Fuel Line Fittings Manufacturer

❖ Made of aluminum alloy

❖ Fuel fittings are lightweight

❖ Good sealing properties

❖ Easy to install

Fuel Line Fittings Manufacturer in China

Hydraulic fuel fittings can be used to connect fuel hoses to fuel tanks and fuel pumps. They meet SAE and DOT standards and are suitable for all types of applications where fuel hoses are installed.

Topa’s fuel hose fittings are available in brass, aluminum, and stainless steel with different advantages. They are available in AN, NPT, and NPTF threads and in a wide range of sizes. Welcome to contact us!

Product List

Topa hydraulic fuel fittings are available in AN, NPT, NPTF, and ORB threads. And our fittings are available in push lock, crimp-on, hose barb, banjo, PTFE, and tee series. The quality of these fittings is guaranteed and the price is good. You can check the pictures below. We also provide custom service, we can paint the fuel hose connectors according to your needs, welcome to contact us!

Fuel line hose barb

Fuel line hose barb can create a strong seal, stop leakage. Made of aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

push lock fuel line fitting manufacturer

Push lock fuel fitting

Push lock fuel line fitting with different angle, suitable for oil, gas, water, fuel system.

An fuel fitting factory

An fuel line fittings

AN fuel fittings are a flare fitting, using 37° flared tubing to form a metal-to-metal seal.

ptfe fuel lines wholesale

PTFE fuel line fittings

PTFE fuel line fitting can suitable for all automotive fuels, lubricants, and coolants.

Bulkhead fuel line fitting factory

Bulkhead fuel line fitting

Bulkhead fuel line fitting with AN flarewhich is sealed by a 37 degree angle. Available in aluminum and brass.

Fuel line An fitting wholesale

Fuel line An fitting

Fuel line An fitting, available for any plumbing situation and many custom applications.

Fuel line elbow fitting wholesale

Fuel line elbow fitting

Fuel line elbow fitting can suitable for many applications, available in brass, stainless steel, steel and so on.

An6 fuel line fitting manufacturer

6An fuel line fitting

6An fuel line fittings made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel or steel, reusable and recyclable.

Fuel Line Fittings wholesale

Fuel Line Fittings

Fuel Line Fittings with nany different threads, such as AN, JIC. Available in brass, steel , aluminum.

Fuel line plug

Fuel line plug used to plug automotive fuel line, quick connect hoses.Compatible with most vehicle makes and models, fuel lines.

fuel line quick connect factory

Fuel line quick connect

Fuel line quick connect, easy to operate, easy to change. For reliable, leak-free performance.

1 /4 90 degree fuel line fitting supplier

1/4 90 degree fuel line fitting

1/4 Hose Barb 90 Degree L Right Angle Elbow Barbed Brass Fitting for fuel, air, water , boat ,gas , oil system.

fuel line reducer supplier

Fuel line reducer

Fuel line reducer , brass hose barb reducer, suitable for fuel, water, gas system.

Fuel line tee fitting

Fuel line tee fitting anodized finish for strength, durability and anti-corrosion. Provided a positive seal at maximum operating pressure.

fuel tank fitting wholesale

Fuel tank fitting

Fuel tank fitting , perfect way to transition from tubing to hose. Positive leak–free seal.

fuel tank bulkhead fitting manufacturer

Fuel tank bulkhead fitting

Fuel tank bulkhead fitting can create a prefect seal for your tank.

marine fuel line fittings supplier

Marine fuel line fittings

Marine fuel line fittings are available in elbows, nipples, and couplers join different pipes together while end caps do just that, end the pipe.

marine fuel tank fittings supplier

Marine fuel tank fittings

Marine fuel tank fittings are available for full removal and replacement of all plumbing coming in and out of the water and holding tanks.

Nylon Fuel Hose Fittings manufacturer

Nylon hose fuel fittings

Nylon fuel hose fitting can be compatible with transmission fluid, oil, race gas, vacuum, hydraulic fluid, diesel and fuel.

Brass fuel line fitting

Brass fuel line fitting for corrosion resistance, ductility at high temperatures, and low magnetic permeability.

Fuel line connector supplier

Fuel line connector

Fuel Line Hose Coupler Quick Release Connect Connector. Made of quality materials compatible with fuel/gas, and other common fluid types.

