Can be used in various pressure ranges

Products Feature

Versatile Stroke Lengths

All length include
● High-sterngth
● Customization options
Hydraulic Cylinder long stroke supplier Topa
multiple Applications Hydraulic Cylinder Topa

Products Feature

Suitable for Multiple Industry Applications

● Suitable for all applications
● Integrated with advanced technologies
● Complies with global standards and brands

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When you choose Topa, we will provide you with unmatched quality, customized solutions, and superior customer service in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. Contact Topa and we will help you!


Topa offers customized solutions, tailoring its products to the specific requirements of its customers.

Competitive Pricing

As a direct manufacturer, Topa ensures that its customers receive high quality products at value-for-money prices.

Global Reach

Products comply with international quality and are suitable for the global market and can meet the needs of various countries

Rapid Inquiry Response

Topa ensures that all inquiries made by clients via email, phone or online platforms are responded to in a timely manner.

After-Sales Service

Even after the purchase, Topa is committed to providing support to resolve any after-sales issues or feedback.

Commitment to Innovation

Topa invests in research to improve our products. Focus on innovation and expansion of product range.

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When you choose Topa, we will provide you with unmatched quality, customized solutions, and superior customer service in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing.


What is a hydraulic cylinder?

A hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical actuator that provides one-way force through a one-way stroke. It can be used in a variety of applications where a strong and controlled force is required to move or lift heavy objects.

How does a hydraulic cylinder work?

Hydraulic cylinder works by utilizing hydraulic fluid (usually oil) to create pressure. This pressure acts on a piston inside the cylinder to move it in a straight line and generate force.

What are the main types of hydraulic cylinders?

The main types of hydraulic cylinders are hydraulic tie rod cylinders and  hydraulic welded cylinders. Hydraulic tie rod cylinders are held together by tie rods, while hydraulic welded cylinders have no tie rods and are welded directly to the cylinder barrel at both ends.

Can hydraulic cylinder be repaired?

Yes, hydraulic cylinder can be repaired. Common repairs include replacing seals, repairing cylinder rods, and honing the cylinder barrels. It’s important to have repairs done by experienced professionals.

How do I choose the right hydraulic cylinder?

To choose the right hydraulic cylinder, consider the required force, stroke length, operating pressure, mounting style, and the specific environmental conditions of the application.

Can Topa customize hydraulic cylinder?

Yes, Topa offers customization services for hydraulic cylinder, allowing clients to specify their requirements in terms of size, pressure rating, and other technical specifications.

How does Topa handle international shipping?

Topa has extensive experience in international shipping, ensuring safe and timely delivery of hydraulic cylinder to clients worldwide.

What is Topa's production capacity for hydraulic cylinder?

Topa has a significant production capacity, enabled by our skilled workforce and advanced manufacturing facilities, allowing us to handle both large and small orders efficiently.

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