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Brass DOT air fittings are the most common type of fitting used in air brake systems to connect and control the flow of air. “D.O.T” stands for Department of Transportation, which sets standards and regulations for all aspects of transportation, including fittings used in automotive air braking systems. Topa’s DOT fittings are subjected to strict quality control to ensure that all fittings meet your requirements.

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There are three main categories of brass DOT fittings: DOT compression fittings, DOT push-in fittings, and DOT reusable fittings. DOT compression fittings are also classified as fittings for use with nylon and copper tubing. You can check the pictures below!

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This video demonstrates Topa’s brass dot fittings. If you don’t find the fitting you need, please contact us.

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Topa manufactures a wide range of hydraulic fittings for all hydraulic applications. We have more than 8000 types of hydraulic fittings, our products are tested and approved.

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Topa’s brass DOT fittings can meet the strict requirements and safety standards of the Department of Transportation. These fittings are popular of their durability, reliability, and resistance to high-pressure environments.

Brass DOT air fittings are strong, corrosion resistant, and can withstand high-pressure environments. Topa brass DOT fittings are available in a variety of sizes to meet different system requirements. Common fitting sizes include 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2, and we also can provide other sizes.

These brass DOT fittings will keep your automotive air brake system running smoothly and safely. Topa’s factory can produce high-quality brass DOT air brake fittings according to your requirements, feel free to contact us!

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Topa’s hydraulic coupling factory has a strict production process, we will use the best metal raw materials to ensure the quality of the fitting.

Topa has a full range of automated machining lathes. Our machining machinery allows for integrated production starting from the cutting of raw materials, reducing errors in the manufacturing process.

Topa’s staff has a vast reserve of expertise. If you have questions about our products, our technicians can solve your problems, feel free to ask!

As a fitting manufacturer with extensive experience, Topa can provide a full range of hydraulic couplings. If you have special requirements for our products, we can customize them for you.

Our fitting products have been authenticated by professional testing institutions and can be guaranteed to be in line with international standards and meet the quality requirements of various countries.

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Brass DOT air brake fittings are commonly used in air brake systems, including those used in vehicles, construction, and industrial machinery. These fittings ensure the proper operation of the braking system and prevent accidents from arising.

agriculture dot air brake hose fitting manufacturer


Topa can offer high-quality brass air dot fittings for agriculture air brake systems. The dot brass air line fittings can play an important role in agriculture systems.

Brass dot fittings China truck transportation


Truck air brake systems need DOT truck air line fittings. High-quality dot brass fittings can protect truck air brake systems.

Brass DOT push in fitting mining application


Brass DOT air line compression fittings can be used to connect rubber hoses. And construstion machinery always needs dot air fittings.

Brass DOT Air Fittings quality control​


What is a D.O.T. Air Fitting?

The brass DOT fitting is a fitting that strictly adheres to the standards set by the Department of Transportation. This standard strictly requires the pressure tolerance, temperature adaptation range, and material merit of DOT fittings.

What are the different types of brass DOT air brake fittings?

The types of brass DOT fittings are DOT push-in fittings, DOT compression fittings, and DOT reusable fittings. DOT compression fittings can be divided into fittings for rubber and copper hoses.

What are the advantages of brass DOT fittings?

Brass DOT fittings are easy to install without special tools, corrosion resistant, vibration resistant, and can be used in a wide range of applications.

What are the applications of brass DOT fittings?

Brass DOT fittings can be applied in the air brake systems, such as truck, motorcycle, and trailer braking systems.

What are the common threads for brass DOT fittings?

Brass DOT fittings can applied in the air brake systems, such as truck, motorcycle, and trailer braking systems.

What are the advantages of brass DOT push in air fittings?

Push-in brass DOT fittings can be pushed directly onto hoses or tubes, saving installation time and installation steps. And it reduces the damage to the surrounding fittings.

What kind of tubing is normally used in brass DOT fittings?

Brass push-in DOT fittings and compression fittings use nylon or rubber tubing, while there is a special compression fitting that uses copper tubing.

Can Topa provide free samples?

Sure, we can provide free samples if those are in stock, others we need to charge.

Can Topa company provides customized services?

Of course, if you have special needs for hydraulic fittings, we can provide customized services.

How long does it take to ship?


We will deliver the goods as soon as possible after they are made, but the shipping time depends on the country.

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