Fuel fitting wholesale

Fuel fitting

Fuel fitting are availabe with many different materials, sizes, shapes and threads. Suitable for fuel system.

6An braided fuel line supplier

6An braided fuel line

6an braided fuel line kit widely used as transmission oil cooler line, fuel return line, fuel supply line, coolant fluid hose, fuel gauges line, vacuum line.

Gas line fitting manufacturer

Gas line fitting

Gas line fitting can connect oil gas line, braided fuel line, clutch hose, turbo line etc.

high pressure fuel hose factory

High pressure fuel hose

High pressure fuel hose with high quality material, high pressure rating, wider application and flexible.

Fuel line hose manufacturer

Fuel line hose

Fuel line hose with maximized resistance to heat, corrosion and abrasion.

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Topa hydraulic fuel line fittings video

This video shows Topa’s fuel line fittings, click to view it.

Topa hydraulic fittings factory

Topa offers high-quality hydraulic fittings and hydraulic adapters. Contact us for more information!

Your reliable fuel line fittings supplier

Fuel fittings manufacturer process China

Fuel line fittings are commonly used in fuel tanks, pumps, and other locations to connect hoses and other fuel tank components. These fittings are most commonly available with AN/JIC, and NPT threads, which are tapered threads and therefore require a sealant to stop fluid leakage.

Fuel line fittings are available in stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. Aluminum fittings are lighter, more flexible, and more ductile. In corrosive environments, we recommend stainless steel fuel line fittings.

Fuel fittings are easy to install. Push-in fittings can be pushed directly into the hose and then secured with clamps. The threaded fittings can be screwed directly without the need for any additional tools.

Advantages of Topa fuel hose fittings:

※ Durable

※ Strong seal

※ Wide variety

※ Easy to install

※ Complete range of sizes


Why choose us

Topa is a full-service fitting manufacturer. We have multiple fitting production lines that allow for simultaneous fitting production and increased output. And we are committed to providing the best service to each customer. Feel free to ask!

30 automated production machines

Topa has a completely automated production line in our factory, including every step from hot forging to thread processing.

Professional testing equipment

Topa has professional testing equipment, including a Rockwell hardness tester, CMM & 2.5D measuring machine, pulse testing machine, salt spray tester, etc.

Fitting testing certificate

We have ISO, BV, and TUV certificates, all of which meet international standards.

Professional salesman

We have more than 50 skilled workers to provide technical support and professional sales staff to provide you with quick response and after-sales service.

Fuel fittings manufacturer Workshop china
Fuel fittings manufacturer Workshop


Fuel line fittings are used in applications with fuel systems, like cars, race cars, trucks, tractors, boats, airplanes, etc. These applications require high-quality, non-leaking fuel line connectors. Topa can supply such quality fuel hose fittings, so please contact us!

fuel line fittings agriculture


The fuel hose fittings in the fuel tank system of large agricultural machinery will prevent leaks and corrosion, keep the machinery safe and reduce maintenance costs.

fuel fittign racing car Topa

Racing car

Professional racing cars require high-standard fuel fittings to ensure that they are not damaged, and Topa can provide the highest quality fuel fittings to reduce your maintenance costs.

fuel line fitting construction Topa


The construction industry has a high level of contaminants and a good fitting will prevent irreparable damage to the fuel tank from contaminants. So when choosing a fitting, choose the most suitable thread and size.

Quality Control​


What is a fuel line fitting?

A fuel line fitting is a metal fitting that can be used to connect a hose to a fuel tank.

What materials are fuel line fittings available in?

Aluminum, stainless steel, and brass.

Where can fuel fittings be used?

Motor vehicles, boats, race cars, etc.

What are the advantages of fuel line adapters?

They allow fuel to flow smoothly through the fuel system.

What are the sizes of fuel fittings?

Common sizes range from 1/8′-1′, etc.

What are the threads of fuel hose fittings?


Can sealants be used on fuel hose adapters?

Yes, sealants will reduce the risk of leakage.

Can I customize the fuel adapter?

You can customize fuel line fittings.

What is the lead time for making fuel line fittings?

30-45 days.

What kind of fuel lines can be connected to the fittings?

PTFE pipe, braided pipe, and high-pressure hose.

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