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Quick coupling is a very convenient coupling type because it is easy to install and also easy to disassemble. Quick couplings can be installed and released very quickly, so they are also called quick connect couplings, and quick couplings. They are usually used in industries such as agricultural machinery, chemical industry, and transportation.

Product List

In general applications, quick couplings are divided into ball valve quick couplings, poppet quick couplings, flat quick couplings, and a more special type of coupling: cam lock couplings. You can check the pictures below to choose the right product. If in doubt, please contact us.

ISO 5675 Agricultural Series quick coupling supplier

ISO 5675 agricultural series quick couplings

ISO 5675 agricultural series quick coupling, ISO5675 ball locking push and pull type hydraulic quick coupling.

ISO 5675 Push And Pull Type Quick Couplings factory

ISO 5675 push and pull type quick couplings

ISO 5675 push and pull type quick couplings, push pull type hydraulic quick coupling connector for agricultural machines.

ISO 7241 B Series quick coupling supplier

ISO 7241 B Series quick couplings

ISO 7241 B series quick coupling, high quality hydraulic quick release coupling ISO7241- B manufacture.

ISO 7241-A Series quick coupling manufacturer

ISO 7241-A Series quick couplings

ISO 7241-A series quick coupling, high pressure female and male Iso 7241-a hydraulic quick coupling.

ISO7241 Series A Quick Disconnect Couplings

ISO7241 Series A quick disconnect coupling

ISO7241 Series A SUS304 SUS316 hydraulic quick disconnect couplings, straight through male quick disconnect coupler.

ISO16028 Flat Face Series quick coupling wholesale

ISO16028 Flat Face Series quick couplings

ISO16028 flat face series quick coupling, ISO16028 carbon steel flat face quick release coupler.

Mold Series quick coupling factory

Mold Series quick couplings

Mold Series quick coupling, brass mold pneumatic quick connect coupling air fittings,flexible ferrule air compressor hose coupling for mold.

Straight Through Series quick coupling manufacturer

Straight Through Series quick couplings

Straight through series quick coupling, straight male thread brass quick coupling hose connector.

Thread Connected Series quick coupling manufacturer

Thread connected series quick coupling

Thread connected series quick coupling,thread locked type hydraulic quick coupling.

Wing Nut Couplings quick coupling

Wing nut couplings quick coupling

Wing nut couplings quick coupling, screw hydraulic quick coupling connector.

High pressure quick coupling factory

High pressure quick coupling

High pressure quick coupling ,high quality hydraulic quick hose coupling.

RECTUS Interchangeable quick coupling supplier

RECTUS Interchangeable quick coupling

RECTUS Interchangeable quick coupling, RECTUS series male and female air quick coupler.

NITTO Interchangeable quick coupling supplier

NITTO Interchangeable quick coupling

NITTO interchangeable quick coupling supplier,Nitto type pneumatic quick release coupler.

CEJN Interchangeable quick coupling manufacturer

CEJN interchangeable quick coupling

CEJN interchangeable quick coupling,high quality pneumatic quick air couplings fitting.

Dust caps and plugs

Dust caps and plugs

Dust Caps and Plugs,dust cap for all kinds of hydraulic quick coupling.

Topa quick couplings video

This video is a quick coupling shot by Topa, we can provide the best quality quick coupling to our customers, please click on the video to see the details.

Topa manufacturer hydraulic fittings

We are Brake hydraulic fittings manufacturer, we provide all types of Brake hydraulic fittings, we accept custom and personalized manufacturing, every step is strictly controlled to ensure product quality, if you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us.

Your reliable quick couplings manufacturer

Quick coupling wholesale process China

Commonly used quick couplings will commonly use materials such as carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and steel. The common threads used for quick couplings are BSP and NPT, and they are usually used in sets, with the female connector called socket and the male connector called a plug.

However, Topa can supply all types of quick couplings in these materials, so please contact us to place an order. Or if you need some special design of couplings, please provide us with drawings and parameters, we can make custom couplings for you.


Advantages of quick couplings:

※ Easy to install and disassemble

※ Save time

※ Cost reduction

※ Wide range of applications

Why choose us

TOPA is a foreign trade company specializing in high-quality service of hydraulic fittings, we are committed to providing the best service and the best fittings for every customer. Our company offers different kinds of fittings, such as JIC hydraulic, bulkhead, quick couplings, and so on. In addition to these high-quality fittings, we also offer:

Different materials

We can supply fittings in many different materials, such as brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. If you have other needs, you can ask for customization.

Serious service

Every foreign trade personnel will seriously answer your doubts and meet your needs.

Free samples

If you need the fittings we have in stock, you only need to provide the shipping cost.

Perfect after-sales service

If you have any questions or dissatisfaction after the goods arrive, you can react with our staff and we will answer for you as soon as possible.

quick coupling manufacturer Workshop china


Many industries use quick couplings because they are easy to install and disassemble and do not require installation steps or tools. Some applications that require frequent disassembly of fittings require the help of quick couplings. Industries like maintenance, inspection, transportation, medical, and manufacturing.

repair and maintain quick release coupling Topa

Repair and maintenance

Because quick couplings require no additional tools or labor to disassemble and install, they are the most convenient way to inspect and repair machines.

transportation Topa quick coupling


Quick couplings are the best choice because they require the most convenient tools for transportation. Quick couplings are very convenient both to carry and to install and disassemble.

manufacturing Topa quick release coupling China


Topa offers the most suitable quick couplings for the manufacturing industry, where inspection, quick disassembly, and installation are required.

Quick Couplings quality control​

For each Topa product, multiple checks such as manufacturing monitoring, quality testing, and packaging inspection are carried out to ensure the quality and level of the product.


What is a quick coupling?

Quick coupling is a type of coupling that can be quickly installed and disassembled. It is divided into two parts, male and female, and is widely appreciated for its simplicity of operation.

What are the advantages of quick couplings?

The most important advantage is that it is easy to install, saves time and effort, and has a wide range of use.

What is the structure of quick coupling?

Common ball quick couplings have plugs, balls and sockets.

What are the types of quick couplings?

Ball valve quick coupling, poppet valve quick coupling, flat quick coupling, cam lock coupling.

What are the materials of quick couplings?

Cast iron, brass, stainless steel, and steel are the most common materials used for quick couplings.

Where is the common environment for quick-connect fittings?

In those applications where it is necessary to enter and disassemble the fitting, quick couplings always overplay the most advantageous.

How do I use a quick coupling?

Push the socket up by hand, put the plug in, and push the socket down to complete the installation.

Why does the quick fitting fail?

Improper installation; damaged connectors; too frequent disassembly and installation.

Can I customize the quick coupling?

Yes, you need to provide drawings and parameters.

What is the lead time for making quick couplings?

Under normal circumstances, it takes 30-45 days.

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